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Hey there! This is fixed.

Interesting concept, it certainly has a great potential in my opinion!

I think it's worth exploring what other options could be added outside of getting a better jump or a faster character, those were a bit boring in my opinion.

I'm also a bit disappointed that no part of the level designed required removing the right/left button.  That would have made for a cool "no turning back" moment.

That's a nice idea but it's probably too hard currently :

You don't have enough time to react against the enemies, it makes it very hard even without the sleep paralysis. The game isn't very forgiving as well, you get attacked even at the very start of the game which forces you to dash instantly and glitch outside the screen.

Since the gameplay took so much of my attention, most of the time I couldn't even notice the change of state before it was too late, it would require some impactful feedbacks for it to work properly, like something that changes the color of your screen for a short amount of time.

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Very cool execution, thanks for this!

I found a small exploit that allows you to generate more boxes :
1 - Put a platform somewhere
2 - Put a crate on it
3 - Put a the bumper under the crate
4-  Remove the platform

And tada, you gained one additional box

That's a really well mastered level design you got there, I loved it! Did you made other games before this one? This really doesn't seem to be your first one, or you're very talented.

Some people said the screen rotation was introduced too early but I think it was perfect this way : I spent a the third of the game thinking it was an useless mechanic until it became necessary and I suddenly felt so proud when I figured it out after being blocked. Didn't think the storytelling could help teasing an important mechanic, that was a nice one!

There is still room for debate on some of your design decisions : For instance I'm not sure it was a good idea to introduce checkpoints as circles instead of lines, I sometimes missed them and felt very frustrated from having to do a puzzle again; I feel like this shouldn't be part of challenge.
Some slightly less punishing hitboxes might also help without affecting the difficulty too much.

Anyway, thanks for that; it was a good entry!

It was a very unusual take on the virtual aesthetic, I liked it!
The mechanic is also interesting but the level design isn't up to the level to make it shine, especially with all these unnecessarily long elevators that get quite annoying when you fail a lot.

This game isn't good :

- There is no reason shooting a rocket would blow your own car, it just creates blind spots that makes killing zombies impossible if your car is rushing toward them.
- Zombies appear very late on screen and are hard to see due to being green on green
- It doesn't really fit the fantasy of being flooded by hordes of zombies
- The randomness makes it incredibly unfair

That's a bit too much like Tricky Towers to my taste! Some design choices are different though : Being able to sabotage your opponent is pretty fun.

Interesting idea but the spinning really needs some work. This is definitely going to make some players sick.

It's beautiful, but really boring to play :

While jumping requires waiting the bird to get right next to you, bending down doesn't have any disadvantage and quickly becomes the default action. This really underlies the main challenge of the control switch as it allows you to always keep track of what the right action is.

Also, be cautious with simple random events : I got a high bird six times in a row; lack of variation is the last thing you want from that kind of game.

On a good note, the backgrounds gives a great vibe.

This is an interesting concept but clearly too complicated in my opinion! While it is fun to toy around throwing meteors around, it's just to hard to find the right combination of speed, angle and starting position. I always end up going for trial & error until I find something that kinda works and repeat it several times; doesn't feel very satisfying so I didn't finish the game.

It's still a great job that fits the theme though!

The theme really helps making your mechanic compelling and understandable. Moreover the difficulty curve is clearly well thought out and made for a very fluid experience, thanks, I loved it!

The concept is simple but extremely effective, it works way better than I would have expected based on your visuals! I would love a versus game using this mechanic with both players having to juggle with an increasing number of bombs!

I agree with Yam here... The idea is interesting but it is way too confusing to actually work! The level design would probably need to be even simpler for it to be understandable.

And yeah, the music clearly downgraded the experience.

The feeling playing this game is so great! I love the sense of emergency it has and how it keeps you constantly interested by changing the weapon you use! It's amazingly juicy and satisfying.

My main issue was that I was unable to keep track of my lifebar while playing, my deaths often felt like they came out of nowhere due to this lack of feedback.

The visual and sound effects make the game so captivating and satisfying!
Sadly the mechanic is very weak and doesn't fit the theme in my opinion.

The text speech bubbles appearing so slowly with that repeated 8bit sound made the game really annoying to me. :(

I really like the idea of creating new threats to protect yourself from the current one! It's a cool concept but I felt like it lacked some balance in its execution:

The positive sign goes too fast, it's really hard to trick him to fall on the ball when you start the game, it often feels more like luck than planification. The negative sign felt better in that regard.

I think the difficulty curve of the game could work better with enemies that are easier to counter but get summoned in bigger numbers.

Hey! Yes,  we uploaded a version that played on AZERTY keyboard instead of QWERTY by mistake.
Here is a link toward a better version; we tried to put it just after the deadline, but it was too late :

Come on, read the post now.

Deer Flipper by Maytch

An unique mechanic teached through a very well rounded level design.
Even though the controls leave to be desired, I would still advise you to look it up.

Play Play by ThomasTouchdown, Ian_jmz & Dem4ply

Play play is an unusual plateformer presenting a theater play.
The player doesn't move out of the screen, it's the background that comes to him.
It's a very simple but efficient way to tell a story and show great visuals.

Sorry, but I hate it...

One bullet games are not very original so it's important to have something more polished than this in my opinion.
You only have a sound effect to know when enemies will shoot, they don't even turn toward your direction.
Why is there a big button on their head if it's more efficient to shoot at their torso? What's the point of explosions if they can't affect nearby enemies?

This kind of concepts is known to work well, so there clearly room for improvement... But right now it's not enough for me to enjoy it. :(

... Just read the post, please.

Very interesting concept with a nice artstyle! I lasted 187 seconds and I will definitely replay it another time, it was fun !
I imagine it is a bug , but some monsters disappear & appear right next to me. It feels very unfair...

The level design would probably gain from having more thoughts into it. You can easily loose track from where your crown is going because it lacks obstacles. There are just too many throws you can do where you can't find your crown back, it's just to hard to predict and feels frustrating.

You also need to work on a pathfinding system, as monsters are likely to get stuck... I imagine it could get exploited.

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It is an interesting concept, I don't think it's very original to use light in this way but it's still works.
There are still design flaws that took out some of the enjoyment :

- Your game is a puzzle game, so there is no need to fall in darkness. It doesn't feel like it's part of the challenge, thus feeling frustrating. You would need to have some invisible walls or at least a jump option in order not to get stuck.
- It takes two different inputs to use the light... While I know they don't do exactly the same thing, I still think it could be reduced one.
- It would be better to use the other input to grab movable objects, then push & drag them. Right now it feels hard to master as you can only push by moving. It can lead to situations where you are forced to restart
- The game can be incoherent sometimes. For instances, one of the mirrors can be taken on an elevator while another can't. 
- The mirror turned upward was hard to identify as a mirror. I though it was a rock to block light.
- Being forced to restart because of the dark clouds feels overly-punitive. 

Still a fun concept, the visuals were nice, thanks for this!

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Excellent story-telling, I really enjoyed it even though I failed!
The "you only have one chance" formula is frustrating by nature, but I think it works in a game like this one.
 It's hard to express a good feedback when you only play once, but I felt that the game was too hard. I couldn't link the clues together. :(

Thanks for the feedback!

We went with the idea of a game with only "one color". Just like Black elements could only be seen with a Blue background, the blue player could only be seen with a black background. As you see it doesn't work like actual light which frustrates a lot of people, we'll probably add more visual feedbacks to make it feel more pleasant.
In addition to the one color, the game plays with only one screen where you must survive alone.

Very fun concept, I really enjoyed the first levels : the learning phase felt natural.
Nevertheless, if you want to extend your game it might a problem if you allow players to jump on cubes indefinitely to gain height. Have you considered adding a maximum number of cubes one can use depending on the levels? It might help creating more puzzles.

I'm not a big fan of this one sadly, but there are still excellent ideas there !
There are some elements I found frustrating or problematic :

- The game relies too much on randomness for me, it creates an incoherent difficulty curve that forces unfair situations.
- Some rocks got generated on screen and catched me by suprise. Unfair as well, but I imagine this is a bug.
- The controls didn't felt natural to me. Instead of cutting the jump, couldn't you simply have your mouse closer to the platform?
- The Game sometimes requires you go down if you want to pass, but the camera doesn't follow. I often got hit by rocks I couldn't even see.

But it's just my opinion, of course.

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I always love when classic games get a simple twist that totally changes the way they play! I'm not a very good chess player, but I still notice a big design issue here : in classic Chess you always get a full vision of what you're playing and can plan ahead... Here the rule isn't transparent and would likely create frustration for any competitive player, they would immediatly try to understand the hidden rule. Unpredictability can be fun, but chess players only want that coming from their opponent : I think It's important to understand the core of the game you're changing.

Sadly, as I said I'm bad at Chess so I can't give you a deeper feedback...  But I do have questions!

Have you noticed some winning strategies that emerged from this? I imagine that you get more switches when you turn your pieces into knights, so I wonder if this can be abused in some way. What would happen if you were only able to move the piece you changed?

Also, have you imagined other possibles changes that felt interesting?

I like the feeling of your game ! The AI felt hard to telegraph at the begining which made for a fun experience.

Nevertheless once you get used to the game, you quickly realize that the dash makes you objectively stronger than your opponents. On a 1v1, you can literally thow your hammer in a direction and get it back before your opponent does. It takes some of the enjoyment for me, as my opponent feels inferior.

It's especially true when there is only one opponent left. I don't know if it was bad luck, but the last opponent was always some guy stuck on the bell... It felt anticlimatic. It could be interesting to give a new behaviour to the last opponents to make them more of a challenge to the player.

I liked the presence of destructible buildings as well. I'm sad that it wasn't pushed more : it's interesting to be able to hide behind them, plus it makes the player feel like his actions are impactful. 

Also, while I like the idea of hitting the gong to start the fight, you do die easily in this game. Hearing the music change so much does feel annoying. The sound effects were also lacking, but this is a design jam so It's not much of a problem

Still a very fun game overhaul, so thank you for this!

Hey! Since this jam is slowly decreasing in activity, I decided to help those who haven't left.
I'll try to make useful and constructive feedbacks for each game that gets posted here.
If your game is great, I'll also make sure to share it with some friends to give it visibility.
Feel free to give the courtesy back by testing our game as well, you know the routine.

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That's a good feedback! I thought the sawblades wouldn't be such a problem as they follow a very specific pattern : They just turn around in their own circle. But since we can't see them, we get no information about the danger.
I think we'll add some kind of rail to tell the player where a sawblade will pass by; I don't know if it will be blue or black though. Making it blue would push the player in a strategy where he would keep the sawblade intact in order to be aware of passing-by robots. Having it black could still feel unfair even if its by a smaller extent.

We wanted the player to see only one element at a time : Since you easily loose track of your position, you need to take some risks and leave the light to undestand where you are.

It's very unconventional and some players found it pretty frustrating... We might add more visual feedbacks in the future to make it feel better.

From reading your description I imagined the game as totally unoriginal, but it turns out the camera has a very proactive role that is very fun! It's sad that is was so short, there is much more potential with that mechanic.

Very pleasant experience with this unusual mechanic! The level Design has a very great flow : each level felt challenging and not far-stretched at all. I still got stuck sometimes but that was to be expected with such an usual mechanic; thanks for this reset button, not everyone add one!

As other people said, the stickiness of the controls is really annoying.
The "death" sound wasn't good either : Since the character tend to repeat it, it makes it awkwardly sexual. Not with deers, please, not with deers!

Just in case, know that you can use Space to create a light around you that makes enemies visible!
Since a lot of people try a dozen of games each hour, they tend to miss basic mechanics sometimes.
We made a Survival Game in a dark and secluded space, I don't know if it fits your horror definition but it sure is oppressing.

The concept is amazing ! But there is probably too much silence, proportionally...

Ah, I see. I don't know if it's really suitable though; mobs all die instantly.
I'm curious to know how long it would require for a player like you to get used to this design.
Thanks for the feedback!