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GMTK2019 - FPS Space Survival
Submitted by Team Terrible (@TeamTerribleDev) — 2 hours, 32 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#7043.9173.917

Ranked from 24 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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That was pretty hectic XD
Let's not pilot a warship alone again, sheesh. Probably would help if I wasn't running around like a headless chicken but hey~
Nicely done, the length was just right, and things weren't on the unfair side of hard~


There's too much motion blur, it made me feel like I was drunk! But beside from that, great job, this game has potential!

If you haven't yet, I would really appreciate it if you check out our game too!


It looks great


This game has huge potential. The next step is to think about some improvements in the design of the spaceship. Maybe try to add some interesting mechanics to control it more significantly.  However, I really liked the current version of it, good job :)


Ohhh, this really is similar to our game, I like how it's still so different! The voice-over was a really nice touch, but I would have liked to be a bit more proactive (restore shields when I want to, not just when almost dead). Sadly the framerate sometimes tanked for 10-15 seconds, making the timing minigames impossible :(

You should definitely expand this game after the jam, you could do more minigames on the consoles and more rooms to use! I like it! <3


Pretty impressive for a jam game made in less than 2 days. I've seen games on steam being less polished...

Design-wise it's a solid concept, although not the most original one (reminded me a lot of lovers in a dangerous spacetime) but the execution definetly makes it unique. Kudos on the writing btw!

Also, a multiplayer mode (split-screen?) would greatly improve the experience.  That and a bit more polishing and you probably would have a sellable game.

Anyway, great job guys!

I am in awe and feeling jelousy in my heart....

Awesome work! did that in 2 days.... amazing...

Best wishes for the jam


Dawwww, thanks for the lovely words

You too!


Unfortunately lagging on my side, but woah. It was so funny!

You, makers, did a great job!!


Sorry about the performance issues but thanks for playing through it! 

I didn't spend any time making sure the game scaled :(

Making this game was like playing it.

Confused panic.

Deleted 313 days ago

Thanks! It was tight but we made it :)


Hey, coming from the community thread here. 

I really love the jokes you put in there. it's hilarious. (Especially the opening and the song on the elevator XD)

The game is also pretty fun and we love the fact that we are the only one person that operate the ship.

So it fits the theme well.

We suggest that you probably could remove the motion blur. It makes us a little bit dizzy.

Also, try our game as well (look forward to your feedback): :)


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed the humour, I'm usually left to write the game text/dialogue during jams and it always gets done in the last few hours so this time I made an effort to write earlier so it wasn't such a mad dash to the finish line... didn't work out that way, was still a mad dash :D

Oh and played your entry, Pogo'd my way to victory and left a comment!


This game is glorious! It reminds me of Overcooked or similar, Panic inducing cooperation simulators, but without the cooperation! I love the little touches, like the elevator that takes just a bit too long. Add a few more things to manage over the course of several levels, and you've got a game you could sell on steam! Amazing Job!


The elevator is one of our favourite parts too, I'd like to make it a common trope in all our future FPS jam entries, but I'm not sure if Greg agrees xD


Game looks fancy as fuck. Well done! I like the game in the game thing. Also funny in the beginning :D really didnt want to kill everyone :D


Thanks for the feedback! Greg will be happy to hear you like the visuals :P


Genuinely had me panicking wondering what the hell was going on and what to do next. I like it!


Hurrah! Glad you had fun and got a little panicked, that was the intent xD