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hmmm ntap :3

Found another interesting game :)

I love the bouncy jelly so much XD

Thanks for the recommendation :D

Played it all and yours as well :)

Hey thanks for the recommendation :D

Played it and yours as well. Both are nice and interesting :D

Hey thanks for the recommendation!

We have played it and play yours as well :D

Coming from the community thread here :D

Love the unique gameplay, will be great if we play this on mobile devices!

Done! :)

Thanks a alot XD

It is really cute, really appreciate it.

Would you mind if i use it as my profile image? :D

I really love the jiggle XD
Do you have any keyword to search or tutorial that i could follow to make that kind of effect?

Yea this game need more harder level and still need a lot of experimentation for combining all the mechanic.
Thanks for playing our game and for the feedback:)

Thanks for the tips :)
Yap, that can be done. But since this game is a little bit slow paced, probably making it that way really need a lot of testing and probably need a lot of adjustment which is not in our favor this time hahaa.
And also, yeaaa making the camera work is super hard XD

Thank you for the feedback, glad you enjoy it :)

Do you mind sharing how you imagine the difficult level will be? 

Thank you for playing, as well as your feedback! :)

We are curious how will the game be after exploring your feedback

Hi ViktorWii, glad meet you again after previously joined June/July Game Jam :) 

Love the simplicity as well as the innovative puzzle. Do you mind sharing how to create the jelly? Its movement is really addictive and satisfying to see.

P.S: Thanks to your advice we're able to improve our brainstorming process and deliver one new game for this jam as well, although unfortunately we don't manage to iterate much on the balancing due to sudden blackout for 7 productive hours :( 

If you have time, check ours as well, would love to hear your feedback :)

Awesome fan art! Would you mind try ours as well? :)

Try ours, it's a one button platformer game  :)

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Good job!
Love the windows xp sound effect XD
My highscore is : 2359
Should you switch left and right control button?

Hey, coming from the community thread here. 

I really love the jokes you put in there. it's hilarious. (Especially the opening and the song on the elevator XD)

The game is also pretty fun and we love the fact that we are the only one person that operate the ship.

So it fits the theme well.

We suggest that you probably could remove the motion blur. It makes us a little bit dizzy.

Also, try our game as well (look forward to your feedback): :)

No it's actually fine.

And yea, unity physics often bring headache XD

I'm also having problem making it work the way i wanted haha

Or probably you could check for the velocity every time it collide with the enemy before register it as a hit. (the condition for velocity value should be low but you can't use zero. This i guess need a lot of trial and error)

Thanks for your recommendation! Will check yours as well :)

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Hey, coming from the community thread here. Agree with you the game is difficult, our best score is 37!

Not sure if this is intended, but how if the platform appears more randomly? For example, the platform goes left right, then right left to give more even more challenge.

Also, try our game as well (look forward to your feedback): :)

Hey, thanks for the recommendation. Will check yours as well :)

Done playing yours as well :)

Really nice :)

Love the boost mechanic and the different ways to get it. Took me a little while to understand some of the puzzle, but after i figure it out and execute it well it feels really good.

Thanks for playing as well as the thorough feedback :)

We were thinking that unable to see some part of the level will bring thrilling / surprising experience, yet do agree that it's really experimental. Do you have any suggestion on how we can bring this experience somehow in the game?

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoy it :)

Also done trying yours 

Thanks for playing, as well as the feedback!

We were thinking to add some collectibles but got limited time to explore (unfortunately). With the limited movement, will you recommend lots of collectibles like coins or special item in the stages? E.g. in 1 stage there's 3 hidden items that we can gather.

Side note, have played yours as well :)

Whoa, that's a good point! We didn't realize it until you mentioned it. Should proceed to next stage by pressing the right arrow and exit by holding the right button for some seconds to really make it really one button.

Thanks for the reference for cannon! Added for future references :)

Done playing your game :)

Nice game! 

Just one note: I could kill the enemy by leaving the bullet at the bottom. Is it intended?

Love the juiciness of attacking the enemies! Been trying with friends and the respond is panic when she lost the spear LOL. 

Find it difficult to fight the big monster (the one with 4 HP), since it's too powerful. Is it intended?

Interesting game! Make a comment here :D

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Hi All,

Am amazed and overwhelmed by the number of entries. Well done for all teams!

For now, we're trying to figure out how's the best way to choose which games to play (since there are a lot XD)

Our guess for now: shall we recommend one game that we think the most interesting so far? Also point out: what makes it interesting?  (Note: shouldn't be your own game to keep it fair)

If we can share insights, feedback and knowledge from other people, believe we can learn even more in creating better games.

Let me start with my pick so far:

The mechanic is interesting, well-designed puzzle, supported by suitable BGM.

(Will update more once found another. What's yours?)

Hi All, would like to share the story behind the jam. It's my team's 3rd gamejam game. We have 2 people in the team: one programmer and one unidentified role since can't really tell what she is doing, but she's trying for design LOL. No artist in the team, thus we are grateful for the free readily assets to use.

As we brainstorm for the game title, we think this idea will be simple yet unique same time and luckily we manage to finish it!

Here's the link:

(Side note: surprise blackout for 7 productive hours is indeed unexpected, but we did have fun! XD)

What an interesting thread! XD

Curious to see what will be from the game we've created:

How about a platformer game with only one button to play? Will be happy to hear your thoughts :)

Hi ANKRAI Gameworks, try ours - a one button to play platformer game ;)