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Please Help Me to Choose Which Game to Play

A topic by marlowololo created Aug 07, 2019 Views: 273 Replies: 32
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Hi All,

Am amazed and overwhelmed by the number of entries. Well done for all teams!

For now, we're trying to figure out how's the best way to choose which games to play (since there are a lot XD)

Our guess for now: shall we recommend one game that we think the most interesting so far? Also point out: what makes it interesting?  (Note: shouldn't be your own game to keep it fair)

If we can share insights, feedback and knowledge from other people, believe we can learn even more in creating better games.

Let me start with my pick so far:

The mechanic is interesting, well-designed puzzle, supported by suitable BGM.

(Will update more once found another. What's yours?)


You should definitely try our game :) Looking forward to your feedback :) 



If you like simple simulator games try out ours. It's an elevator operator simulator.


I really like this game cus for me personally, it's the most fun game I've found in this jam

Here's mine then....

I hope you enjoy it.....and maybe get addicted to it ;)

Rate :

Game :


Hey, thanks for the recommendation. Will check yours as well :)


I think mine is nice :). You can find it here:

and also check out Clumsy Clones, it's amazing. I really liked it.


Simple, colorful platformer)  I would be very grateful if you have a few minutes to play my game)




Just played this which was batshit crazy game and a lot of fun:

And you can play ours here :) 


Thanks for your recommendation! Will check yours as well :)


My game is really not the most original or beautiful but I think it's pretty fun to play :)

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Oh dear, there are some many great games submitted.

Here are my favorites so far: - Interesting movement mechanic and nice graphics - You are limited to controlling only the knight chess figure and you're required to solve puzzles - You use a connector to give electricity to certain parts of machinery thus making them active - Very polished platformer - Overall well crafted game, great art style, idea, really polished - Game that twists itself on its head

Hope that helps! :D


Hey thanks for the recommendation!

We have played it and play yours as well :D


Awesome! Thanks! I played and rated yours as well :)


Let me do some self-promotion. Here is our game, a relaxing, beautiful, fishing game:

But here is also a game made by some friends, which I found very fun:


Hey thanks for the recommendation :D

Played it and yours as well. Both are nice and interesting :D


Here are a few I found really fun:

1D Chess - Great puzzle

Slime Slayer - Really addictive execution of "one bullet"

1D Dreams - My pick "for coolest" out of the games I've played this jam (sidescroller where you grow larger and smaller instead of jumping)

Ensio the Eye - Cool puzzle game where you have to shift perspectives


Thanks for the recommendation :D

Played it all and yours as well :)

Hi! Try this one: 1D2B.  A 1 dimensional adventure game where you will go against the current and follow your dreams to become what you most desire in life, a complex being. 


This is game that takes the concept to the extreme.

one sound for winning

one sound for losing

one sound for progress

one color for safe

one color for danger

one color for progress

one color for winning

one button to press

one color on the screen at a time.

I think it's flawless in it's execution


Me and a friend of mine made this puzzle game inspired by chess, where you control the knight only! Give it a try!


If you're into spooky mansions, narrative-heavy games and light bulb management, you could check out our game, Tread Lightly

And don't forget to tell us what you think, we would greatly appreciate it :)

liked and rated your game... Try mine


Done! :)


Don't lose your heart.....    s

Enjoy! ;)

Me know it all knows the truth

This game is interesting, feel like I'm alone and hectic to save my life XD
Hope you'll like it, try to get all endings! =]

here's my game its actually really fun so i would suggest it


Found another interesting game :)

I love the bouncy jelly so much XD

Here's our entry! Check it out if you have time!


If you like cupcakes or squishy blobs, I'd recommend you try ours! :)

fast pased rougelike have fun!

Here's a 2 player 1v1 (With an optional build that has an AI) where there's only one weapon: