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Hi ViktorWii, glad meet you again after previously joined June/July Game Jam :) 

Love the simplicity as well as the innovative puzzle. Do you mind sharing how to create the jelly? Its movement is really addictive and satisfying to see.

P.S: Thanks to your advice we're able to improve our brainstorming process and deliver one new game for this jam as well, although unfortunately we don't manage to iterate much on the balancing due to sudden blackout for 7 productive hours :( 

If you have time, check ours as well, would love to hear your feedback :)


Hi again! Nice to see familiar faces :)

Thank you very much! Our jelly is animated, so, all credits to our animator. It also slides a bit because of a settings in Character Movement.

P.S. Sad to hear about the blackout, but it can happen with all of us. Sure, your game is good even after this misfortune :)

I really love the jiggle XD
Do you have any keyword to search or tutorial that i could follow to make that kind of effect?


Oh, thank you, really happy to read it!

Don’t have any tuto, sorry, cause it was imrovisation :)