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Oh, thank you, really happy to read it!

Don’t have any tuto, sorry, cause it was imrovisation :)

Thank U!

Nope, it’s not the lag. You must put yellow button off and wall from the right side of red button will disappear.


Yeap, our puzzle is hard enough :D

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It`s funny, but me and boys wanted to make nearly the same game, hah )
But you made It first and this looks really great! 

Ahhh man, your game is crazy!

Your game is really nice, dude! Mechanic is easy enough, but puzzles broke my mind! 
It  made me happier c:

Hi, friend!
I think the idea is great, but it was hard to understand did I hitted boss or not. 
Also your game remided me the Cuphead - funny :)

Really nice game I think с:
"Only one button" is popular theme enough, but I like how did u used that.
But who is your main char? Is it pill? Or maybe alien?

Thank U !