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Enter morse code to save a ship in peril
Submitted by DaMan56100 — 3 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#5244.0914.091

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Why B and D have same signals, written on paper ?
I don't thing having 100(my best was 92) point is possible, the dash is just way to long to register. 

It would be fun to see a pepper with what we send, just to know where we did mistake.
But i like it.

.. _  .__ ._ ...  ._  ._.. ... _ ...  ... .._.  .._. .._ _.


This is a good use of the theme. I had some knowledge from morse code, but it feels really stuck in my brain now.

I got addicted. My highscore is all correct in exactly 50 second on hard. Still I only got 90 survivours?! Is is possible to get more?

The only one thing missing was a restart command. It could have been"dit dat dit dat dit" - which is the code for the end of the message.

Great educational game. I don't know what I will use morse for but hey I know it now :D.


That was awesome! Have you seen the other morse game that was submitted for the jam? It's not mine, but super fun and probably worth checking out to see a different take on the theme you took :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

It`s funny, but me and boys wanted to make nearly the same game, hah )
But you made It first and this looks really great! 


A game about morse code, what a good fit for the theme! Well done!


This game was really interesting although I wasn't very good at it. For me the length of time that I had to hold for a dash was frustrating as often I thought I had made a dash but it was taken as a dot. This meant I had to watch my inputs to make sure they were correct instead of being able to ready ahead on the key to figure out my next letter. It also looks great. 


Ah apologies for that, perhaps there could be a system where you could calibrate the machine for what you want a . and - to be. The inputting felt natural to me, but I suppose that's not universal. Thanks for giving CQD a go! :)

Submitted (2 edits) (+3)

-·-· --·- -·· ·- ----- -·· · -··· ·--- -· -- ··· --· -·· ·- ----- ----- ----· ···-- ----- --·· -·-· ··-· -- ·-·

·· -·· · ·- --· --- --- -·· -- · -· --· ·· -· ·--· ··- - ·--- ·- -· -·- · -·-- -··· ··- - --- -·- ·--· ·-· ··-· ·-· -- --- ·-· · ·-·· ···- ·-·· ···

··· ···- ·--· -·-· ··-· -- ·-·

··· ·· --· -··· ·--- -·

--··· ···--


Nicely done. I agree with miketearon that it would be cool to see what you actually sent. I had a similar idea at first, glad I didn't execute it or we'd have competition :P

(2 edits) (+1)

Good job from a technical point of view (I enjoyed the graphics and sound design too), I have a suggestion: why not letting the player read what they actually wrote (unless it's already the case and I just missed it for some reason)?


An interesting idea but we just didn't have time :P Thank you for playing CQD


I like the idea and visuals! :) but I cant select anything but hard mode?


At the main menu, if you short tap you'll enter easy mode, if you long tap you enter hard mode. Thanks for the feedback :)


Thats the thing, I only can enter hard mode, doesnt matter how short I click. Cool game though!

(1 edit) (+1)

At first I didn't get the game, but then it clicked and I had quite some fun.

Also really like the aesthetics.


Good to hear! :) I'll take a look at your game

Thanks, that's much appreciatet.


I never thought writing morse code would be so much fun!

Would you consider making an easy and a hard level with messages to send featuring all alphabets letters? It could be a great way to learn morse code!

(the screen changing sound is 5 stars + awesome graphics)


Thank you for the feedback! :)

Interesting thought with the difficulty.. perhaps I could add a few more sentences


liked this a lot, i know we aren't supposed to judge based of visuals, but damn that looked amazing.

Somehow made writing in Morse code enjoyable (or the so horrifically stressful in hard mode) 


Thank you for enjoying our game! Props to for the  art :) I'll take a look at yours


Visual are nicely inspired by the Return of the Obra Dinn. Anyway nice little game, I can see this almost acting like a teaching game when it comes to Morse code. 


Perhaps, I certainly learn how to sign 'Hello' during the testing phase ;)

Developer (1 edit) (+3)

Just to clarify, to enter a . quickly tap any button, to enter a - make a longer tap.

At the main menu press a . or - to select easy or hard.