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Ah, you're right! There should be a way to delete nodes.

A scoring system would be fun but I'm not quite sure what to minimize, least nodes or least moves?

I'm not quite sure what you mean.. Do you mean the 'Play' button on the main menu, or the 'Done' button on the node placement screen?

Thank you for the feedback!

You're right, I must have overlooked something in the algorithm for deciding the action. Level 4 is the intended result (try placing your nodes 1 block further).

I would've liked to have an indicator, however the 3 block limit was added quite late and I knew it would take some time to add it properly to the rendering code, so I had to settle on a texture change.

Again, thank you for giving the game a try and for excellent feedback <3

You're supposed to click on the white background. I would've loved to include instructions in the game too, but ran out of time. Thanks for giving it a try :)