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Ah apologies for that, perhaps there could be a system where you could calibrate the machine for what you want a . and - to be. The inputting felt natural to me, but I suppose that's not universal. Thanks for giving CQD a go! :)

Here's a game called CQD, a Morse code based puzzle game where you must enter the code quickly, to help rescue a vessel!

Give it a go at:

An interesting take, took me a few deaths to get things figured out :P Good job on the entry

An interesting idea but we just didn't have time :P Thank you for playing CQD

At the main menu, if you short tap you'll enter easy mode, if you long tap you enter hard mode. Thanks for the feedback :)

Fun game, though it'd difficult to gauge jumps a lot of the time since I'm never quite sure how far the ball will jump, maybe an indicator would help. Good entry :)

Interesting game, some of the text appeared off screen so I couldn't read it, however I figured things out in the end :)

Good to hear! :) I'll take a look at your game

Perhaps take a look at our game, CQD. We wanted to make a game based on the original one button machine (a morse transmitter), and so this is what we came up with

This is CQD trying to highlight letters in 'Hello':

Tried to highlight 'E'

Tried to highlight 'L'

Tried to highlight the other 'L'

I was close to losing it...

Ah, I figured it out, the box on the top left was rather transparent so I didn't see it. Very interesting puzzle game!

Thank you for the feedback! :)

Interesting thought with the difficulty.. perhaps I could add a few more sentences

Very cool idea, and intuitive to control. My one suggestion would be since its very easy to lose the player, would it be possible to display where on the axis they reside? Otherwise good job :)

A really unique mechanic for a game, flipping between colours. Sometimes it did get a bit overwhelming (spikes from where now?) but perhaps I'm not practiced enough. Great game :)

Thank you for enjoying our game! Props to for the  art :) I'll take a look at yours

Very interesting game, though a bit too slow to move about (some of the commands could've benefited from being a bit shorter), and I got stuck since I tried inputting commands while the command list was up, it was accepted but nothing happened. Otherwise good game :)

Perhaps, I certainly learn how to sign 'Hello' during the testing phase ;)

To use a Verb to describe CQD, signal. :)

Very nice game :)

If you'd like a fun time practicing your morse code to save a ship, try CQD :)

Also, if anybody would like to practice their Morse, take a look at CQD :)

I couldn't figure out how to control the robot...

A solid game. Not really quite sure how it relates to the theme, and after accidentally pressing a rook as my switch piece I couldn't find any way to deselect them to pick another piece, but otherwise nice work! :)

(he means this:

(1 edit)

Just to clarify, to enter a . quickly tap any button, to enter a - make a longer tap.

At the main menu press a . or - to select easy or hard.

Ah, you're right! There should be a way to delete nodes.

A scoring system would be fun but I'm not quite sure what to minimize, least nodes or least moves?

I'm not quite sure what you mean.. Do you mean the 'Play' button on the main menu, or the 'Done' button on the node placement screen?

Thank you for the feedback!

You're right, I must have overlooked something in the algorithm for deciding the action. Level 4 is the intended result (try placing your nodes 1 block further).

I would've liked to have an indicator, however the 3 block limit was added quite late and I knew it would take some time to add it properly to the rendering code, so I had to settle on a texture change.

Again, thank you for giving the game a try and for excellent feedback <3

You're supposed to click on the white background. I would've loved to include instructions in the game too, but ran out of time. Thanks for giving it a try :)