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No need. No reason to credit us if our games just happen to be similar.

I am a fan of Mental checkpoint and watched the video after playing. I would love to see a fleshed out version as there's a lot of good ideas. 

I would mention issues, but you've covered most of them in your video, but here's a couple thoughts. 

Another interaction you may have missed is using Sentience as a double jump, as you can stand on it and lift yourself off the ground, then jump. 

In terms of puzzle design, I would like to see levels that need more than 1 ability to solve. I think the design space is there to be explored, but understably not explored fully for 48h.

Once again mhch love to Mental Checkpoint. Was a lovely surprise to see a gmtk jam from you, and I enjoyed seeing the development process. 

This was super interesting. Slowing down time and slicing is satisfying. I think the optimal strategy is to wait until there's a value with a lot of points, since there's no penalty for letting dice go by and doing nothing. I think the timer/end condition needs a redesign, and then this game would be truly great!

That was lovely! I liked how each dice is its own character with a different personality.  One small thing about the dialogue: if I click once I don't want to skip right away, I just want to skip the dialogue animation! 1 click - show me all the text, 2 clicks - actually skip the line.

That felt juicy to play. I especially liked the sound effects of the crowd, and how there's chatter inbetween rounds. I'm not sold on the dice effects, since they don't influence how I fight very much, except for stamina.

I enjoyed that, got myself a trophy. Satisfying to throw dice and potentially get an exploding chain. Sound effects were on point. The only potential issue is that holes were rarely bothersome since they were so cheap to fix.

Props for adding an undo button!

I've never played a jam game that does atmosphere this well.

Interesting take on the roll the dice puzzler that has emerged this jam. Clean and readable graphics. One thing I would suggest is not having the camera at a 45 degree angle to the tiles, since it's hard to tell which axis is which when trying to move with WASD.

Wait, can you beat this game, or does it go on forever? I eventually gave up and let myself die.

This game is really pretty and polished, and I enjoyed it. The balance wasn't very thought out, however. I can buy guaranteed D4s for 1 coin, which means I can roll on average a 2.5/coin. Even if I would get D20s every time I put 6 coins in (which isn't guaranteed), I would roll a value of 1.75/coin on average. And the optimal strategy doesn't even let you discover cool dice like the body die.

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Shooting is satisfying, and there's a whole arsenal with each weapon being fundamentally different. I enjoyed this a lot, the only thing holding it back for me is the enemies. Even with hordes of them, it wasn't particularly challenging.

Clever mechanics explored really well. Even managed to have a cheeky little story!

Super clever puzzles out of very simple mechanics. The puzzles were tough, and I admit, I used the hints, which were very nice of you to include. But even after receiving a hint or peeking at the solution (level 5), I still felt like the puzzles were fair. Really well designed!

Just your average night of Tabletop Simulator

I can definitely see this as a fun roguelike. You get to make interesting choices and plan ahead, considering you have to factor in that enemies use the same dice. I found it a bit unbalanced, but the concept is great!

Simple, but effective concept. Absolutely loved the graphics.

Yup, that's game jams for you. Keeping the scope in check for 2 days is tricky and is something you get better at over time

Nice take on the theme, and lovely nod to Papers, Please

I really like auto-battlers, so I liked the combining items mechanic. Though the game is quite basic, I quite enjoyed it and could see it being really good with more features (different effects for items other than 2 dmg/2 heal, getting progressively better items, an ability to sell old items etc etc, lots of exciting directions to take from here!)

This game was lovely, cute graphics and concept.  The character controls are just right.  It's really tricky to master, since the dice hurt both you and the enemies.

I enjoyed that. Distills what's fun about an idle game, except no idling was necessary. Had fun rolling a 7.

Great puzzles! I like how you introduce new mechanics with the level design. Also I appreciate how the menu controls like the game.

Interesting game, but was a bit confusing at first. I think pictograms instead of dots on the dice faces would have made it a bit more intuitive.

Always look forward to your jam entries. Had a lot of fun playing this one. Gets insane in the later levels, chance to explode is a must ;)

The enemies moving took my by surprise in a good way. Really changed up the game. And the music was lovely and very fitting.

Silly take on the theme, I loved it!

Really ambitious to make a 3d game with voice acting for a jam. Well done!

Interesting idea, but perhaps could have been executed a little differently. It's not satisfying to restart the level until you get lucky. Perhaps if you would roll dice and change stats throughout the level?

Great mechanics for a puzzle game. Super difficult, would have appreciated an undo button.

Neat take on making the challenge in the controls. Satisfying to get a grasp on them.

I liked this a lot better than the initial demo. Solid puzzles, not too difficult, but still satisfying. I personally had no problem understanding mechanics so I could focus on the puzzle solving without being confused.

Just a couple small critiques. I often ended up in a position where I need to reset the level, which I don't think feels super good to be forced to do. Also, the hub - the walk to each level becomes a bit too long, especially later on.

I beat the thing

Excellent mechanics with a lot of potential. I found the level design a bit straightforward and easy. Overall, good job!

I enjoyed this one a lot. Relaxing to play, with relaxing music to match. Makes for engaging gameplay when you have to consider not only what tiles you want, but how to reach them by weaving in between other tiles.

Only thing this is missing is some better feedback when you score tiles, preferably something in world and not just on-hover. Would also be nice to see an indicator to show how close you are to completion (e.g. Mountain is 2/3 done), or to failure (e.g. Beach is 4/3 full).

I didn't realize you could rotate. I played through the first 6 levels before I noticed. This may be me being a dumbass and not reading the prompt in the first level, or you should make that more obvious as well.

Great job on this, one of my favorite entries!

This was groovy. Looks good and plays well. One concern I have is that you can press more keys than you are prompted, so I can just press as many keys as possible as a strategy. I think the game is more fun when I try to be accurate. And some keyboards (like a cheap office one) can only register so many key presses at once. Just something to think about.

Good concept, but more could have been done with it. I would have liked to see different level layouts, rather than just having a magnet at the top every level. I also didn't like how the magnets disconnect. Movement was a bit slippery.

This game looks nice and the player and double jump feel good. The levels were a bit plain, but still enjoyable. 

Shooting is the one thing you can do when both halves are together, so I would have liked to see that as part of the puzzles - like shooting a button, or if the destroyable walls were used for puzzles. I didn't feel like the enemies were necessary, they felt separate from the split/join mechanic.

I recommend this other jam game that was similar to yours if you haven't seen it:

Didn't expect a game based off that one episode of Rick and Morty. It's a cool concept for a game. Nice aesthetic as well. I'm curious how you are changing the enemy behavior to match the player's?

This is amazing both in visuals and in gameplay.