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I beat the thing

Excellent mechanics with a lot of potential. I found the level design a bit straightforward and easy. Overall, good job!

I enjoyed this one a lot. Relaxing to play, with relaxing music to match. Makes for engaging gameplay when you have to consider not only what tiles you want, but how to reach them by weaving in between other tiles.

Only thing this is missing is some better feedback when you score tiles, preferably something in world and not just on-hover. Would also be nice to see an indicator to show how close you are to completion (e.g. Mountain is 2/3 done), or to failure (e.g. Beach is 4/3 full).

I didn't realize you could rotate. I played through the first 6 levels before I noticed. This may be me being a dumbass and not reading the prompt in the first level, or you should make that more obvious as well.

Great job on this, one of my favorite entries!

This was groovy. Looks good and plays well. One concern I have is that you can press more keys than you are prompted, so I can just press as many keys as possible as a strategy. I think the game is more fun when I try to be accurate. And some keyboards (like a cheap office one) can only register so many key presses at once. Just something to think about.

Good concept, but more could have been done with it. I would have liked to see different level layouts, rather than just having a magnet at the top every level. I also didn't like how the magnets disconnect. Movement was a bit slippery.

This game looks nice and the player and double jump feel good. The levels were a bit plain, but still enjoyable. 

Shooting is the one thing you can do when both halves are together, so I would have liked to see that as part of the puzzles - like shooting a button, or if the destroyable walls were used for puzzles. I didn't feel like the enemies were necessary, they felt separate from the split/join mechanic.

I recommend this other jam game that was similar to yours if you haven't seen it:

Didn't expect a game based off that one episode of Rick and Morty. It's a cool concept for a game. Nice aesthetic as well. I'm curious how you are changing the enemy behavior to match the player's?

This is amazing both in visuals and in gameplay. 

I managed to play this with someone and it's a highly interesting chess variant. There's a lot of cheeky offensive moves you can do, and you also need to be careful not to leave your own pieces stranded. Nicely done!

I liked this a lot. Powerful move mechanic you can master! Love how you're faster after you launch the ball and get some much welcome air control. Potential for future mechanics, like a button to hit the ball with. The levels got too difficult later in the game and I didn't complete it, unfortunately.

This was really pretty, with good execution of the idea. Different elements giving you more flame and the water were good. I think the fit to the theme is a bit loose, you are only joining a goal.

Relaxing game, I enjoyed this one a lot. One thing that made the game a bit tedious was the slow animations. I would also click faster than the animations allowed and end up selecting the wrong thing. I would like to either queue up multiple moves or start a move before the previous animation ends. I am nitpicking, great entry!

Unique movement mechanic that is implemented well and feels good to use. Dodging the enemies was a bit difficult, even slightly lower fire rate would have helped.

What a wacky idea. I loved the humor. The puzzles weren't particularly engaging, restarting only because I can't see the whole level at once.

Unique idea for a puzzle, delivered with clean satisfying UI. Nice!

Thank you for a good jam game 

I like having combat that makes you think about each shot. Took me a while to get used to laser reflections as well, but really powerful after that (although still usually the death of me).

I liked this a lot. Started off simple, but then revealed the potential of the mechanics. Seeing amount of dwarves affect launch height was an "aha" moment. Also lovely art style and music.

I wonder if you've played an old flash game called "The Company of Myself"?  Your game reminded me of that (but you do something different). Lots of good puzzles and platforming challenges, although I found the level design and checkpoints a bit harsh.

This is absolutely adorable. Good fun and well polished.

I love this type of game and had a lot of fun figuring it out, even if the UI made it a bit difficult.

There needs to be more feedback as to what the UI is doing, like highlighting what you have selected, what you can and can't connect, perhaps click and dragging wires and visually laying them out as you do that. There is also no way to restart the simulation if you make a mistake.

I didn't realize colored packets can go to either server, and I didn't have to connect 2 servers of the same color to the same switch. I solved a level with 400 lost packets before I figured that out.

You did have some nice UI features though, I appreciate the routing table on the switches.

This game needs some UI improvements and some clarity in explaining the mechanics and it would be truly great!

What a thing to make a game out of of! Interesting, but takes a bit of trial and error in some levels.

Thanks! You can actually hold S to fall slightly quicker.

Interesting concept, took a bit long to actually deal with all the kingdoms.

Pleasantly surprised to read you were inspired by Dorfromantik. Your game has the same chill vibe, but still requires you to think to optimise.

I love this type of games. Thank you for making this.

I liked this a lot. Good mechanics and puzzles. I'd like the slight quality of life improvement of seeing what button connects to what.

I liked this a lot. Obviously a bit short but potential to improve and what is there is really good.

This game is absolutely adorable! The mechanic of connecting blocks combined with the wall is well clever.

Hooray for more slimes! This is really big for a jam game. I'm impressed. I've not much to add that hasn't been said.

Simple, but effective. Well done! Similar to one of GMTK 2019's winners - Singled Out.

More slimes!! I think this is a few quality of life features from being excellent. I'd like to see the cooldown on breeding, and it's a bit hard to parse how many slimes I need with the current UI.

SLIMES! Man it was satisfying to overwhelm opponents with a swarm of slimes. I wish there was a way to replenish slimes (other than cheat). Not much to do when you run low.

Hello fellow slime game :p Your slimes are adorable.

One of the better puzzle games in the jam. Highly appreciate that you included an undo button.

Good puzzle game. Would have appreciated an undo button.

This is one of my favorites game. Solid platformer with a good mechanic and good levels. I think this has been said before, but my complaints are the lives, and the controls were a tad too slippery for my taste.

This is how you make programmer art look nice! Good job. the lighting, the stretching and squishing of the characters and the particles. Nice puzzles as well.

Good set of mechanics, but perhaps not the nicest levels. I had a hard time with the gravity passive levels due to camera.