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Jay Bretherton

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Really glad you enjoyed the game, we had a lot of fun making it!! 

really cool concept well executed, felt brilliant to play and the touches with your creation making an instrument was a beutiful touch, spend some time playing with that alone

AHAHAH this had us laughing all the way, super tense moments too built in. The polish and jokes are amazing and the music is stunnig 15/15

Thank you so much : )
It makes our day people enjoy our silly game!!

Super fun concept

Nice game, its a shame it's so hard... maybe im just bad at rhythm games

This has made my day!

Congrats on the score. Well deserved! 

Aww thanks for the favorite <3 

No joke yours is my favorite execution of the theme!

(Seriously it actually was)

Really lovely polish on the art, and it sounds and feels amazing. I think the difficulty curve could do with being a little more forgiving perhaps though. Maybe i just suck but i got stuck on level 3 and didn't really understand how to progress past the bottom right corner. 

Really amazing for 48 hours though

p o l y c h r o m e

Absolutely phenomenal, feels exceptionally good to play with gorgeous 'juice' 10/10 thematically interesting and consistent, this one I will probably be playing for a while (seriously if you add a little more to this you could release it on mobile no problem)

(also thanks for the art of our game, i showed the rest of the devs and they very happy because of it)   

Oh my god thank you I love it!!!!

Colour change platformer, with cute drawings of monsters scattered throughout!

Any feedback very welcome 😊

Only one colour platformer!

Okay, that makes sense. Wonder if the jam allows re-uploads for bug fixes ahah. Thanks again so much for taking the time to help buddy. This really is a lovely community. 

Oooh, never heard of Disorder, but I'll have to check it out now. Thanks!

Hey, thanks for commenting. Fair cop, I checked and we are indeed doing this, but why would that cause input loss? My (very limited) understanding is that fixed update just runs more often if your machine is struggling, so that physics objects can't lag though each other - but that input is updated once per frame before this, and Input.getkey() just reads stored values from the last input update?  But won't that always be up-to-date because fixedUpdate runs after update (and then might run more times?), or do i not properly understand this?

I did notice a few times when jump didn't trigger but I always chalked it up to the player's bounce making our floor detection think it was in-air. Had planned to implement some coyote time... but game jams eh

Huge thanks for your comment though, means a lot that you took time to help :-)

Blown away, this is by far the best game iv'e played so far. The amazing feel of that grapple attack alone would have been worth 5 stars, and the adorable homemade sound effects add so much charm and are hilarious. You can tell a lot of time was spent on game-feel, this one is polished to a mirror shine - well done times three!

Cute game, i liked the feeling of the torch a lot -  and found myself squinting at lot in the dark ahah

Absolutely beautiful game, loved just being able to walk through the snow and paint with my footprints. For a game with the same idea as ours (only one colour visible at one time) it's fun to see such different execution.

liked this a lot, i know we aren't supposed to judge based of visuals, but damn that looked amazing.

Somehow made writing in Morse code enjoyable (or the so horrifically stressful in hard mode)

You can only see one colour at once... it's sometimes monochromatic! 

Super satisfying to hit an enemy with like eight multihits, the whole gamefeel of attacking was very good

Played your game, really enjoyed it. If you're wanting something else with a cubular  protagonist - check out our game?

Really liked your game, the visual atmosphere was really cool and i felt very tense playing it ahaha

Phenomenal, absolutely brilliant concept and perfect execution

"Emptiness" -  word 26

This made me say wow 5/5x3

Our little only one colour at a time platformer, polychrome 

loved it!

Love it

Looks and sounds amazing

Aaha... got 63 seconds. Great idea, cute game(s) - loved it