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Hey, thanks for commenting. Fair cop, I checked and we are indeed doing this, but why would that cause input loss? My (very limited) understanding is that fixed update just runs more often if your machine is struggling, so that physics objects can't lag though each other - but that input is updated once per frame before this, and Input.getkey() just reads stored values from the last input update?  But won't that always be up-to-date because fixedUpdate runs after update (and then might run more times?), or do i not properly understand this?

I did notice a few times when jump didn't trigger but I always chalked it up to the player's bounce making our floor detection think it was in-air. Had planned to implement some coyote time... but game jams eh

Huge thanks for your comment though, means a lot that you took time to help :-)


your ground check may also be a problem, maybe you are not always considered grounded when you should be.

As for input loss in fixed update, you can check this link
Basically, inputs are updated before each Update(), and depending on the computer, it is possible that many Updates occur between each FixedUpdate. If you check in FixedUpdate, sometime you will never "see" the key being pressed, because the key press was only true during one Update, and was erased by another Update that occured before FixedUpdate.

What will work is something like that


Okay, that makes sense. Wonder if the jam allows re-uploads for bug fixes ahah. Thanks again so much for taking the time to help buddy. This really is a lovely community.