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Simple but effective gameplay, would have been nice to add some kind of physics to the movement to make it feel more "magnetic" :)

Same here, already rated yours! If you have time, please do mine as well :)

The intro is really good, game looks good but gameplay is a bit too simple, you can just run all over the place and avoid simes indefinitly :D. Not sure what the green slimes are for.

Not much to do, but the robot is cool, and I could see the full game being good! It would take you probably a month to do it though, good luck :D

Decent runner, I like the variety of the environment, the sound & fx are good. However the controls are a bit too slow for a runner, and there is not much about magnetism here :D

Thanks for the feedback! Agreed for the menu, I will add one in the future. Regarding the colors & theme, in my opinion magnetism is more about attraction & repulsion than it is about colors, so I chose colors that were easier to read :)

Done! here is mine

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Nicely done, one of the best use of the theme i've seen! And the gameplay is well polished.

Thanks for the feedback! For the same color attract, I thought it made gameplay more intuitive, even if it is not "realistic" :D

Nice concept! controls are a bit too hard for me, too much inertia :)

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here is mine:

thanks! :)

I liked the visuals & sound, gameplay is a bit too simple but that is ok for a jam!

(NB: There is a game-breaking bug with the boost :D)

Nice concept, but very hard to play. Would be better if we could move the magnet without activating it. Sometime I would also put a car in the correct lane, but then the correct lane changes and I cannot do anything about it :D

Fun game, keep it up!

here is mine, it is not broken and I hope it is related to the jam :D

congratulation on your first jam, i will go try your game!

Nice polished game, a little too hard too fast in my opinion, but i usually suck at platformers :D

Very nice visuals, sound, juice. Wall jump is weird, in the end I just spammed it close to walls after trying different techniques. The mix of twin stick shooter + jump is a bit hard to control, I would have liked to use arrows + spacebar but then you cannot use the mouse :D

Very nice work, loved the art & goofy atmosphere! It would be good to add the "spacebar to enter shop" instruction somewhere, I could not see it and had to test different keys in my second game. I had to read the comments to know there was upgrades to buy :D

Nice neon look, quite polished overall! but gameplay is strange, aside from trying to dodge everything and grab some yellow bonuses I was not sure what to do.

The blackhole effect around you is interesting :)

I like the idea, visuals & sound.

Some gameplay issues though:

  • you dont have to use the magnet to attract cargo, you can just move down toward cargo while pressing x, which is much faster & simpler; if the magnet was stronger, you could attract cargo from far away and it would be useful.
  • cargo (for me) was only on the bottom, it would be more varied to have cargo anywhere.

Still enjoyed it, keep it up! :)

Very juicy, aesthetics & sound are perfect. But I think gameplay is a little too simple once you figure out the controls, just stand on the middle and spam click in the direction of slimes, does not really use the magnet mechanic, more like a regular gun.

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Nice UI, aesthetics & sound. The concept is good but although I got 2nd in the leaderboard, I felt that I was more due to luck than skills: the player has too much inertia to properly dodge so many obstacles, and once you get hit once you can barely see the ninja because half of it is out of the screen.

Ideas for improvement: ability to move lateraly in addition to vertically, hitting an obstacle makes you lose health instead of slowing, and tighter controls (more drag & magnet force). Then you can add bonus to increase health or increase the magnet force, and you get a full game :)

I did, here is mine :)

Solid concept, decent execution, and the aesthetics & sound fit the game well.

I did not like the jump, way too floaty and unresponsive. The level could benefit from better color-coding, instead of all orange.

Also, some feedback (sound, particles) whenever the player catches a gem would have been really nice addition, as well as higher rewards on the top track to incentivize going up.

Pretty good job overall!

Thank you for playing! Best I could get for now is 5200, the hard levels are a bit too hard even for me ^.^

Hope you like it, thank you!

should be fixed !

So, I'm been interested in expanding this since quite some time, with higher resolution (128 or 256). Let me know if you would be interested in a big update / new game of the same kind :)

no ingles.

sorry, there is none. With hindsight, we probably would have added english subtitles. As long as you understand the controls you should be able to finish the game. If you have any question feel free to ask !

Hello ! Sorry for the load time, but I think it's your computer or internet connection. Have you tried to download the windows build ?

your ground check may also be a problem, maybe you are not always considered grounded when you should be.

As for input loss in fixed update, you can check this link
Basically, inputs are updated before each Update(), and depending on the computer, it is possible that many Updates occur between each FixedUpdate. If you check in FixedUpdate, sometime you will never "see" the key being pressed, because the key press was only true during one Update, and was erased by another Update that occured before FixedUpdate.

What will work is something like that

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Really good concept ! However I had a hard time executing the platforming moves, as the jump often fails to trigger when I press the key. I suspect you are catching the input in FixedUpdate(), which causes input loss. If you need help i can help you figure it out !

Glad you liked the game, it means a lot !

Good old SCP 087 !
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Thanks for the feedback ! The platform generation & movement is indeed very basic, currently they appear randomly on a circle around 0,0,0 with some basic conditions so that they dont collide too much. Then each platform move down at a constant pace. As of now you cannot ascent out, it's just surviving, and yes a visual counter would be nice !

it is possible to have errors specific to a platform (shader, or null reference caused by loading order...). Just try and have a look :)

You can build your webgl game as a "development build" (tick the box in build settings), it should show you error messages.

Thanks ! glad you liked it

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Thanks a lot ! :)