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should be fixed !

So, I'm been interested in expanding this since quite some time, with higher resolution (128 or 256). Let me know if you would be interested in a big update / new game of the same kind :)

no ingles.

sorry, there is none. With hindsight, we probably would have added english subtitles. As long as you understand the controls you should be able to finish the game. If you have any question feel free to ask !

Hello ! Sorry for the load time, but I think it's your computer or internet connection. Have you tried to download the windows build ?

your ground check may also be a problem, maybe you are not always considered grounded when you should be.

As for input loss in fixed update, you can check this link
Basically, inputs are updated before each Update(), and depending on the computer, it is possible that many Updates occur between each FixedUpdate. If you check in FixedUpdate, sometime you will never "see" the key being pressed, because the key press was only true during one Update, and was erased by another Update that occured before FixedUpdate.

What will work is something like that

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Really good concept ! However I had a hard time executing the platforming moves, as the jump often fails to trigger when I press the key. I suspect you are catching the input in FixedUpdate(), which causes input loss. If you need help i can help you figure it out !

Glad you liked the game, it means a lot !

Good old SCP 087 !
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Thanks for the feedback ! The platform generation & movement is indeed very basic, currently they appear randomly on a circle around 0,0,0 with some basic conditions so that they dont collide too much. Then each platform move down at a constant pace. As of now you cannot ascent out, it's just surviving, and yes a visual counter would be nice !

it is possible to have errors specific to a platform (shader, or null reference caused by loading order...). Just try and have a look :)

You can build your webgl game as a "development build" (tick the box in build settings), it should show you error messages.

Thanks ! glad you liked it

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Thanks a lot ! :)

thank you !

thanks ! sensitivity is probably too low yes, and about knowing where to jump, it takes time to get used to it... the jump & air control is quite complex and camera fov varies a lot, hard to estimate distances & height ^^

Concept, art & audio are great, too bad the gameplay is either broken or too obscure. Hiding doesnt seem to work (or is there some kind of range involved ?), and I could not pick the clothes I found. Was still fun though !

Same, no idea what to do. I entered in two dreams, but cannot do anything else.

No idea what to do in the game, I entered in two different "dreams", could not interact with anything. Add some instructions :)

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Audio & art is good (except the big monster teleport / paralyze animation, which is a bit confusing), the concept is also good (each enemy is different) + the lightning flashes to reveal the level. However, the game is super hard ! Maybe you can try to increase the range of the flashlight, and/or make it easier (and clearer) to use the ultimate ability.

Really liked it ! The art is a bit too basic, but still, the transition to nightmare and back to dreaming is well done and controls are good. if you can improve the art & find more mechanics around the transition between dream/nightmare this could be expanded to a really cool game !

I like the mood, but controls need some improvements. I think you are rotating by either +x or -x (fixed speed), so the rotation is too high for precision aiming. You should use Input.GetAxis("Mouse X/Y") which will return small values for small rotations.

Does it work when you build a standalone (windows or mac) version ?

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Hello there !

Ascent is an oniric first person platformer, made in 48h for Geta Game Jam 8 (theme : "Dreams & Nightmares").

Jump & fly from platform to platform, try to maintain altitude, do not fall into the pit. The lower you go, the weirder it gets... My goal was to create a short and original experience, focusing on game feel & visuals.

If you find it interesting in any way, please leave a comment :)

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Thanks ! I did not do everything from scratch, as said on the game page I used some packs from Unity Asset Store, so take that into account ! It helps to have good raw ingredients when you cook something... but I still had to dedicate most of my time to the visuals of the game (scene composition, color, post processing...), so the gameplay is quite basic in comparison ^.^

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Glad you liked it ! Thanks for the share :)

on the Jam build or the current build ?

Hey JackOatley, thanks for the feedback ! Proteus was indeed an influence. Sound could use some polish and would need longer/more varied loops, i agree, you can get mad pretty fast on some worlds. It also seems like the webGL version adds glitches when the track loops. Glad you liked it !

hello lazerfalcon ! I really did not do anything special, I'm not even sure the audio is looping properly (sometime you can hear some sharp noise when a loop ends), all I did was putting the clip in an audiosource with loop = true. What was your problem exactly ?

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Hello, glad you liked it ! Do what you like, the more it is used, the better :)
I would suggest taking a look at the latest build (V3) which i just updated : generation is even more varied & fixed aspect ratio (pixels are squared and not rectangular, and less black borders). Let me know what you think !

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Hey Circa1998, thanks for your comment ! The game is actually 64*36, you can count the pixels if you feel like it ^^ but I guess i should make it clear on the page, I understand this can be misleading. I agree the game would need either more things to discover and/or more gameplay, I didnt have much time during the jam, but that would be a nice addition for the future :)

[edit] The jam creator also did a 64*36 resolution for his game :

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Hello there ! This is a game I made for #LOWREZJAM2018 in about 5 days. As a procedural walking simulator, gameplay is minimalist and focused on exploration and aesthetics : 2000 different islands can be generated, each with an unique combination of features (geometry, ambient sound, colors...). You can then look around and relax, take a few screenshots, reflect on the nature of reality, or generate another island until you find the perfect one for your taste !

Any question or feedback greatly appreciated ! I'd like to generate islands with an even greater variety, and add a bit of actual gameplay, but not sure about what the game needs.

That's it for now, enjoy the pixels !

I will consider it, thank you ! The game is still pretty basic (more like a toy, as you say), i'd like to add more and refine the procedural generation when i get the chance.

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Yep I agree, as it is the concept is pretty limited, just wanted to test an idea. I was thinking about changing the rules so that the active color is the solid one, instead of the two others. This would allow changing color while inside another color. But I never planned to push it further, not worth the time, as you said there arent many puzzles one can think of with this concept.

As for the color cycle, it's RGB (red then green then blue) as in the title :p

Thanks for the input !

Hello !

Which keys did you try ? WASD or ZQSD ? Did you try the arrow keys ?

WASD and arrows should work.

Hey Zedkraze, thank you for testing it :)

Hey, thank you for your feedback !

I agree that some basic stuff is missing. For the controls, I used Unity's default first person controller and didnt even tweak it a bit. Could definitely be improved.

Same with the lack of respawn (permadeath), there should be like 3 checkpoints on this test level.

Glad you liked the concept and level design :)