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Glad you liked it ! Thanks for the share :)

on the Jam build or the current build ?

Hey JackOatley, thanks for the feedback ! Proteus was indeed an influence. Sound could use some polish and would need longer/more varied loops, i agree, you can get mad pretty fast on some worlds. It also seems like the webGL version adds glitches when the track loops. Glad you liked it !

hello lazerfalcon ! I really did not do anything special, I'm not even sure the audio is looping properly (sometime you can hear some sharp noise when a loop ends), all I did was putting the clip in an audiosource with loop = true. What was your problem exactly ?

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Hello, glad you liked it ! Do what you like, the more it is used, the better :)
I would suggest taking a look at the latest build (V3) which i just updated : generation is even more varied & fixed aspect ratio (pixels are squared and not rectangular, and less black borders). Let me know what you think !

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Hey Circa1998, thanks for your comment ! The game is actually 64*36, you can count the pixels if you feel like it ^^ but I guess i should make it clear on the page, I understand this can be misleading. I agree the game would need either more things to discover and/or more gameplay, I didnt have much time during the jam, but that would be a nice addition for the future :)

[edit] The jam creator also did a 64*36 resolution for his game :

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Hello there ! This is a game I made for #LOWREZJAM2018 in about 5 days. As a procedural walking simulator, gameplay is minimalist and focused on exploration and aesthetics : 2000 different islands can be generated, each with an unique combination of features (geometry, ambient sound, colors...). You can then look around and relax, take a few screenshots, reflect on the nature of reality, or generate another island until you find the perfect one for your taste !

Any question or feedback greatly appreciated ! I'd like to generate islands with an even greater variety, and add a bit of actual gameplay, but not sure about what the game needs.

That's it for now, enjoy the pixels !

I will consider it, thank you ! The game is still pretty basic (more like a toy, as you say), i'd like to add more and refine the procedural generation when i get the chance.

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Yep I agree, as it is the concept is pretty limited, just wanted to test an idea. I was thinking about changing the rules so that the active color is the solid one, instead of the two others. This would allow changing color while inside another color. But I never planned to push it further, not worth the time, as you said there arent many puzzles one can think of with this concept.

As for the color cycle, it's RGB (red then green then blue) as in the title :p

Thanks for the input !

Hello !

Which keys did you try ? WASD or ZQSD ? Did you try the arrow keys ?

WASD and arrows should work.

Hey Zedkraze, thank you for testing it :)

Hey, thank you for your feedback !

I agree that some basic stuff is missing. For the controls, I used Unity's default first person controller and didnt even tweak it a bit. Could definitely be improved.

Same with the lack of respawn (permadeath), there should be like 3 checkpoints on this test level.

Glad you liked the concept and level design :)