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Really liked the idea. But it took me some time to know how to loot.

Yea, like many other said, great idea, but I got stuck. Should maybe have more solutions to one "puzzle/riddle"

Thanks a lot and you're right about the collissins. I'm not quite satisfied with the hit boxes, either.

That was really funny and I really like the voice acting. The art is great, too.

After a while I just wasn't sure, what I'm suppose to do and where to advance. There doesn't seem to be a lot to it.

I quite liked it. But I got slightly confused, why the enemies seem to see my through walls.

Hmm, I didn't understand why the walls are killing me (while I do understand it for gameplay reasons). Beside that it seems too difficult. I think the rotation takes way to much space, while the levels are too small.

I really like the style and it's kinda scary.

Really liked the art and sound of this one. But like some other people said, the hit boxes seems to be a little strange and the car would explode, when turning.

I really liked it. The gun does feel good to use and the art is fine. I wished the game wouldn't look so "small" - would be fine, when the camera would be more "zoomed in". And I have to admit, it seems to be rather difficult.