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The key bindings are on the main page.

Yea, I had no time to improve the main pages and add some explanations, yet. But thx for playing.

Great game! But I think it has a steep learning curve and the beginning can be quite rough. It took some time until I feeled like knowing what I am doing. Also a fast forward button might be nice, when the player thinks they got all cheaters.

Cool entry, I really like this one a lot. But it seems quite hard... or I am just bad :).

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I really like the concept, but as other people mentioned, the AI seems to get stuck at some times.

Oh yea, I totally get that!

Yea, it might be a little unforgiving with the tight spaces.

What a great, simple, but very fun game.

Yea, great game! I like this a lot, but the camera control might need some improvements.

I like the concept, but I had the feeling there wasn't much to do (but to be fair, I'm also bad in entertaining myself).

I like the presentation of the game a lot! It might be a good idea to add some sort of upgrade system, to encourage the player to collect as much coins as possible.

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I really like the idea of the game, but I am torn about the time limit of the cheat codes, which also seems to be mandatory, as the combat is quite hard. Cheats are fun, because they are not part of the actual game, but by adding a time limit to them, they become a gameplay element and with that it might be better to add an additional UI for them (cheats currently used, cooldown). But it might be a better to embrace the chaos aspect of cheat codes and go wild with that.

Great idea! I like the concept of climbing the walls a lot (also reminds me of the Alien levels in the Aliens vs Predator games). But it can also be very disorienting. Maybe it would be helpful if you have some indication where the the floor is supposed to be and maybe a button to refocus the camera to be parallel on the floor to help the player to reorient themself. Also adding subtitles would be great, as the voice can be hard to hear (especially for non-native speakers). I also think the tutorial level is harder than the first two levels.

Great game! I enjoyed this one a lot! As someone elsed mentioned, a multiplayer mode might be great, but also hard to implement in the time frame. It would also be great if there was a time limit or some other goal like "First 10 goals" or something like this to give the player a satisfying end note (as far as I played, it just seemed to be endless mode) and being able to revive team mates (I think this is not an option as a player?). Also it was quite easy to score some goals, as there doesn't seem to be an AI for the goal keeper, but I also guess given the time limit this have been hard to implement. But as I said, great game! So far one of my favorites.

The presentation is great and I like how you are using that one part as some kind of hub area. But as a player I couldn't figure out what I was actually doing and until the last level the boxes felt a little random. Also in the later levels I couldn't figure the correlations between the switches and the barriers and it felt almost like having to guess how to use the switches, which wasn't very fun. But overall I still liked it!

I like the music a lot and also the simplicity of the art.

Thank you! Yea, at some point the Hunter was slower and the sprint was faster. I am not sure which values might be the best and more playtesting could have been helpful.

Yea, for some reason moving diagonally wouldn't feel right to me. But still, thank you a lot for your feedback!

Thank you for your feedback! Yea, the last level ended up a little hard, but hopefully still beatable.

Hey, Dude, you should add your Ludum Dare page, so people who find your game here can vote for your game there.

Hey, Dude, you should add your Ludum Dare page, so people who find your game here can vote for your game there.

Yea, I also notice if one shape keeps moving to one side, the player is very limited in his options,  I planned to reduce the propability to move in one direction, when the shape already moved in that direction, but didn't have the right idea how to implement it at that time.

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Nice concept, but ot be honest, I didn't bothered to continue at the big staircase at the left side.

EDIT: I just saw some of the stuff in the GIF's of the main page and I'm sure this is beatable, but I'm sorry, having to play and rate over 5000 games in one week, there isn't just the time. I hate to be negative, but especially losing progress and having to replay some parts of the level again is what kills it for me.

Nnice concept! I think some sort of progression would be nice, like a level up and new points to spend and maybe even new stats or items to change the fight style or something like that.

The art is great!

Great idea, I liked it a lot. It seems there's no way to get points in the stealth game, but maybe you could add stealth kills or convert the seconds (or every two seconds) in which the player was hidden as points.

I love the simplistic style of this. But the controls need work. It might be better if you could aim with the mouse.

Overall I liked this one a lot, great game! Just a few things that bothered me:

- Jumping and grabbing a wall doesn't seem to work always

- At some stages the detection doesn't seem to work and

- when it works, it can detect the player through walls

- It's a little small. Could be bigger

But as I said, I think it's overall a great game (even though I don't see the theme). I especially like the idea of an unreliable narrator and the changing level.

Neat concept, but to be honest, I had a hard time with the controls. Aiming with walking doesn't seem to work out.

Using a QWERTZ keyboard, using the arrow keys with the agent shortcuts didn't feel great. But also I think this game needs a tutorial level or something like that - it's just too much right at the beginning.

Great game! I like the concept with the wishes and different abilities a lot. Maybe there could be a clearer indicater, when and where enemies spawn, as quite some times I found myself standing in an enemy spawn point. Maybe the enemies could come in through one way gates or something like this.

Great entry! I liked the different distractions. I just wish it would be a little more open, as it felt a lo like having to follow just one solution.

I like the idea of the ghost possessing the guards. But I also couldn't figure out how to beat the 4th level. Maybe you should drop the ghost time-thing and instead force the player to possess the guards, by using certain actions, that only guards can do (opening doors or something like that). And it might be better, if the stealth meter slowly regenerates.

Nice game, really like the look and sound of it. But to be honest, I didn't like the controls. Something felt a little off about it.

I'm glad to hear this :).

Great game! I like the presentation a lot and it also doesn't take too much time, which is something I really appreciate.

A pretty solid entry. The text of the hacker is a little hard to read.

Thanks a lot for the feedback.

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Great concept! But I didn't understand why I should clean up during the battle and maybe it might be better, when the soldiers wouldn't shoot at the janitor. Otherwise there's a conflict between cleaning up (and getting yourself in danger) and just surviving. Many times soldiers would stand around a lot of blood and corpses and I didn't see a reason to risk my (virtual) life to clean that part up. I also think you should show some kind of highscore or progress, to motivate the player to actually clean up (maybe the janitor gets paid by the work they have done and they need a minimum payment). Because of all the lasers, rockets and so on flying around the player would still need to dodge those, but having the soldiers aiming at the player might be to stressful.

Oh, and I love how corpses are bleeding, when you are carrying them around. That is a great effect.