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Thanks ! I'll think about UI a bit more next time.

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Thank you very much ^^

Thanks ^^ Yes, time was really flying at full speed.

Hello Gabriel, thanks for pointing out this issue, you're right, I tested it on another computer and UE4 prerequisites seem to take forever to install. I packaged a HTML version of the game and uploaded it here ( I also added instructions on how to deal with it.

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Good job from a technical point of view (I enjoyed the graphics and sound design too), I have a suggestion: why not letting the player read what they actually wrote (unless it's already the case and I just missed it for some reason)?

Very nice!

Cool game, looks really polished

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I love it. I find it funny, exciting and good job for coming up with all these mini games ^^

So, I really like the vibe, graphics, music and sounds, but I don't get it :/ (I might be dumb though)