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Головоломки в сердечке!
Да, изначально я так планировала (сделать больше в сторону головоломки), но решила остановиться на упрощённой версии для сдачи, потому что она уже сама по себе раскрывает идею "самопожертвования ради себя самого".

Спасибо за комментарий!)
Не совсем поняла про убийства других. Игрок действительно может убить свою "лучшую" версию на любом этапе игры и тем самым закрыть себе путь вперёд. И с точки зрения концепции это даже можно считать хорошим решением...

I love how simple and minimalistic this game is. Really "only one" experience. Great job!

So simple and so elegant. Awesome job!

Love your visual style, very great reference to chess! Also, was very fun and challenging to play. Great job :)

Very nice visuals, however, because of the absence of negative score it really felt weird for not been punished for getting hit. Hope you'll fix this in post-jam version!

Nice chilling gameplay, very obvious connection to the main theme. Also, great job with levels, but they definitely needed to be more challenging for extra fun.

P.S. Very cute main character :)

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Thank you for your response! 

The idea was that we have different levels "combined" in one (level or screen, it's kind of simular in our game). It's like poor jelly is trapped in a vicious circle, while trying to escape from the factory, but finds itself in the end in the exact same room with only exit changing.

Hi again! Nice to see familiar faces :)

Thank you very much! Our jelly is animated, so, all credits to our animator. It also slides a bit because of a settings in Character Movement.

P.S. Sad to hear about the blackout, but it can happen with all of us. Sure, your game is good even after this misfortune :)

Thank you for your reponse! :)