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Mwahahaha 😈

We're just working on the next major update now, it'll be as big (or bigger) than The Black Cat! 

As for a sequel... We have some cool ideas for one, but it won't be this year. 


Are you suggesting we remove content from the free version, or do you want us to just make everything free 😅? 

People who buy the Steam version are supporting us making more chapters (thanks everyone who does! ❤️) 

This is one of the most original concepts I have ever seen in a gamejam game, amazing work!

It has a bunch of classic issues for multiplayer games that could all be solved with more playtesting (balance, etc), but the core concept is really strong and I've never seen anything like this before, which really really impressed me.

I don't have a lot else to say, it played well, graphics were great, concept was exceptional. Great work!


I really liked this game, but it wasn't without it's issues!

It had a great art style, theme, concept and obviously a baconado is a huge plus to any game!

However, the framerate issues were pretty crippling. Fixing that would have made a huge difference. I enjoyed exploring the map as well (with the crazy high poly tree), but it desperately needed a touch of colour, especially with how great the main character looked in comparison.

It's a really cool game and I really enjoyed playing it, but I felt like it suffered from trying to do too much? It would have been better to have the entire game at a 'good' level of quality rather than some parts being 'amazing' and other parts suffering.

Overall, I enjoyed it a lot. I think it's a great idea and I would have loved to play a version with just a few tweaks!


I liked the concept and the graphics were nice, but the game was just a bit awkward feeling. At one point I glitched out of the restrictive boundaries of the road and suddenly the game was a lot more fun! Having the police chase you around a more open area with the ability to reach higher speeds was a lot more fun. I feel you were really close to a great game, but were a bit over restrictive with the boundaries of the road that slowed everything down.

Overall, it was a nice entry and aside from a few physics bugs, the game worked really well. Gear switching was a nice extra mechanic to have to deal with!


Stylisticall this was great, but it took me a while to realise what I was doing and what my goal was! The mechanics worked really well and I enjoyed playing, but it was quite difficult (or else I'm just very bad at it) so I didn't progress very far.

It would have been nice to ease the player in a little so that it wasn't so hard from the get-go, but I still enjoyed playing it.

Nice and humorous, interesting game!


I read your game page and went in realising that this was a barebones project, however I hope it was a great learning experience and next jam you'll have something far more solid!

It opened and loaded, but wasn't much of a game so there isn't a lot of feedback I can give, but I look forward to playing another gamejam in the future!


I loved the concept of this one. I played this at the freshers game party and thought it was a really unique and fun idea for a game.

It seemed a little off balance-wise with the king being at the advantage, however that could be because the ghost player wasn't experienced enough!

The graphics were great and the game felt very smooth to play. I think this was a really solid entry and the basis of a great game!


Fun take on the theme, reminds me a bit of Dungeon Keeper! Music and SFX were great, graphics were simple, but readable and fitted the overall style very well. 

As far as strategy goes, I found myself spamming spikes as they seemed to work a lot better than archers, perhaps some adjustments to the level design to give more reason for the archers? Obviously it's a gamejam so time is limited, but having additional upgrades or stronger enemies as the game progressed would have added a lot (I only played for a few minutes, so I apologise if these do exist and I just didn't reach them).

I think the game has a really solid concept and just needs a bit of tweaking with balance to make it great!


It's a very simple game, but it flows well and has proper game loop. It's a fun concept on top of that with a bit of humor!

I would have loved to see the difficulty ramp up or some additional mechanics as the game progressed, once you get the hang of it, you can just go on forever. But I did like playing it and as a gamejam it ticks all the boxes! I enjoyed playing it, it's a cool idea and it was nice and polished!


I remember playing this game at the gamejam party! It had a few collision issues (as is standard with physics games), but overall was super fun as a concept.

A few better bits of feedback would be good, like something to warn you when your hunger is getting too low and some more intense VFX when performing actions would go a long way to selling the experience.

Overall it was fun to play, and I loved the concept of being a huge monster stomping around and destroying a city. Great wee game, nice work!


I played this at the gamejam play party and thought it was a really clever idea. I love all the poster art and the visuals were simple, but nice and clear and gave a great sense of mood.

I do think it's very difficult to paly and some better indication of where each camera is would help a lot, either by adding a map of sorts, or by introducing cameras slowly over time. Understandably time constraints are an issue when it comes to balancing these things, but a bit of time easing the player in would go a long way!

Fun game to play and I thought it was a really nice concept! Nice work.


I didn't play this, but I did watch two other people play this at the gamejam event. It's very well made, with a clear inspiration from other games, but I still think it works really well and it has a nice twist for the theme.

Visuals were solid and clear, as well as the booklet (which is key in a game like this). I think you nailed the overall feel of pressure needed for a game like this and I could easily see how it could be expanded.

Great work!


I actually thought this was really cool. The barrels confused me at first, I assumed it was a physics game and I kept trying to drop them on people’s heads. It was only after a minute or two of playing around with that did I realise it’s meant to be a puzzle game!

It was nice, kind of like a weird twisted point and click game. I don’t quite know how I killed the guy with the flare and the antenna, but apparently I did as I got the completion screen! A bit more communication to let the player know what’s going on would have been great, but it was enjoyable and fun to mess around with the 3D characters.

I could see how with a bit of improvements with story/communication this could be a great game. Nice work!


Nice simple little game. I totally didn’t get the goal at first and spent my initial game trying to land my trash into the trash can! However, once I understood, it made a lot more sense with the theme.

The sound effects worked well and the gameplay was tight. It would have been nice to have some movement in the scene (duck moving, bird flying) to give some additional high value targets.

Overall, it was nice, it worked and I had fun littering! Great work!


I remember playing this game at the gamejam party and I’m fairly sure the part I saw was a 3D boss battle? I was told that it was basically two games in one for ‘reasons’ haha.

I played the 2D puzzle section and it was nice and simple, but lacked a bit of level design polish with some of the puzzles and there were a lot to complete. A smaller number that are more refined would have worked a lot better, as well as a grid to show me how far I move with each button press.

The 3D battle bit I didn’t play this time, but I remember it being fairly decent, if entirely different from the 2D section. 

I’m almost certain that both games would have been better if everyone was on the same page or working on separate games? 

Either way, it was an interesting experience!


This was a fun and very stylish game. I love the overall feel when playing and the characters were bizarre and interesting!

I remember being told that ‘u’ to select is a fighting game thing, but it still seems like madness to me. At the very least allow u and another button to select ‘start’!

I do feel it’s a bit difficult and suffers a bit from the classic issue that when building the game you get very very good at it, so you make it hard to match your skills and new players struggle. It’s something to keep in mind in future jams!

Music and audio was great, it had some cool transitions with the rising blocks. I thought it was a cool game and I really enjoyed playing!


I’ve always wanted to make a factory-like game for a gamejam so this was awesome to see. It was nice and simple and I adored the artstyle, some audio would have been nice (I didn’t see to have any) but overall it was a nice polished and fun experience.

I would say that there are a handful of easy wins you could make to really lift the experience. The goober spawners naturally block the conveyor belts, had you made it that the exit to the level be at the bottom of the screen the goobers would have been much more visible during gameplay. In fact I destroyed my starting goober spawners in order to rotate them, only to find that they can’t be rotated!

Having some movement on the conveyors (similar to the exit conveyors) would have been nice too, so I could see more easily the direction of things, again this ended up more difficult because the goober spawners cover most of the first starting buildings in the game making it quite difficult to see whats going on.

Overall, I thought it was cool and I could see how it could be easily expanded with additional goober types and potentially combining them together. Fun game, nice work!


Nice and simple shooter with a clear theme and style. Enjoyed playing it although I wasn’t quite sure I got the ‘you are the enemy’ theme of it?

Movement and shooting was decent, but it lacked some strong hit effects to really make a kill feel satisfying and I could walk through the environment at the top of the level which does remove some of the immersion of the game.

I think if you could tighten up the controls and impacts effects a little you’d have a solid game on your hands. As I mentioned at the start, the theme was great and I love Anamanaguchi so I can’t fault the music choice!

Nice work!


I played this at the gamejam party and it was definitely one of my favourites.

It did feel like a memey flash game from 15 years ago, but I mean that in a good way. It was well structured, humorous and generally didn’t feel too unfair.

One or two parts could do with a bit of tweaking, and I’m sure after watching people play the game there are things you would adjust in the game. However, I’m glad that you pushed the boundaries and just went for crazy stuff, even if some of it wasn’t as good as the other parts.

Visuals were simple but worked well, audio was solid. Fun experience, solid game, well done!


Although I haven't attempted to play this, I did read through all the rules and character sheets, so this is the best feedback I can give with that limited understanding of the game!

Something that would have helped a lot (and is something you’d find in a lot of role playing games) is an example of a turn or an example of an interaction between two players. Sarah is playing The Royal and does X Audery is playing the Prodigy and responds with Y I was a little confused as to exactly what the flow of play would look like, however each character was well thought out with original gameplay, stats ands goals that made the game seem like something that could be played in a variety of styles and strategies. The Masked in particular sounds interesting with the dual identities.

The whole thing was incredibly well presented, great layout and style with the entire thing. Felt very polished!


A funny twist on ‘you are the enemy’, I guess you’re enemy of those who want to play golf haha. It was interesting twisting the normal rules of the game on it’s head.

The game was pretty simplistic, but felt very polished. The transitions between games was very smooth and it felt like a refined experience. Obviously it would be cooler if there was more to it, but I appreciated the chaos mode as a slight twist. I think the only thing that might have improved it would be to line up the balls with the music. The tune was great and fitted the theme well, but I found myself missing as I tried to hit the balls in-time with the music. Maybe that’s just me, but it felt rhythm-game-like.

Really fun entry, enjoyed playing it, am impressed with the polish and how complete it felt as a product and experience.


Interesting and surprisingly addictive game, it was a nice use of theme and it left me wanting to play a more fleshed out version of it.

Few issues like the initial level starting at the top of the screen, typically you start at the bottom and your enemies at the top (chess, space invaders, etc) but it was fine once I realised. The UI and general size of the game displayed very small, however it was still playable.

Would be nice to see hit points on the enemies or have some idea how close I am to killing them too, but in general it was a nice game and it flowed pretty well. Incredibly punishing (especially on your first game or two) but it progressed well with introduction to traps and different arena shapes.

Fun game, good job!


Really bizarre and interesting concept. The change of context of the game from tower defence to story driven narrative was quite a twist! It reminds me a bit of Inscryption in that way, twisting the whole meaning of what you are doing and your role in this world on it’s head.

It definitely had a few pacing issues and it was a lot to take in for such a short period of time, but I feel those problems are things that would easily be ironed out if you had more time than a game jam. You had two games and a proper ending. Awesome work.


Thankyou! ❤️

Thanks for playing and streaming! ❤️

Yay! Glad you got it running! Thanks for making the effort to play, I'm glad you had fun ❤️

You don't need UE5 installed to play, it's built into the game. 

Please download the zip directly, extract it and double click the LD54.exe file. What happens? 

Hi, what's the issue?

Thank you! Glad you had fun babysitting Hastur 😈

Kind words, thanks for playing! 🙏


He's hiding under your bed.

The game is free to play with ads on mobile. You can download the game on Google Play or the Apple App store. 

Scroll on this page and click the download button for the demo. Or you can purchase the full game on Steam here:

Hi, unfortunately the engine we use (Unreal Engine 4) doesn't support GPUs that cannot run D3D11. As a small team this is beyond our ability to change. 

If you have a phone, you can download the game on Android or iOS for free via the Google Play and Apple App stores 😊

It isn't, don't worry! There's more to come!

Not everything makes the cut when creating a game, we have to constantly balance scope, fun, stability and communication. Films have "deleted scenes" for similar reasons 😊 

That being said, there are some things we hinted at that may appear in the next update, you'll have to wait and see! 😁

Hi, thanks for playing! The Black Cat update took 9 months to make and we need money to continue making updates 😅

The paid Steam version will include all future updates for free, and you can also play the game free (with ads) on mobile.