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It isn't, don't worry! There's more to come!

Not everything makes the cut when creating a game, we have to constantly balance scope, fun, stability and communication. Films have "deleted scenes" for similar reasons 😊 

That being said, there are some things we hinted at that may appear in the next update, you'll have to wait and see! 😁

Hi, thanks for playing! The Black Cat update took 9 months to make and we need money to continue making updates 😅

The paid Steam version will include all future updates for free, and you can also play the game free (with ads) on mobile. 

Would you mind writing a steam review for us? It really really helps us out!

Hi, if you liked the update would you mind leaving a steam review for us? It really helps us out a lot!

There is...

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Thanks for playing! <3
If you have the time, it would be amazing if you could write a Steam review for us on our Steam page. I really helps us out!

Because they take time to make (months/years), and the people who make them need to eat.

Where did you see this?

Thank you! <3

The Baby In Yellow has never had complete controller support, particularly in the UI.

The steam version behaves the same way as version 1.6.4 here on in terms of controller input - at least with my xbone controller.

Can you let us know what controller you're using and exactly what issue you're having with controller input on the steam version compared to 1.6.4 on itch.

You can either reply here, or email us at


Not yet, but we plan to add them soon. Read the Early Access section on the Steam page for more details.

Well spotted, yes :) 


Awesome, thank you! Please leave us a steam review if you liked it. It helps us out so much!

Yes, the mobile version will remain free (with ads)

The game is out on Steam!

Unfortunately it take a lot of time and money to make games. We've been working on The Black Cat update for almost a year!

If you buy on Steam you will get all future updates for free :) 
(We won't charge for additional chapters)

Have fun, and happy babysitting!

A few youtubers got early access keys as a way of thanks for supporting the game grow <3

It's coming May 26th! 😁

We have no plans for an easter update as we're working hard on The Black Cat 😊

Not sure why the link changed, but here's the new link

The Black Cat update is releasing May 26th. Please download the latest version to get access to the new costume for the baby. 

In the meantime you can check out our trailers and teasers on our youtube channel or join us on Discord.

Thanks for playing! 

Please send a screenshot of the error and a description of the problem to and we'll do our best to help 😊

We did, it's a pretty big update 😅

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Hi, thanks for playing! 

We have a public build archive here:

Looks like our iOS download link had the "Apple" platform symbol checked assuming this meant iOS not MacOS. This has now been removed.

Thanks for letting us know! 

We don't have a mac download, the game is for Windows, iOS and Android only 🙂

You can change the graphics settings in the pause menu 😁👍

Please contact us at with the email address you purchased with and we'll look into it on Google Play. Thanks!

Hi! Unfortunately this could mean your graphics card isn't powerful enough to run the game. Please update your graphics drivers first, and if the issue persists, email 

Hi! You can restore purchases from the settings menu (cog top right). 


You should be able to just download and run the latest version. We don't provide an installer, and your save data will be shared between versions 😊

Hi, the game is for Windows, iOS and Android only at the moment, sorry!

Here you go 😊

1.6.3 is now available 😊👍

You can find quality settings in the pause menu 👍

We don't currently have plans to release on mac, sorry.

Main gameplay is, but we don't currently support controller fully in the UI (only partially). It is on our todo list though 😁