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Good luck people! :)

That's fine, still amazing you tried :) Thank you!

Heck, there's no time xD

Great idea! I'll be waiting for some more dungeons! :)

Very original game! Loved it! :)

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Hello! :)

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Hello! :)

Pretty sure our idea has been done before (four realities in only one screen), but at least I've never seen it the way we did it (and surely not in this jam). 

Anyway, you can find a ton of juicy cupcakes in our game, so feel free to feast here: :)

Hello! :) 

Wow yours has a LOT of ratings! How did you manage? :o 

I'll be playing it ASAP, since I'm now on my phone.

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Hello! :)

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Hello! :) 

If you're interested in juicy cupcakes, make sure to grab some here:

I'll be playing yours now!

Edit: Loved the idea! Really hope you add some more dungeons so I can play them all :)

Hello! :)

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Hello! :)

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Hello! :)

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Of course! Yours is a really good looking game. Good job! :)

Yasss! Juicy one, very fun & complete! Great job! :)

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I think you did a pretty good job! I like the art style and how you still found time to tell the game's story!

You took the theme's hard road and that matters a lot.

Hope you manage to finish the game as you wanted it to be. Good job :)

Lovely game! It has a very polished touch to it, while maintaining simplicity. Perfect to chill for a while! :)

I had already played and rated yours :D It was one of the first games I wanted to play because it looks so beautiful :) 

Great job! I love how it's so simple yet so clever & fun!

So much juice in this one! Love the graphics and game feel, great job! :)

P.S: They have the cutest little hats!!

Those are super cute, thank you! :D

Super cute game and very complete! :)

Aww, yours was the first one I played in this jam! I absolutely love the looks & gameplay, it's one of my faves for sure :)

That's a lot of spooders you got here xD Cool game, you could later add some more mechanics for extra spice :)

I've played and rated yours already :) 

If you haven't yet, feel free to check mine out!

(PS: It's a cupcake overload)

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Cool little game and yes, it is a juicy one! I also found it challenging, as it got tricky pretty fast with the skeletons. :) Good job!

Yes, it does! Pretty sad that you couldn't upload the right file, but I'll still rate it ;)

I'd say your game it the bomb. Simple but fun (and stressful as heck!!). I'm really proud of myself for not blowing up at least once xD Good job!

PS: Thank you for the sweet words!!

This game has a great & unique idea! I think it could easily become a huge multiplayer game with some polish. :)

Hello! :D

Congratulations on your first game! Did you like your experience in the jam? :)

I think your game has a unique idea and could become a huge multiplayer game with some post-jam polish !! Great job!

You can play ours here: 

PS: It has juicy cupcakes! :)

Hello! I've just played, rated & commented yours! :) It's pretty cute and original! It's a shame only a few people rated it. 

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Cute little game with great potential! Quite liked it! :)

If you still have spare time, make sure to get some free cupcakes here --> :)

Indeed it is! I found it gorgeous and, even if simple, a really well thought game! Congratulations! :D

Thank you for the kind words about our game!

Really pretty and polished indeed! Probably my favourite theme adaptation so far! Congratulations!! :D

Yass! Very clever & original of you to make a game like this! I really enjoyed it :)

They were the ones choosing to make sacrifices for that sweet cupcake! :P

That looks super cuteeeee tho!!! You should've done the game's art for me xD

Really cute and challenging game! Good job! :)

Firstly, that description sounds amazing! Secondly, the game completely lives up to it :) I found it incredibly funny, great job mate! :D

Pretty juicy for me! I think it's a really good idea and could be quite expandable! Good job!

Your game is very interesting and pretty! I can easily see it evolve into a big game! Good job!