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This is a really interesting idea for a game! A bit hard to learn, and the controls are also a bit annoying (maybe the splitting could be done by the mouse buttons? I think it would be more intuitive, and you already need a hand on the mouse anyways...). Still, very fun and once you get it, it's very interesting. And you have some really good puzzles there already!

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I really really like this game! Haven't made a game for the jam, but turns out I can still rate, so 5/5! Honestly the only bad thing about this game is how short it is! I want MORE :)


Thank you for taking the time to do something about this. 

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They said they can't promise there will be one in response to an earlier post in this thread. 

Lalala, banana. 

I believe you also lose karma when your game is rated. So the most karma games are the games with the highest ratio between amount of games rated and amount of ratings. 

It might also take comments as a parameter, not sure. 

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Oh, of course, yes, I have moved on to other prjects. It's just not going very well so I am procrastinating on it here lol. 

Thanks! I did have a lot of fun! 

I understand what you are saying, but I do have a problem with saying that I am lucky. 

I rated tons of games. I had put up a thread even before the rating started that offeree people to just post the game there and I will rate it. But it wasn't a rate for rate. Most people ignored my request that they also take the time to check my game. 

I used all the time I had for like 3 days straight to rate games and give lots of feedback. 

So please don't say that I am lucky to have 23 ratings since I have worked hard to rate other people's games and if anything, needing to ask people to rate my game so that I can pass 20 ratings after spending so much time on ratings shows how much the rating system has broken this community. People aren't willing to play each other's game unless they get something in return. We are so caught up in making that rating number go up that we lost our ability to enjoy games. And what is the point in playing games, if you don't enjoy it? 

The problem is not with the length of time, it is with itch. With the rating system. Why isn't karma the default? Not that anyone browses games. I am not sure what itch can do about it but I do know that ludom dare doesn't have this problem, or at least didn't have it. 

Sorry if this reply is a bit... Not nice? I just had to get this off my chest. 


Thanks! And what about thinking? 

I wouldn't do that but isn't it ok according to the rules to look at the art kit when the jam starts and then wait for a couple of days and think about it? 

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While you are not working your are thinking. Does that count in the timer? 

Also, let's say you need someone to playtest your game and have nothing to work on anymore. Does that time count in the timer? 

Should I not count when I am sleeping or taking breaks? 

Sorry for not being very coherent

Ok, you have a point about shortening it.

But why did you choose 2 weeks in the first place? 1 week allows for a weekend, and plenty of time for people to try to rate.

You are eight about today, I didn't check it. But yesterday and the days before it showed constant decline and I remeber that yesterday especially almost no one rated games. 

The community tab has also really slown down. 

Hello, is there a possibility of shortening the raiting period? It is very long and right now almost no one is playing or rating games. 

I think they said something about it being weighted, so people who rate everyone badly will not influence ratings by a lot. 

Thank you for the feedback!


Would appreciate it if you could try out mine:

I don't have any intentions of spamming, especially since I have already reached 20 ratings, but thanks for the tip anyways lol. 

You might also want to try and have a generic hard to remember name. 

Sadly this is how things work. In the end though there really is no meaning to the number of ratings as long as it is above 20 (luckily). 

Anyways, everyone spams sometimes and everuone learns to promote their game in a more reasonable way. I know I am not perfect,and my way if just offering to play the games of other devs doesn't work as I had to learn the hard way.  Anyways, I am happy that you stopped spamming. 


Yes, I see what you're saying, it's caller pallete is a bit too bright. I was trying to have contrast between it and the player but I may have gone a bit overboard. 

For some reason it doesn't work on safari... I'll try it on chrome later.


I intentionally didn't add a wait option and some of the levels explore that problem (levels 5 and 6, I believe). I might make a post jam version with it though. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Hello, I need 2 more ratings to have 20 ratings. So please, if you have the time, I would appreciate it if you could play my game and rate it.

My game, AI-spionage is a stealth puzzle game where an imperfect AI controls the character and you get to rewind and redo a move each level to put it in a position from which it will make the right decisions.

I will play your game if you comment and give me detailed feedback. I will give detailed feedback but I want to know that you played the game and not, like many "rate farmers" just rated randomly and wrote a generic comment.

Just make sure that your game is playable on mac since I don't have easy access to a windows machine right now. 

I think that 1 week is perfect. 

Oh, that makes sense. Really cool project! Thanks a lot  for doing it. I will be happy to help if you need to find more examples to test it on or anything of this sort.

I am not sure I understand what you mean.

Anyways, I never heard someone use time waster in this context, and sorry but it seems like you did not play it at all and are now trying to explain your generic response.

In fact, according to my analytics you did not download the game. The game was downloaded once today by someone else and the download number did not go up.

If you did not play it, everything is fine. Just be honest with everyone and start playing games. I promise you both you and the devs whose game's you rate will be happier. 

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Note though that some genuine rate for raters might post the same reply in multiple rate for rate threads and give actual feedback in the jam comments. I haven't really done many r4r this jam so I don't know how it is but it might be a problem.

The thing is, this is a puzzle game with 10 levels. Yiu can't play it for hours (just brute forcing it would take less than an hour). And you can't replay it since you spoil the puzzles the furst time you solve them. 

It is also not the tyoe of game that usually is called a time killer from my experience. 

I just posted a new topic where I ask if people can help me reach 20 ratings (I needed 3 more). 

Someone answered it and wrote in the comments that it is a "cool time killer". My game is a puzzle stealth game. I have no idea how it could be a "time killer" and chances are that he didn't even play the game, and didn't even read what the game is about. I was really afraid to make that post and I actually asked there for more detailed comments in order to avoid that it would become like that but people just don't read the thread. 

It is just so disheartening.

Excuse me but how is that in any way connected to the game? It is not a time killer game (or at least I hope not). 

Sorry if I am a bit blunt but did you actually play it? I have written in the community post that I ask for more detailed comments to stop this from being a rate farming rate4rate.

5/5! The idea is simple but leads to very cleaver puzzles, the level design is amazing, each level focusing on an idea and implication of the rules and exploring it while also making sure you actually understood it by making you do it twice in two scenarios (I might be really wrong here but that's how I see it). It is amazing. Probably the best game I have seen in the jam.

Music is also really good though the sfx may be a bit too loud.

Would appreciate if you could check out my game AI-spionage, a puzzle stealth game where you don't control the player character - an AI does. So you will let the AI make choices and sneak behind the guards when suddenly you arrive at a level where the AI's flaws show up. It cannot pass it and you need to use your ability to rewind time back 1 move and redo a move yourself to put the AI in a position from which it would make the right choices and succeed.

I am starting to play yours now.

Hello! I need 3 more ratings to hit 20 ratings on my game AI-spionage. I would really appreciate it if you could give me some feedback and rate it. Also put your game down below so I can check it out to (you can also not play my game and put it here, and I will still be glad to play it). Just make sure that it is playable on Mac.

Now, what is my game? AI-spionage is a puzzle stealth game where you don't control the player character - an AI does. So you will let the AI make choices and sneak behind the guards when suddenly you arrive at a level where the AI's flaws show up. It cannot pass it and you need to use your ability to rewind time back 1 move and redo a move yourself to put the AI in a position from which it would make the right choices and succeed.

Would appreciate it if you could look at mine if you don't have time skip it.


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Used to be on the different side, with a rating your games thread, now I am looking for some more feedback. 

So I just want you to take your time and not feel stressed because of the amount of replies. And of course if you don't have time, don't play my game. 


Thanks a lot!

I am looking for a bit more feedback and hope to hit the 20 mark. 


I'll try to check out your today but I might only get to it tommorow.