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I am sorry, but right now I can't (and until the end of Saturday) play it and in general use electronics due to my religion.

I will come back to rate it after the jam, though.

Hi, it is not due to your computer, it is due to how java works :). You need the java runtime environment, like my install instructions say, to run it on windows and sadly there is nothing I can do about it.

I am sorry, but due to my religion I can't use electronics during Saturday and this evening. So I will not be able to playtest your game before the jam ends, sorry. After it ends I'll be sure to come back to it and rate it and give you feedback.

Hello, thanks a lot for the feedback? 

I am not sure I understand what you said about the rewind mechanic. It just undo's the last move and allows you to redo it. I don't understand the difference between that and what you said afterwards. 

It works perfectly (the Mac version) other than crashing every time I die in level 2. But that ok, since that is, hands down, the best game I have seen in the jam!

The art is amazing, sounds are good (other than the talking sound that can be a bit irritating when you hear it a lot), jokes amazing, gameplay is genius, everything is really really good!

I am a bit embarrassed to ask you to play my game now, but I need feedback so I have to, lol...

Sorry for the late reply. 

Umm, yeah, I will think about adding more rewinds. Right now I want to mistly polish the levels I have, but I will try to add more if I have time. 

I don't use Unity, I used processing, a java library. 

And about the numbers, its not you, they really aren't that informative, but I think they do help people feel in control. 

Ok, thanks a lot!

OK, thank you so much for the in depth feedback!

I'll fix the sound, thank you! I use a really low volume on my laptop so I might have not noticed... About the options not really changing the volume, I am not sure if there is anything I can do about that. The library I was using for sound turned out to not work when exporting to windows, so I am forced to use another library which is a bit clunky with volume change.

About the difficulty, I completely agree. I tried to lower it but turns out it didn't really work... level 8 does have a solution but it is really tricky. Maybe I should add a hint after you die a couple times. 

About the numbers, yeah they don't have a lot of meaning actually other than knowing the next move, since the numbers change as the guards change. But they are supposed to give you some sense of control over it (and most of the players I asked do say that it helped), and allow you to understand the problem with the AI - that it makes move in isolation and without planning ahead. So you need to plan ahead and fix that. I am not really sure what I could add to make it clearer though. Do you think a better explanation of the AI would help?

And thank you so much for reminding me to make a pause menu! 

I will think about the two rewinds, I am just not sure if I want to do that. The tenth level originally had 2 rewinds but then I thought about it a little and found a way to do it with 1 so I removed the second rewind. I think that right now I didn't fully explore 1 rewind, so before I add another 1 I should focus on that.

And once again, thanks a lot for the feedback, it helps so much!

Hello, can you please add a web or Mac build? I can't run windows rn.

So, I couldn't get past the first level... lol. For some reason when I press x it doesn't always record a position, and when I press z it doesn't always rewind. I tried all I could think of but I don't understand how I can get past the walled off first part of the first level - rewinding doesn't change the wall at all, and doesn't add a platform to the right. 

But I also just want to say that the tape is so cute, and it looks amazing. The default music is really really good, and the idea to let players put in their music is genius! 

Thanks :)

Hi, like I said the original post, I don't have a windows machine I can access easily. So right now I can't play your game but after the jam (or if you add a Mac or web build) I will come back to it.

Also, I think you forgot to say that the file is only for windows, since it doesn't say for what platform it is.

I couldn't get past the platform with the spikes... Is it because it's unfinished?

Anyways, the feeling is really interesting. A bit nauseating at first and the spinning circle doesn't help with that, but I like it. You nailed it with that (if you were going for that feeling). But I have to say though that the rewind is a bit of a stretch. It has nothing to do with the gameplay (or at least, I didn't find a way to get to a place where it has), and it is just a small screen. Almost all platforms have a restart button. So maybe, if you have time, try to add a connection between the rewind screen and the gameplay itself.

Oh and also, the text at the start of the game is a bit hard to read because of the colours in the background. Maybe you could put a transparent white rectangle over it?

Ok, write to me when you do it.

I am using macOS.

About the swapping of tapes, I admit that it was really fun to discover it and maybe I would have lost on that if you would have just explained it at the start, but I think that since it's so important to do it to even barely survive, some players might see the game, try a couple times and see that it is extremely hard and lose motivation to play because they didn't discover that. So I don't know, I think it's a risk but it might be a risk worth taking.

And about the telegraphing, you can for example lerp the sound down slowly, starting a second or 2 before the end, instead of just stopping when it's done. Or maybe also changing the ants  on top of the machine. Or you could just do a small countdown like you said or a small bar. 

And I repeat again something that I think is really important - make is quicker. I think you should make the player move more quickly, the tapes rewind more quickly, the customers come more quickly. If what you do in this game is walk around and rewinding tapes, why not do it a lot more?

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Wow, the game is really hard! And weirdly really really fun (didn't think that a game where you just walk and rewind tapes would be so fun)! For some reason though  I couldn't hear sounds (though I saw you added some from the credits (:.) and I think they would have made it much better. Anyways, the main thing I think you should do is explain a bit more - I didn't understand at first that you could switch between a rewound tape and a non-rewound tape in the rewinding machine to save time. But even with that trick, it was really really hard. Maybe you could make a normal mode where there aren't customers with 3 tapes, and a hard mode with those customers. But it just seems impossible to survive for long with the 3 tape customers. I don't know, think about it.

Another small thing is telegraphing whether the tape will be ready soon. That will allow for more strategising. 

I think you should try to add more depth. Maybe increase the amount of customers and add another rewind machine. It will make the game a lot more frantic and will add to the strategising you can get by telegraphing the end of the rewinding. That's just an idea that I don't think will take a lot of time to implement but will add so much more to the game, but it might be a bad idea. The main thing is - I think you should focus on adding some more depth and planning to the game, and if you can also make it quicker. Maybe make the top speed a bit higher?

(1 edit)

I will of course, but right now I can barely hold my eyes open so it will have to wait until the morning. Sorry. 

I'll try to get to your game today, but it is 3 am, so I might do it in the morning. Do you mind giving me feedback for my game too? I'm in desperate need of some feedback. 

Oh ok, maybe make a loading screen so people understand that it is working. 

And I have to ask: can you please also try my game? 

Hello, sadly I can only see a small loading animation and then only a black screen. 

(2 edits)

HI, the idea is cool and fun but there are 2 things that I think are really problematic and hold it back:

The death animation is really slow. Painfully slow.  And since it puts you back into "visible mode" every time you die, it takes so much time just to retry the level in blind mode. In the more tricky levels, it adds ton of busy work and frustration.

And the other thing is the controls. You don't explain that there is a double jump, and I actually don't understand, why have 2 super short jumps when you can have 1 normal jump?

That's a really cool idea! I had a lot of fun but I couldn't get past level 7. The screen became blank and I could hear sounds but see nothing.

As for my thoughts, here they are:

1. There are problems with the jump and overall some problems with collision that I think it's really important to fix. They can be really frustrating at times.

2. The particle effects (especially for the jump) are a bit over the top, I think. I think you should consider toning down the amount a bit.

3. Maybe you could add some feedback for rewinding? Some sound or visual distortion? I think it would really add.

4. There was another thing that I thought about and can't remember... I will write another reply with it if I can remember it.

The black bar from the transitions is left on the screen while doing the levels and doesn't allow you to see the right side of the screen. I might be the only one having the problem, I don't know.

(1 edit)

Ok, so here are my thought:

It's looks really cool, extremely polished, and the music fits really well, with the rewind and all. And most importantly, it's really fun!

But I think you should explain a bit more at the start. I... well, I didn't know you could move with the mouse and kept trying to move with [wasd] and the arrow keys. Just add a small screen where it says you move with the mouse, or even just explain the controls in the itch page, since people are gonna play it in the browser and have the itch page close by.

I also think that the guns are a bit overpowered and don't fit the game. When you use the gun you don't have to strategise at all about where you are going. You just move in a line, then rewind, and the screen is immediately cleared. Having pickups is really fun though, so maybe, if you have time, I think you should put something else instead. 

And one last thing - when I first opened it there was a black window. I waited a bit but nothing happened. Only after a couple refreshes did it work. I don't know why that could happen, but maybe look into it? I think that it might have turned me away from the game if I was just grading a couple games.

(5 edits)

We all need play testers to get a different look at the game and get some fresh ideas and changes for the last moment. I am  pretty close to finishing my game so I have time and would like to playtest your games and give you feedback. 

So I'll play all games that are posted here that I can play on Mac (It needs to either have a browser or a Mac version, sorry) and give you extensive feedback. And if you have the time I would appreciate it if you could take a look at my game and give me some feedback.

My game, AIspionage, is a stealth puzzle game where an imperfect AI controls your character. You need to use your ability to rewind time and redo a move for the AI to nudge him towards a place where he will make the right decisions and get to the secrets you are trying to steal.

EDIT: Ok, changing my business model, since I need feedback and people don't want to give feedback, only to get. So if you post your game here, also play my game and give me some feedback please.

EDIT #2 (PLEASE READ): Due to my religion I won't be able to use electronics from now on until tomorrow night, which means I won't be able to playtest your game anymore or fix my game. If you want to get feedback after the jam, you can still post it here and I will come back to it after the jam.

Hi, so I think I figured it out. There was a problem in the library I used to access sound files. Anyways, I switched libraries and tested the new export on an old laptop and it seems to work. If you have time I would really appreciate it if you could give it another go!

Oh ok sorry. I was just afraid that you might name it that in the end. I'll get to it tomorrow I think.


I am sorry, I don't have time to play your game right now, but just a quick thing - why do you name the game "brackeys game jam"? Every name, no matter how bad, could describe the game better than that. 

I am really sorry, looks like the windows version isn't working right now, I am trying to figuere it out and solve it. Sorry for the hassle. 

Wow, thank you so much! I am also so happy to hear that it works, and thank you for trying once again! 

I will definitely add colors, thanks for the suggestion, I have thought about changing the size based on the grade but I forgot about it, using colors is much better! 

And yeah, now that I think about it the key bindings aren't very good, I'll try to think of better ones. Maybe G for grades? I have no idea what made me use I... 

Oh, no I didn't get disappointed, I was just confused a bit.

Does it give you a blank (grey) screen?

I am really sorry. Sadly it is out of my control - the tool I use to make it, processing, requires Java 8 if you want to play it on windows. There is maybe the option to export to applets, I will look into it now!

Hi, I just want to say that it looks amazing, and the sounds are the greatest sound effects I have ever seen in any game, period. But I am not really sure where the theme is in it, maybe I missed something. I was really confused, maybe you could add some more in depth explanations either in the game or in the itch page?

I... well, I don't know what to do. For some reason it always happens to me with game jams. A couple hours or a day before the end I just feel like I have no idea where to go with the game. Right now I am looking for play testers, to polish the levels I have since I am struggling with making more levels, but its really hard to find play testers.

(1 edit)

Oh lol, I also made a stealth puzzle game.

Anyways, it looks really good and it is a really cool idea, but I think that if you could make vision cones for the guards it will really help. It is a bit hard to know whether you will be out of range or in danger.

EDIT: nvm, didn't see that you changed it. If you have time, maybe update the version?

Ok, so a couple quick things.

Firstly, I just want to say that it looks amazing! The music fits extremely well, the robot looks cool, it's extremely polished. I have some things that I think you should think about, but I don't want to sound negative, these are all (maybe other than the controls thing) not so significant and it's amazing that you made it in that short a time. I am a bit embarrassed that I shared my game now...

I feel like controlling the robot is a bit hard because the camera doesn't move around. Maybe a slight movement would help. Maybe it could move in a circle around the area to frame it. Because the game is all about moving quickly and precisely (correct me if I am wrong), it is important to allow the player to see himself clearly. I keep getting fired because of tapes I need to put in the last row. I can't see myself, can use the small gaps and it is a bit frustrating.

Also, can you put in a small screen of text that explains controls and stuff? It is a bit less important because it is in the web and you can see stuff below but I think that it might help some people understand. But it's not that big a deal.

Another thing is the rewind button. I just kept one hand for the movement and picking stuff up and one hand to constantly press it. I have recently seen a talk by a guy from vlambeer and he said something along the lines of - if you don't give the player a reason not to press a button, why have the button at all? Why not just have the game "press" it for him? I have no idea what you could do with that butI think it's worth thinking about it.

And one last thing: I don't know if you would like it, since it's a suggestion that will really impact how the game plays, but I think that you should allow the robot to hold 2 things. That adds some more depth to the game since you can strategise, taking two tapes from the same area and stuff. Maybe it could even have in impact on the way the rewind button works. I don't know. But I think you should think about it at

Hello, I am sorry if I am being annoying but I updated my exports and this time I tested them and it looks like they work. Mind giving it another try? 

Just started playing your game, here's mine: I'm in desperate need of play testing...