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That's a good idea but then you need to somehow check that it was backed up by feedback. And you can't make the dev check it first, since he will need to see the ratings. But maybe there is a way to do that.

Hi. I feel like the scores aren't really representative, mainly since I feel like many people use different scales, and of course many more things. I found some strange scores I'd like to point out:

  • Only Man and the Sea got 2.912 in originality, while it was one of the most original games I've seen, taking a classical book, and getting gameplay from it. The gameplay isn't mind-blowing but it is still an amazing game, and is beautiful.
  • My game: Twisty Chess got about 3.2 both in originality and design, and while you could say a lot of bad things about it, objectively it shouldn't get 3.2 in originality. If you have a reason why, explain to me in the topic.
  • Chess but Less got only 3.914 in design, despite having amazing puzzles.
  • Quatro got about 3.7 in originality, despite being, though not very un-obvious, a unique game.

And a lot more.

I have no idea how you could fix the voting system, but it is really, really skewed. 

About 4., I feel pretty bad about my rank and scores, and I think one of the reasons to that was that when I voted, I was in a mindset of, this was made in 48 hours, if I even enjoy it I will immediately give it 3.5+. Usually 4+.

And then I saw a stream where they (the streamers) played a game, and it looked really good and they had fun, and then they rated and gave a "solid 3" in all categories. I would have probably given:

Design: 4-5

Adherence to the Theme: 5

Originality: 2-3

And that's just not what most people do.

And now I do feel a little salty that people that made games with ONLY ONE BULLET or ONLY ONE BUTTON which was literally mentioned in Mark Brown's video, get higher originality than mine.

I have spent some time focusing on tweaking the main mechanic of my game and got 3 in design.

If I would have rated my game according to my standards I would have probably given myself:

Design: 4-5

Adherence to the Theme: 2-3

Originality: 4-5

And I think I am honest with myself.

I just feel stupid for playing and rating 118 games. Some have been in a rate 4 rate, and I've enjoyed many of them, but I have done that since I wanted feedback, but no-one had given me feedback about the main mechanic balance, or even anything else than "Make AI" "Make better UI" and things I already know (thanks for the feedback anyways, by the way). 

The comments painted a picture that was very different to real life. Most people said they enjoyed it.

But maybe they just rated according to a different scale.

And that's the real problem with the voting system. Because people didn't treat it as a basic question, does it adhere to the theme, etc., but other people did, and also some people just rated on a different scale, the ratings just mean nothing.

Took me some time to download your game, but now I can finally play it. The idea looks really interesting.

Reviving the thread a little bit.

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VERY IMPORTANT EDIT: I will soon go to sleep. I will be able to play the games posted in this thread and I will, but I won't be able to rate them, since when I wake up it will be after the end of the voting period. Of course it would be nice if you would still play my game.



The ratings are closing soon and I am really close to 100 ratings. I never thought I would have so many people play my game so early on. Thank you!

Anyways, it would be really nice to get to 100 ratings, especially since right now I have 91 and it's a really ugly number. Lol.

You can play my game here:

Comment here that you played it and I will play yours.


You deserve it :)

You can play my game here:

Off to play yours.

You can play my game here:

Oh, sorry, I didn't read it all :(.

5/5. I really like this game! The art is great, the music is great, and the movement feels really good. I haven't read The Old man And the Sea yet, haven't got to it yet.

I will say that the basic only one button is a little unoriginal, but then with the only one chance to catch the fish, and only one bait, it is very different from other games, and of course the whole game is very original.

I was confused at first, since for some reason I didn't read the description first. You could add in game explanations or also just add, in the beginning of the description, that it's very important and people will sea (get it?) it and read.

One of the best games of the jam!

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My game is 10 ratings away from 100. Let's help each other get there!

You can play my game here:

Off to play yours.

Oh, I will try right now.


I thought that allows for some interesting strategies, and decided to keep it.

Thanks for playing!

I'll take a look at yours right now.

You can play mine here:

Getting the error "undefined is not an object (evaluating 'GLctx.getParameter')"

I am getting the error "undefined is not an object (evaluating 'GLctx.getParameter')"

I will play yours 

You can play mine here:


It's inconsistent since it depends on how many moves were already taken, to make you lean towards more drastic changes towards the end of the game, though I may change it later. 

I have already implemented the better UI. I should have done so in the jam. 

Thanks for the feedback! 

Lol. Working on AI...

Lol. That's really cool :).

Hi! You can play mine:

Off to play yours.

Great game! I found a bug. I won and then lost. And also, I won with only 94% research. 

Anyways, great job. Do you know evolution, a game that blackthorn prod made for a ludum dare? It's kind of similar, but yours is much more strategic. 

I really like having to balance between making money and researching and unpolluting the planet. Though I feel like the garbage plant just let you focus on everything else, and took away from the game.

I will play yours right now.

You can play mine:

Oh. ok.

Thanks! It's on my to do list.

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You don't deserve 3 stars like they gave you in the stream.

Very interesting! 5 stars.

Hi! You can play mine:

Oh. Can't believe I missed that.

:(. I will check what I can do. It's a really strange problem. Most people have no problem.

Thanks! I'm working on it.

I will check your game tomorow. Thanks for playing my game! 

Thanks a lot! 

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Well, I should've really redone the whole switch screen, like I am doing for the better post-jam version I'm working on. But in that one you have a button to go back and change a different piece, as well as a button that postpones the switch in 1 turn.

Thanks for playing!

No problem at all. Thank you for asking for ratings since I got to play your game :). 

And about the grey screen, are you on macOS?