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A choose your "no" adventure
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Adherence to the Theme#794.5804.580

Ranked from 81 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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... no, good job, interesting game.


This game was fun and made me laugh out loud over and over.  It kept me engaged as I played.  A big part of this was the clever and humorous writing. The art work was quirky and complemented the theme...I really enjoyed the music and Nancy's  no became addictive and quite cathartic. It helped me release pent up  tensions from my day at work. I had fun exploring my options and was happy to have my to do list checked off. Loved it and would love to see a new episode of another day in retail with Nancy. 


Thanks salpet. If you follow our Itch page we'll be sure to announce any updates. :-)


This was so funny! Making this a full game may be tricky, but it would totally rock.
It soft-locked on me a few times, unfortunately (during the lunch and one of the prison endings). Still managed to get three endings. Really nice!
Check our game!

Thanks so much! We're considering how we might extend it. :-) Sorry to hear you hit bugs, they're all fixed now--we'll update after voting closes.

 I gave your game a whirl too, nice work!

Submitted (1 edit)

Nice, I'll activate notifications! And no problem about the bugs, stuff happens. 15/15
Hope you read my second non-joke reply on my game's comment section.


I did, yeah. :) The first "no" caught me off guard, haha.


Surreal but well made, definitely one of the best this jam~

Thanks Ran-chan, too kind! :-)


This was really fun! And i'm impressed by the amount of content you produced in 48h.

Loved the way you used your main mechanic. And you adapt the "no" duration to the longer of the text and the decision to make, it's cool!

I got killed by the cop the first time. Then the second run was... really fun and weird I guess?

I'm a bit curious: did you inspire from series characters? Some characters reminds me something (Morgan from Chuck?)


Really funny and it also keeps the player on their toes with the different questions. 


Negative Nancy has no'd her last no.




Clever narrative game. But i was testing by leaving the game run for without saying No, seem like it went infinite loop with the boss with doo do doo. Thought the same for police, but you get shots if you being AFK lol.

Good catch! That loop is there just in case someone plays the game and doesn't realize they can say no (A long shot yes, but you never know!)


if Albert Camus was alive and made a game with Trent Parker and Matt Stone.


"Should I walk behind you, Nancy?"


"How about in front of you you?"

"Hmm... No."

"What about beside you, as your friend?"


Great idea and hilarious to play. Kinda reminded me of Consuela from Family Guy :'D Top marks! :D

Thanks LordSandwich! We are humbled by your top marks!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Upvoted for the trailer alone.

Thanks Sleeper but... you gotta play to have a perfect day!


I loved the way it spirals out from what it seems like at the start then you bring it back in again. I really enjoyed the animation and style. It is a great, unique take on the concept well done!

Thanks n00begon! Glad you enjoyed the story!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Great style, animation, and sounds!  Really excellent!  Nah Oh oo~  Love the "no" Great job! 5 stars~


"Nah Oh oo~"

That might be the most accurate subtitle possible.


:) I was really sad when the first guy asked me if I was happy and I couldn't answer no.

Writer here.

I am immediately making that change, haha.


Lol. Thanks!


I loved it! This is probably the funniest game I've played out of every game in the jam so far. Props to the writer ;-)

I thought the art style suited the ridiculous plot. Kind of reminds me a bit of Job Simulator. Have you considered a VR Port? I think it would do well there.


Thanks Pyrecraft!

We hadn't considered VR, but that could be funny.

Maybe shaking your head could be a valid input...


I never thought saying no to everything would be this fun. I love how that guy comes in with a bloody toaster and asks for a refund. I didn't get killed by the police but the buildup was GAWDDAMN hilarious. I can totally imagine. I also like how sometimes spamming the no button isn't effective.

As others have mentioned, a skip button would be a great feature.

Great job for a 48h jam. I made a story based game in the extra credits jam but it was nowhere near as polished despite having a much more time to make it.

Hey B-Deshi!

Yeah, a skip / fast-forward feature is such a good idea, especially considering the fact we've got five endings and people might want to try to go for another. We've got one in a post-jam build, and it's a great quality-of-life improvement.

Story based stuff is a bit tricky in a jam setting, but luckily the whole team was on board to try it and one of our programmers was able to get all of the text parsing up really early, so the writer could just keep plugging in new content.

Thanks so much for taking the time to play it! 


Well that was unexpected. Charming, the art style is pleasant to look at. The story is comical. And I got wrecked. An enjoyable game, though -- nice entry :)

Sorry to hear you got wrecked bitDecay! That's the OPPOSITE of a perfect day!

Glad you had a good time in spite of that!


One of the most unique games I had the pleasure of playing this jam! Great writing and like the unique visuals! Definitely going to remember this one for awhile.

Glad you enjoyed it, H_Labs!


A lovely interactive story, I enjoyed it a lot (even though in the first play-through I managed to get killed by the cop, GAWDDAMN :D)


Glad you enjoyed it Andrew! Did we enjoy making it? You're GAWDDAMN right we did!


Wow, your game made me laugh so much! XD

And it's not just funny, it's super good looking too and definitely adherent to the theme. You're definitely getting a full score from me.

Whoa, thank-you so much Nui, that means a lot! So glad that you enjoyed it!

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