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Apologies to  new posters I won't be able to play your games before the deadline!

The games shared here so far have all been very good with few ratings so please give them a try! :)

Cool idea and nice build up in puzzles. I liked when there were multiple ways to solve levels. I did think some levels were too hard to do right, particular the start of the last level, and I couldn't work out level 7 and had to skip it. Nice original idea though :)

Very funny idea! I love how the chairs cling to the table, also the variety of chairs and wheel chairs were very funny. It might be interesting if you also had to balance items on your table :)

Rated and commented :)

I think it's a nice idea, and destroying blocks felt good, especially when it led to lines being filled. At times I felt like I didn't have enough control and had to play cautiously which wasn't as much fun. Maybe if you could have automated pushes to fill in the holes or targeted abilities to deal with stray columns, it would give the player more control. Overall an interesting take on clicker games :)

This is really excellent work! I think I'd buy this if you realised it. The art also reminded me of TumbleSeed, worth a look!

Thank you! We tried to follow as many of the GMTK design principles as we could, so we stuck with just the one mechanic and explored it as much as possible (within the time limit) and tried to make sure everything has a proper tutorial and build up. I'm glad you noticed! :D

Rated and commented, good job :)

Like the simple artwork :) I too found it too hard. I also thought maybe I could deflect bullets with the force wave. I think it needs some tweaking but overall good job! :)

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Rated and commented, very good work indeed :D Our's if you fancy playing:

Got to be one of the best and most original games I've played this jam, good work! I could say some of the levels were annoying but I think that's the idea :'D Top marks!

I liked the variety of potions and it felt great when I figured out the steps. Solid puzzle game :)

Have fun!

Extremely well designed! I'm guessing you probably test played and tweaked this a load of times as the enemies were always grouped in a way I could get a mad trick shot and feel like a badass axe gun space marine! Well done! :) 

Nice puzzle idea, it felt a lot like playing Bloxorz. I did find it really hard to tell where the 1 was if it got out of view. I think with some quality of life updates and more intricate puzzles this has potential :)

Thank you, watching it now! :D

Thanks! We didn't have time to get the control setup working and of course the tutorials would have to match :/ Glad you appreciated the voices like we did! Thanks for playing! :)

It felt like I had been exiled and dropped into a battle pit to fight for someone's amusement. Really liked the varied enemies and picking up the spear again added a strong element of planning and prevented endless kiting. If it had audio and some more juice to it would be amazing! :D

Thanks for that cat man! :D

Great idea and hilarious to play. Kinda reminded me of Consuela from Family Guy :'D Top marks! :D

Thank you I'll start looking now :D If we continue it I'm not sure using Unity's physics is the right option either. The joints are just so easy to break just by doing things like setting constant velocity. Also, I've played it solo so many times testing it I've gotten good at it :'D

Very satisfying to play! :P

The single best bullet game I've tried! Love the art and animations (especially the bullet :) ) Only complaint was that the bullet kept killing me at the start of the next waves, so wave 3 was the furthest I could get ':D

Very original and fun idea. Took a lot of coordination and I made loads of mistakes, but all in good fun! Top marks :D

I really like the idea of have one constant enemy which you train to defeat :) I found the gameplay quite hard though, especially dodging attacks. Best strategy I found for attacking was WASD to move and spamming the left/right arrow to attack, good fun :P

Rated and commented! :D

Nice work, must have been quite hard to make! Agree with the comments about not knowing when I could swap pieces. Don't want to be a backseat developer but have you thought about adding some other features to spice up tradition chess? For example, some of the floor tiles fall away or having power ups spawn on certain tiles! :D

Our character is two halves connected by a tail. The tail joints kept breaking so we had to increase the position calculations in Unity and devise a system to reduce the characters movement force the faster they go ':D

See how it turned out:

Sounds cool DragonHeart! Mine can be played alone or coop (coop is a bit easier if you work as one!)

Here's one for you: :)

Thank you! Much appreciated! :)

Here's one for you: :)

Thank you very muchly! :)

Thank you! We really appreciate it <3<3<3

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Playing it now. Here's our game: :)

Played this one when I saw it, very fun!

Quite an experience. I wrote a longish comment on the page :)

It felt like an actual desktop, good work. I also took the game more seriously because the single chance, I guess it felt like being trapped in a room :P

 I got free, but I'm not sure I did it right. Image 6 has the rooms in grey, and I entered the shapes in the order from top left to bottom right. I'm not sure if I would have come to the same solution using the other clues I collected, but now I'm free ':D

This will sound bad, but I didn't know Unravel had a coop sequel ':D I think I'll give it a play and see how it compares :)

Great game and original idea. I liked how the pedestrians looked a bit like the Joker from batman (to me at least) :'D