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Dragon Eyes

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I did a similar game for the GMTK Jam 2019 2 weeks ago.

Your twist on it is clean and good for a puzzle game. I decided to embrase the chaos of failing!

Thanks, you did understand pretty fast own to play :)

I released a fixed version, the turning animations are way faster and you can play with a controller. Still need to add sensibility slider for the camera.

... no, good job, interesting game.

It's a puzzle game after all I don't want to give all the solution right away figuring out is part of the fun! :)

I would have prefer using the box to do everything and not have a jump, but I'm not a fan of 2D platformer. Reminded me of Boxboy. Other wise good job, fun little game.

Missing some tutorial level to really grasp the mechanics.

Fun game but It would have been nice if each random level had at least 1 solution.

Simple and fun, the top down view really help but make the game a bit too simple maybe. Good Job.

Finally a battle royale that I can enjoyed :) Fun game but a bit easy.

Fun but I don't know if a 2d platformer is the best type of game to show you core mechanic. I'm also not a fan of 2d platformer so I might be bias.

Fun little game... sorry games. Good job.

When the jam rating is over I'll upload a fixed version.

Really nice, the sound was good, the smiley face  was awesome. Controls were surprisingly easy to use. Now do a VR version where you need to spin your arm like in wanted :) Really fun game Good job.

Good little game to make you think. :)


Thanks :)

Thanks I continue the idea for now. Let's see if I have enough time and motivation to do something with it :)

Simple, fun.

Hey good entry, it's rare to see a RTS in a 48h jam. I suggest you to add Nav Mesh Obstacle on building to help with the navigation of unit. I also suggest you to focus on less and polish more. I think a description info when you mouse over will help a lot. Keep it up it was fun.

Try this: and give me honest feedback so I can improve it :)

Try this: and give me honest feedback so I can improve it :)

Try this: and give me honest feedback so I can improve it :)

Try this: and give me honest feedback so I can improve it :)

Good job, my personal favorite for this jam. I like the visual, the gameplay everything fits.

Looks great, feels good when it works, but I don't feel totally in control with the keyboard control, maybe add the mouse to rotation or controller support. Overall fun experience.

Simple, funny and fun game. 

Feels good, simple and fun. Maybe continue the music where you died on restart, since you have only one song and dying over and over is a bit irritating when you listen to the same 3 secs of music. Or maybe not It forced me to get good to listen to more of the song :).

It's fun. I would like to be able to make my own way in the wood.

Mine: a bit rough on side but I can't upload the fixed version yet. I'm pretty sure you'll have fun!

I really like the idea of turning into a zombie. Fun game :)

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Yeah the controls are clearly better with a controller but I had none when doing the jam. Also I have a fixed version but can't upload it yet. Thanks for your time :)

The AK is clearly under power compared to the AWP but clearly it's accurate! The game felt good expect for the AK bullet being too slow. Good job I played over and over!

Really liked the concept. I played alone but I will replay it with a friend!

It was fun. More puzzle than RPG. I really liked. Was interesting to have different combat style/strategy for each battle.

Really nice and original. I'm glad I tried it :)

Feels good and fun. Game surprisingly easy to read even with everything happening and the single color.

Don't think the one screen was a great idea made the game a bit hard to read. The game was fun, the jump was a bit hard to do on controller. I really like everything about the Dragon.

Like the style and thanks for not resetting on fail, the game was not easy but fun.

Like the style, game is a bit hard at the beginning. Should have keep the music going since at first I was only listening the same 3 notes.