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Dragon Eyes

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Nice thank you! 

Add Checkpoints between levels and create an infinite one (wave base) will give more replayability. Don't really know what the score/numbers means and how they are relevant. I find the control missing a bit of accuracy. Don't know if you can play with controller or aim where the mouse is would improve. Add sounds

Thx I did the voice. You can try the post jam version I added more feedback and levels. I'm trying to update it at least weekly. 

Headshots give you a better score? and also you track it at the end. This is fun enough for me, also the head explosing is awesome who doesn't want to explose head :P

I had a similar idea back in the day, but more in puzzle style and with more dynamic lighting. Nice to see how it would play. It was fun. Good Job

Good job it's fun. I did 50 points I feel accomplish. I like the simplicity.

Simple and fun. Full of bugs but still playable. Good entry.

The legs just gave up. Still the Aesthetic is cool. I had fun. Would have benefit from a level design to make the game more challenging and give a sense of purpose to the player. Still good job.

I had fun. I was expecting nothing since you have no screen shot. Still I always like to move when fighting in FPS. I did something similar in my game :)

What did I just played? The mimic thing is not bad, maybe a puzzle would have been better. Not bad, I had fun.

I think the game have 2 divergent main feature, you need energy to move and shoot and it's also your life, but you need to go fast to beat the time. I think the better way would be to decrease life when not moving and regenerate it when moving. Still it's a good fast paced game. I had fun and had an S.

A bit hard to find controls and restart by pressing space. Gameplay is fun and simple. Good graphics. Good job!

Good job, nice concept. (credit at the end close too fast)

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My favorite! Good job!