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One Box is a short platformer where the player can spawn one box to use in your advantage.
Submitted by Nannings (@NanningsGames) — 8 hours, 53 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#4624.1524.152

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I would have prefer using the box to do everything and not have a jump, but I'm not a fan of 2D platformer. Reminded me of Boxboy. Other wise good job, fun little game.


Good job! Mechanics are introduced clearly and in a save environment and are then taken to the test in more complex scenarios that challenge both your creativity and your skill. Movement can be a bit tricky at times (especially the double and wall jumping), but as the result of 48 hours it's perfectly fine!

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Very nice design! Love the puzzles that this mechanic creates. Jumping up high with the box was incredibly satisfying.
I think you should be a little more forgiving with checkpoints in between puzzles. Personally, once I've finished a puzzle, I don't like to have to do it again if I die at the next one. I

The death sound is too loud, it needs to be turned down a little. :) Well done!


For some reason I wasn't able to stand on the boxes midair at first, thought that was intentional and couldn't make it past the four long laser beams. Luckily I saw your gif and that made me realise it was possible.

Overall the concept is really neat and I enjoyed my playthrough.


The controls were a bit unpolished, but it seems that time was allotted to making sure the main mechanic is fully realized and explored! Nice work


I gotta say that was a pretty original concept and you did a pretty good job of realizing it. The controls were a little stiff though, but other than that is was very fun!

This game is fantastic in many ways. The player is adorable and the animations are fun. The ambiance and sounds make it feel alive. The puzzles have an awesome difficulty curve and you teach the player what they can do without actually telling them anything!

Oh, and the checkpoint system was perfect!


Good game, nice use of theme.

Managed to glitch out of the top of the map and finish the game that way :o


I had fun playing this.

I didn't read the description before playing so I was pleasantly surprised to discover it on my own!

I was completely mindblown when I started spawning a box under me in the air to increase my jump height (like woah I can do that? that's awesome!)

Good job this is wonderful :D

Good start.  I often got caught on ledges or on the box for the wall jump mechanic, which caused me to lose momentum.  Also when spawning a box it throws off your momentum and makes it really hard to land on the box you spawned.  Nice work!


I can tell you've made puzzle games before. This is fantastic, the sound and gameplay is good, and there's quite a bit to play for a jam submission. I especially liked the part with the 3 or so lasers below you, with one up above. The laser above is enough to hint to the player that they're solving it the right way, while also adding challenge. I love it.


Really nice game! The character controlled really nicely, and the low gravity of the box made for a fun challenge. The theme sadly doesn't really come to bear. You never really fell like you would want more than one box. But great game none the less!


Only thing that i didn't like is friction of the box. But great game nonetheless.


Pretty fun and challenging. I think it has a lot of potential!


Great game! Player movement feels very smooth expect wall jumping. Great idea with one box.


that's a great little game! i really like the movement of the main character though it gets a bit jerky with the wall jump. i loved spawning the box and jumping off it and the music was great too! 


Sweet game! Nice simple premise that has a lot of uses and implementations. I hope you consider taking this further.


Nicely done! Featured and explained the core mechanics and movements of the game in the beginning is very good. Exploration of ideas "what are possible obstacles to tackle and solve with the core mechanic" afterwards also preeeeetty nice. Could see a potential starting prototype for a game with this one. Keep up the good work!

loved this! A great central mechanic that's been explored thoroughly. 

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