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Thanks! It was intentionally supposed to be a browser game but it just would not export correctly. In retrospect, fullscreen would definitely make the game significantly easier to handle.

I appreciate it! Balancing the game was difficult as I got pretty good at it in play testing and so could not gauge accurately how hard or easy to make things.

Thank you!

It does not. It's made in GameMaker and the only thing it asks is the permission to run.

The presentation is great and the traversal is pretty cool.

I spent way more time playing this than I should have! Definitely shows how loot boxes can be addicting.

I like the effort you put into making the game. The physical dice roll is definitely a very good addition as it allows the player to see the random number being generated.

Graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is simple and intuitive. I think that is the ideal game jam game. Randomly generated enemies and weapons are great and the idea can definitely be expanded upon. Overall very good!

I dig the vibe though I don't think I understood what to do. Still, it's neat. :)

This is a wish fulfillment fantasy! I too want to throw dice and ruin board games when I'm losing. Great presentation and very fun!

I'm a sucker for low res graphics so this game looked great! The camera controls were tough and I wish I had better control of the dice in the air but over all it's a very neat idea.

That was a really neat experience. Having the attacks be randomly unlocked as you go has potential to be very exciting and funny.

Thank you! The dices were implied in the stat rolls. I should have made them more apparent.

I must have missed that, thanks for the clarification. I'll make sure to follow all the rules in the next jam. I appreciate your feedback!

It's actually all cubes. To get the look of pyramids you just move veticies to overlap and to get the extruded look you put two cubes back to back. I can add the 3d model file as well.

That's a bug encountered on some monitors. Try the downloadable version!

Love the flow once you get into it!

I'm glad you liked it!

Amd thank you for playing and enjoying tje game!

It's always great to hear that the game had an impact!

It was my pleasure! Glad you enjoyed it all!

And your game is worth every minute!

Taco did a great stream! I'm happy you enjoyed the game!

Split is a neat idea!!

The monsters are scary!

Gliched and won.


Who knew chess was so hard?

Superslim Bottom Achievement!

The mechanic is super neat!

Always start with plan B!


Pane simulator - crash edition.

This was harder than I though, but very fun!

Feed the monster, down with Rome!

I played this way too long!

Love the giant worm!

Love shooting a plane for money!

Hot dog man was coool!