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Learn to fly a plane or crash trying
Submitted by Doseka (@Doseka_), Dweebnut (@dweeb_nut), W3, NueSB (@kybymyby), Zeldalover649 — 1 hour, 21 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
In the game, you control a plane that's about to crash, but the plane's controls are unknown until reading the manual. The scramble to learn how to pilot the plane before it crashes makes the player feel in an out of control situation.

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

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We created all audio during the game jam

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Looks brilliant, no idea how you managed to make it this good. I wish I had more time to read the manual before crashing into the ground as I found myself scan reading it and not actually appreciating what you wrote.


Looks fantastic but it might be a bit too pretty for it's own good! It's very hard to get a bearing on which way is up with the heavily abstracted horizon.

Also I think you start way too low, if you added another hundred metres on or so you would still have the time pressure but at least enough time to open the book.

Basically it's beautiful, a fun idea and very well executed. I just think it does everything it tries to a bit too much!


I like the art style, but I feel like it worked against the game. It made it really hard to tell when I was looking at the horizon, and without a level indicator on the dash, figuring out what way your facing is nearly impossible. The idea of having to consult the manual while in the middle of a crash is fascinating, but it falls down for me in practice. Since the manual never changes, it just meant that I had to read it in 5-10 second chunks with a "crash" in between each. Maybe making the core information (like how a plane works) available on the main menu and randomly-generated information (like control layout on the dash) in the in-game manual.

Also, is it just me, or does the plane feel... wrong. I'm not a pilot, but I do somewhat understand aerodynamics. It seems kind of like the plane constantly has air brakes on. Maybe it's that the throttle seems to do very little or that the plain starts out with too little speed and elevation to comfortably recover. I'm not sure, but it does feel odd to me.


Right off the bat I love the art style and theme of the game. I like that the page you are on in the instruction manual doesn't reset when the plane crashes, makes it much easier to refer back to.

Perfectly matches the theme of out of control. I can think of few situations more out of control then having to land a plane.

If you wanted to keep building, maybe explaining the backstory in the game could be better then in the description of the game.

Overall really fun game! Best of luck in the Jam and on future game dev projects.


Okay, presentation wise this game is on point! 5/5 for me.

And I really like the idea, having to learn how to safely land a plane on the fly (get it?).

However, there are a few things that don't quite work for me and that I would change.

1. The plane is too hard to control. I get that the player is supposed to feel like they are in way over their head. But it should still be managable to get a hold of the controls and actually land the damn thing within a few minutes of playing the game (like 15 Minutes, top). Or at least feel like you made any progress in learning the controls.

2. The game should pause when the manual is opened. When I started the game I, of course, didn't know what to do. So I opened up the manual, got to read for like 10 seconds and then the plane crashed, which closed the manual. I restarted and the same thing happened again, rinse and repeat. Thankfully I figured out, that you could restart the game without the manual closing. So I spend my first few minutes reading the manual while spamming R.

3. The manual is too long. I appreciate that you put some humor in the text but this just inflates the time you need to read it. Which would be even more problematic for players that didn't figure out the restart trick. Alternatively, if you want to keep the humor, make it more clear which parts of the text are fluff and which parts are actual instructions.

4. And this is a pretty small thing but something went a bit wrong with the scaling on the manual, some of the letters and sometimes whole lines were half missing.

This probably seems like I didn't enjoy the game, though I ensure you that's not the case!

I had fun reading the manual und fiddling around with the controls a bit to try to get into a somewhat stable flight or at least crash as spectacularly as I could.

I think this could be a cool and actual learning experience with more usable controls, so you are actually able to (at least on a basic level) learn how to fly a plane. And maybe with some other aircraft or even land-, water- or underwater-vehicles, too!


I had absolutely no clue what i was doing but that's what made it hilarious and fun. Definitely fit the theme and was a ton of fun!


I have no clue what I'm doing. 

Didn't manage to reach my destination, but it was fun trying, and reminded me of a few similar games with wonky controls, and I really loved the view out of the cockpit, I have absolutely no idea how you manage to move everything in tandem like this, but it really looks amazing, well done!


Yo I'm so bad at this but it's so cool 😭😭

Graphics are INCREDIBLE, seriously. You knocked it out of the park in the visuals department. I think it'd be really nice to be able to open the manual before the plane part starts happening just so you can familiarize yourself. Way too much reading to be able to do it in that short moment until you crash. That being said the reading was really fun, that's why I'd like more time with it 😀 Super original idea though and seriously the execution was fantastic. Great work!




I really enjoyed the 3D pixel graphics, they gave this game a super unique feel. Placing the player in control of an out of control plane moments before crash is a very clever idea, I really felt the panic. Good work!

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

So inspiring plane simulator! I liked it!

What did I like?
- Game mechanics.
- Game art.
- The tutorial, I liked it when it is in the book, and you can't read it until you are flying on air.
- The SFX.
- The background music.
What I didn't like?

Great work! Keep making games, and never give up!


I liked the graphics, but it was super difficult to tell where I was pointed. It would have been nice to get some more dials to show which direction I was pointed. I found it super difficult and out of control when trying to turn!


Pane simulator - crash edition.


Very nice game and art. Also the music was great!


This is an interesting concept, and I loved the art, music and sound effects! This felt really cohesive as a game, all the pieces fit together very nicely, there's some great teamwork behind the scenes! 

In terms of design; it seems that by continuously pressing R one's able to read the manual at their leisure, though figuring out that putting the thrusters and pulling the left control a bit buys you more time to read the manual was a nice piece of puzzle solving. The manual is hilarious! I love the little drawings on it. 

I liked how the controls work, it feels frenetic trying to get the plane to behave; if there's anything that felt a bit unfair, it was the speed apparently decreasing no matter what (eg couldn't be increased by going down then up). Everything else felt like going out of control as a consequence of what the player did, which was great!

What's most impressive is how there is a strong common vision going from design to art, UI to music, controls to writing; Great teamwork!


probably should make it such that you learn on the way rather than reading a manual


While the figuring out the controls and how the game works felt a bit frustrating, it was incredibly fun to actually fly the plane and see how far you could take it.


Such cool idea! I love it!


I loved the aesthetic of the game. The controls were suitably chaotic and difficult to manage, but it always felt fair. The fact that you can only read the manual while flying also adds to the difficulty. An overall great job.

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