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Hi all!

I'm a hobby game developer, and "apprentice mathemagician". I'm mostly into 2D gamedev with little to no frameworks, and don't really stick to a particular language (I've worked with AS3, C++, Python and more recently Scala). I like doing my own music, too.

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Lately I've been hearing a lot from gensokyo radio. I also enjoy long youtube mixes, especially of chiptunes and dnb .


I don't actually have any experience with Unity, but wouldn't Unity's WebGL option turn your code into javascript, not java? This page https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/webgl-building.htm... does seem to indicate that it is built to javascript (.js), which would make much more sense for a web-based project than java (.jar, .java) which is more used for desktop and android based projects.

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Hey there, I unfortunately don't have a functional gamepad with me, but I noticed a couple of typos in your page..

Edit: They have been addressed.

It does sound like a very good idea though : )

Thanks for the reminder against seizure inducing effects! It is very easy to forget about that.