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Could there be a built-in way to make ledges? So that we can let our heroes get the high ground.



Free Assets:

They work best when there's neither drop shadow nor glow, and when they're added behind other elements in the map. I might make more ledge tilesets later. In practice, drop a few of them and start duplicating them with CTRL+ALT so that you don't have to remove the drop shadow and move to the background every time. Start with corners, if any, to "get them on the grid".

LedgeX: normal ledge tile | LedgeX3: 3 consecutive normal ledge tiles | LedgeXCU: corner up | LedgeXCD: corner down | LedgeXER: end right | LedgeXEL: end left.

Ledge A:

Simplest ledge type I could think of.


Ledge B:

A tiny bit more complicated. The "cave wall" equivalent, for more rugged and natural terrain.


Ledge C:

Now with cracks!



Really interesting! Great choices of sound effects. I like the main idea; it's well implemented. It felt like keeping track of the chainsaws between swaps was a bit difficult to calibrate for the player, everything else worked really well with the swap mechanic. I liked the slime art, and there seems to be a strong common vision of the game, great teamwork!

Thanks! I did decide to spend a bit more time on the audio than in other parts (eg completely sacrificing any proper/good UI), I'm glad people enjoyed what came out of that! I also like channels such as 8-bit Music Theory, I'm very interested in audio for videogames. This was my first time using Tone js to make procedural music like this, though I did use some ideas I had for a side project I'm working on related to procedural music generation.

Interesting! I like what you do with the lighting, it's a really cool idea. I'm personally very biased towards music, so I'll always recommend adding some (there's many good ones in opengameart if making music isn't your thing); especially in games like this one where you're trying to add an interesting mood to the game. I liked how your own light makes walls look red like your nightmares; it's an interesting detail.

Thanks for your feedback! I've always had troubles adding menu screens, gameover screens and the like : / Good luck with the jam!

This was quite fun! I liked the various visual effects, they were nice touches. In terms of gameplay, my only complaint is the huge colored balls that sometimes move too fast to be able to avoid collisions. I liked how the various hazards could collide with each other, and I found the bullets affected by gravity quite interesting. It felt like the best way to regain control was to use it all up and wait for a wormhole; the green hexagons felt a bit rare and not refilling enough for the effort (one of them I used up more control trying to maneuver the spaceship to get it than it refilled). The audio chosen fit well with the game, and I was having lots of fun, great job!

I've just checked them out, the videos look amazing! I mean Toffee's dance really helps, but the whole thing looks really good, how'd you do that? "asking for a friend"

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the music!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I love all the juice and polish in this game! The particle effects, the soundwaves the mushrooms with guitars make, the headbanging of the purple ones, the screen shake... It all feels so nice!

Is it the one that's on a Möbius strip? For anyone interested, if you glue a disc to the (only) edge of a Möbius strip (used in chridd's One side, One jump), you get the real projective plane used in this game. You can't do so in 3D space without self intersections, but that's a minor detail.

Thanks for your feedback! While turning being slow has already been mentioned, it's really useful to know how many people found this an issue compared to other things, so thanks for that! Difficulty is a bit unbalanced, I think there's some difficulty spikes, level 4 is probably one.

Fun idea!

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So... I watched a bean_borg's stream before playing this, so I was aware of the spoiler going in. That being said... I really like that twist, and the idea of a game that is "out of control" in the way you do it, it really messes with the player's agency in an interesting way. In terms of feedback, I think the only complaint I had was that the cutscene was too silent; everything else fits really well with your core design. And hey, high five for having proc gen music in the jam! The music gives a nice unsettling mood, and the instrumentation fits the "inside the computer" theme like a glove.

Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, the chaos in the game is very situational at the moment.

I like the idea of the black hole having different moods!  I think the main issue is that, while the goal is very clear, the losing condition is not very well communicated to the player. The artwork, music and gameplay fit each other nicely, great teamwork!


I think I enjoyed the typing in this game. Unfortunately I also had problems with punctuation (I'm on a Spanish keyboard layout; though supporting different keyboards sound like a nightmare for gamedev, especially for a jam). 

The art was quite nice and the whole game felt flowing well, the sound of the keyboard was also quite good. I felt some levels might be a bit too long? Or I just type too slow. It might be interesting to see the sheet of what we wrote highlighted at the end of the level, I barely had time to look at it while in game. 

I unfortunately didn't feel the main "monkey makes problems" mechanic was fun to me, though I'm not sure how one could add challenge to a typing game without it becoming frustrating, and it might also depend on the player. 

I liked the premise, and the execution on the main idea is pretty good, the whole game also feels very cohesive; great teamwork!

Thanks so much! We really appreciate what we do, good luck with the games!

This game was hilarious! I loved it, it was so much fun! I really liked the upgrades between levels, gave it some nice replayability. The fact it's based on a true story made it even more funny. The game controls nicely, and the sheep becoming out of control is a really good challenge. Loved the sound design, the different pitches of baaahs really helped giving a chaotic feeling. The art is really cute. Great job!

Oh wow, the game felt so cohesive that I didn't realize it was made by a team; great teamwork!

I had a lot of fun, and the premise of the game interestingly lowers the expectations of the player's results in a good way; in most games we expect to "get good" the more we play, here instead it's like we're just trying (and often failing miserably) to make everyone's day better. It's an unexpected experience. I think the various emotions are very well expressed to the player, possibly except for the green one, which I was unsure if it was "disgusted" or "extremely happy"... since both emotions could be associated to green and sticking the tongue out. The music chosen is lovely, and the simplified graphics are great at distilling the complexity of trying to make others happy. I really liked your take on the theme, great job!

This feels like an intro chapter to a great "point and click"-style game! The art and the walking animation are great, and this snippet works well without problem. It feels a bit too short in terms of story/content, but that's the kind of thing that is hard to do much of with so little time, especially when a lot of time is needed getting the basics working in a game like this. I think choosing some music for this game (eg in opengameart) to complement the art might've helped set the mood even more, though I'm personally biased towards music. The art and gameplay fit well together, great teamwork!

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I like the ambition in this one, though it feels the jam's very short time might not have been enough for what you had in mind? I had a few bugs (possibly related to my computer), such as no sounds, and some later levels seemed to have, eg enemies shooting from outside the arena, or the player being left in a previous room? I really liked the art, and liked all the different attacks! I wasn't sure what each did, but they looked interesting. I'm listening to the music mentioned in the credits, and I think it would fit your game very well. The main mechanic is well implemented, I like how the demonic form goes towards enemies and then attack them! The first rooms play very well and have interesting designs, and the game seems to have a cohesive vision in its art, design and gameplay, great teamwork!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the audio! I was trying various things here, one of those being an idea about semi-procedural music generation I've been thinking of. I'm quite happy how it ended up sounding!

Such a fun puzzle game! Really liked it. I thought maybe having trails for where the skeleton was last might be interesting, a bit like in Mario Maker? And there is a level where there's a sneaky jump at the very end, it appeared off the staff for me... I really liked how clear the art was, and the music chosen was really good to keep me in the puzzle-solving trance. On top of that, the main mechanic is a strong one and an interesting take on the theme, and the levels are really well designed. Great job!

Thanks for the feedback! The idea was that every bullet would split into two, and those two would split into two and so on... For technical reasons that's no longer the case; there's only two generations of bullets (the bullets that have split won't generate more bullets). The bounces increase in intensity the more you're hit, so it's ok if you just use that to survive the end of the level, but it's a dangerous game to play at other times.

Thanks for your feedback! Yep... I tried to make the levels feel different with the audio/graphics... but it's literally just reskins. I think I mainly wanted to give a feeling of progression instead of it becoming too monotone?

Thanks for your feedback! That should probably be better explained; you die when you're moving too fast, getting hit removes the effective max speed and drag for a while, so it's easier to die then (Though it is theoretically possible to die without getting hit).

Really fun game! Great selection of music and art, the game felt very peaceful, and while it did feel out of control, it didn't feel so in a frustrating way; it felt much more like flowing with the wind.

Really fun! The way the controls change in this game make it really fun instead of frustrating; by how well communicated it is to the player (with the countdown, the massive signal on the top left corner, and the reminder of the current controls in the bottom left corner), and how gradual it is (one by one, instead of all of them in one go). The various minigames complement each other very nicely; some requiring mostly horizontal or vertical movement, to allow the player to make sure they get the controls right, at least for a bit! There's just so much good design here, and I really liked the art and the music, great job!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the game! In retrospective, the rotation should've been much faster, at the moment it is the same as the movement up/down/sideways, if we think of those as rotations of the sphere... which makes the rotation feel much slower compared to the movement.

I really liked the animations and the art, and the music chosen was quite fun. Personally quick time events are not my "cup of tea", so I'm not sure I can give too much feedback on the gameplay, other than say that the game mechanics were well communicated to the player, in my opinion, and the controls felt responsive. The art and gameplay fit well with each other, great teamwork!

Thanks for that! I always think that the different parts of a game "multiply together" if they fit well with each other. This is easier to do as a solo dev, in my opinion; it's impressive when teams manage to pull it off!

This is an interesting concept, and I loved the art, music and sound effects! This felt really cohesive as a game, all the pieces fit together very nicely, there's some great teamwork behind the scenes! 

In terms of design; it seems that by continuously pressing R one's able to read the manual at their leisure, though figuring out that putting the thrusters and pulling the left control a bit buys you more time to read the manual was a nice piece of puzzle solving. The manual is hilarious! I love the little drawings on it. 

I liked how the controls work, it feels frenetic trying to get the plane to behave; if there's anything that felt a bit unfair, it was the speed apparently decreasing no matter what (eg couldn't be increased by going down then up). Everything else felt like going out of control as a consequence of what the player did, which was great!

What's most impressive is how there is a strong common vision going from design to art, UI to music, controls to writing; Great teamwork!

Thanks! A couple of jams ago someone complained about the lack of sfx, since then I've been trying to incorporate the sfx into the music, given that that's what I like the most. This time I incorporated ideas I've been having about procedural music generation!

I love the art and the music! There's so much of it and of really good quality, it's impressive how much you managed to do in such a short amount of time. My impression is that visual cues are harder than audio cues when it comes to rhythmic things, I think if the jump was synced with the music, or given an anticipatory beat, it might have felt more natural to play. I really liked the level design, it was on the harder side for me since the first world (I reached until around halfway through the third world), but all the mechanics kept each new world fresh, and all levels were exciting. Great work!

I'll try to get a look at it tomorrow. I've been trying to review every game of the ones who've left a comment here, though I haven't been able to run a couple of them.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I just noticed your profile pic is the main character of your game, it's a very cute sprite!