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Please add any feature requests here!

There's a lot of features I would like to add to this tool. While I will be working on other projects, I will come back to this tool every now and then to add new tools and features; I'd appreciate if you let me know which features you'd be most interested in.

Some of the ideas for tools I have in mind are one for visualizing complex functions, one for visualizing 3D surfaces of the form f(x,y,z) = 0, and one for drawing fractals. Some of the ideas for additional features I have is a way to save gifs.

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Did you find any bugs? Please report them in this thread!

Known issues

  • Windows: This tool has not yet been tested in Windows, but it runs on wine, so it should work. Let me know if it doesn't, or if you do manage to make it run on Windows!
  • Experimental Mac: I am not yet enrolled in Apple's Developer Program, but this might change in the future. This means that Gatekeeper will try to stop you from running this tool, but I understand there's ways to run it anyway. It has been tested successfully on Mac, but let me know if you run into any other issues.
  • "Show mouse position" does not work for all functions: Unlike the colors, which are computed in the shader, Show mouse position evaluates the formula in GDScript, which has most of the shader functions implemented but not all of them; it should not crash the application, but it won't show the value at mouse position when your formula involves these functions. Known functions to cause issues: mod(x, 2.0), atan(y, x) (do let me know if you run into more!)

Fun to play, and I like the premise! The crunchy sfx are a joy, and the artstyle is very visually clear. It's fun to try the different weapons.

Interesting concept! It's interesting to see it all go from more or less trivial to "you'd better have lots of cash to load the dice!"

I like the rolling animation! It might be interesting if there were a way to add points, like if each time you reroll you could keep the previous score; but you can only keep up to 3 scores, so you have to choose whether to keep this one or pass?

So that music is a banger, I really liked it! The game concept is fantastic, and the 3D models are great. If I had one bit of feedback to give, while placing your team, it's not always easy to see what the enemy team is made of due to trees blocking visibility. Great teamwork!

This is pretty cool! I'm impressed with how much there is, and I especially like the animations, just the idle animations alone make this game come alive!

My only concern would be the difficulty of the game, but this can often be mitigated the more you play and learn the best strategies.

The dice upgrades is a really cool concept! The tooltips on enemies is a nice addition, tooltips on dice might've been nice too, though there's only so much we can do with such a short amount of time.

After playing a bit more with it, I think the controls can be worked with and it's fun to drive, however you do need to start decelerating before a turn. That's why some way for the player to know about the upcoming turns would be quite useful, could be a bit of UI or just a more zoomed out camera. The idea of trying to stay close to the yellow car to get the most score is a quite interesting take on the theme, and changes  the goal from being the fastest to joining together with another car, I like it!

The controls are easy to understand in theory, but hard to work with in practice. One of the main issues is with letting it stretch beyond the maximum you allow, which means it is unclear what the maximum is, and makes it hard to figure out how much exactly you're pulling. Another of the issues is that parabolic trajectories aren't always super intuitive, which is why many games that use them have (partial) predicted trajectories. A way to quickly restart a level would've been a nice addition, since screwing up one arc means it might be best to restart the level.

That being said, the feeling of the jumps is great and the graphics are nice. There's some nice polish and the levels are interesting, it's really good for something done in 48 hours!

Amazing art, cunning design and flawless execution, but it is held back quite a lot by the lack of audio. A good choice of soundtrack (even from somewhere like opengameart) can make replaying it over and over more fun, and crunchy SFX can make the slaying of foes all the more rewarding. Still, it's really impressive what you managed to do in just 48 hours, it's really polished.

The driving and the swinging feels great, and the game's quite fun! The camera is always lagging slightly behind the player, which means it's hard to see where the car's headed; in particular if you're going straight towards an enemy.

Audio is not all about music, SFX are also quite important and can greatly enhance a game. You can find SFX sound banks with unrestrictive licenses online, or generate them with a tool like sfxr.

As for music, it's fun to learn how to make your own, but if that's not your cup of tea, you can find music for your games in places like opengameart; just be sure to read the licenses and credit the authors appropriately. Choosing a good background music can make the graphics and the audio come together to make a great atmosphere, this game for example could probably use a catchy chiptune soundtrack, with crunchy sfx.

It's really fun and the levels are quite cool and make great use of the main mechanic. Having to go into the dream realm is the stuff of nightmares : D Some additional SFX would've been nice, especially on collecting gems to give them an extra oomph. 

I liked the music! Some SFX would've been a nice addition, to know if your bullets are hitting the enemy while focusing on blocking the enemy's bullets. The gameplay is fun, though a bit hard to control. And you can get the enemy to negative HP? I liked the part near the start where there's some cool terrain, more of that could've been quite fun.

I like the level design and the different wall types, they add a nice variety and the levels they are presented in are good "silent tutorials". Audio would've been nice, but that's just me really liking audio. The areas you can click to link the blob with an anchor where a bit too small for my tastes, there were too many times I just clicked slightly to the side and in a game where timing is so important I think "when" instead of "where" you click should be the more difficult part. A restart button in the keyboard would've been nice, since there's a lot of manual restarting to do. I really liked the levels and the concept, there's a surprisingly broad variety on display.

I'd like to mainly give feedback on the audio. The game's music is great at setting the atmosphere, and really complements the art and light choices to make a cool atmosphere. The shooting SFX is really nice, but possibly a bit too loud. Some more SFX would've been greatly appreciated, especially ones for getting hurt since otherwise it's hard to tell when you've lost a heart. Overall, it's a quite impressive combination of art and programming for 48 hours, great work!

I like the level and the abilities that the ghosts grant you; this is effectively a mini-metroidvania which is hard to pull off in such a short time! I think what I felt was missing most was some SFX for the spikes in particular; it is hard to get the timing right with just visual information─SFX more in general would've been a great addition. I liked the art and the music. It's not easy to work as a team and maintain a cohesive vision, which you've managed to do to great effect, well done!

The animations are cute and lovely! I think some audio would've been a great addition, but that's just me really liking audio. The levels are more interesting than I thought they'd be, the moving platforms add a lot of nice complexity to the puzzles.

This is quite fun! I really like the chanting SFX.

Really cool concept! It felt a bit unfair that you could fail after succeeding; the atoms are quite uncontrollable after they're split. I liked the laser SFX!

Ah, this brings back good memories. A fun part of playing with building blocks is seeing what you're about to pick, maybe having previews of the blocks you're picking, or have a bunch of random blocks in a "block box" in the lower part of the screen, could be a nice addition. This is well implemented and the SFX are a nice touch.

This is really good! The main mechanic is well polished, and there's tons of level variety with the three enemy types you introduce. If anything, maybe the enemy's shooting SFX was too quiet? It might've helped dodge those arrows. Some way of climbing when you're "left hanging" could've also been a nice feature, though the game feels complete as it is right now. It's pretty amazing it was all done in 48 hours!

Quite fun puzzles! I really like the SFX too, and the atmosphere is nice. I would've liked a faster way to push block in a long line, or puzzles where moving a lot of things wasn't required. There was a surprisingly good variety of puzzles based on very simple mechanics. Great work!

That sets up a terrifying atmosphere pretty well. Especially with the follower's SFX. Some of the levels can be done by hugging walls instead of calling the follower, maybe a few more puzzles with the follower as a power source could be interesting. I liked it!

Ohh I love when you mess with space in games (unfortunately this year I stuck to regular euclidean space). Audio would be nice, but that's just because I like audio. I really like the way you combined the theme with the cut and joined space, and the puzzles with changing orientation and size were really cool!

Keep in mind Linux is more like a family of OSs than a single one, so some things might work in one and not another. Wine allows us to try to run Windows apps, but doesn't always work, and not everyone is comfortable in using it.

It's pretty great! I really like how the splitting and remerging feels. Sometimes slimes would get stuck on walls, and it's a bit hard to control them at times, but overall it's a great experience.

This was tons of fun to play. Really hectic, trying to juggle both the little guy and the turret. The music is a blast, I love it. 

I like the art! It is really nice to see the town light up little by little. The game's main mechanic is intuitive, and the game's nice and relaxing. Great work!

This is a lot of fun! I really like the snapping of the cables, it just feels great. The voice acting is a really nice cherry on top.

Interesting mechanics, though at one point there was a bug where the rope "broke". I like the take on the theme, and was able to play on Linux with wine.

That's quite a fun concept! There were some performance issues in my computer; getting the tooltips wasn't as reliable, maybe having a table with all the symbols could be useful?

Short and sweet, I like the focus on quality over quantity; these are some really well designed levels with quite high intensity. The main mechanics are well developed and well communicated. Great work!

This was quite a fun puzzle game! I would briefly mention the game mechanics during the game, but once I read them in the website it's quite intuitive and really fun to get into.

I really like the feeling of shooting the arrow, the sound effects and the arrow's flight are a joy to use. The art is really charming too. It's unfortunate you run out of time : (

This has some really clever puzzles! There's a lot of good variety between more things about being fast and things about finding the solution. My only complaint would be to let robots get outside of the teleporter if you need them to press a button that is close to the teleporter.

There's some really fun puzzles here! The game mechanics are really intuitive due to the character design. The rise in intensity in the music when something is wrong with the thief was a really nice touch.

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It's such a fun game! Just getting your rats to eat all the corn is so satisfying. What did the village do to this girl to require such revenge?? The whole art and music is so wholesome until the horn appears and you destroy people's livelihoods. It's lovely. Also, thanks a bunch for the Linux build!

There's some really cool level design here, but the camera has a few issues; in the start of the third level, the doorway you have to go through is hidden behind the circular tower, so on my first playthrough I didn't see how to continue. The initial cutscene is pretty cool.