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Thanks for your replies.

I was wondering too if there was any indication of the browser used. I'll be designing specifically with Chrome and Firefox in mind, with a high likelihood of it not working in IE. If that's any problem... then oh well. It would be great to know which browser will be used in any case, or if there is any flexibility on which browser is used.

Saludos desde el Reino Unido,

I'm Esteban, and currently a university student (Mathematics). I'm originally from Querétaro (Mexico), but... let's leave it at "we've been nomads for the last fifteen years". I'm very keen on Maths, and have a hobby of gamedev that I have unfortunately not been able to keep at university (my last game jams where before that). I wanted to do something this Easter, and this sounds like a fun challenge : )

I'll be honest though, I didn't know we had a center of digital culture, and was pleasantly surprised to learn about that!

I go by Agecaf as a game developer, my strengths lie in tying the audio with the gameplay, and I always try to put in some math inside the games. I participated in a couple of Ludum Dares a few years ago, as well as a Nitrome Jam.

Nos vemos,


Buenos días,

I'd love to know a bit more on the details around the screen...

  • What are the dimensions of the screen, room, and the distance (or expected distance) of the player from the screen? Knowing this could help some of us attempt to use visual illusions.
  • Will there be sound available? Depending on this we could try to craft audiovisual or purely visual experiences.
  • How are the physical controls? I'm thinking of using the arrow keys, but I'd only be using two of them, which could allow me to use the other two for a second player. That would depend on whether having two players share controls would be cumbersome or not.


Hi all!

I'm a hobby game developer, and "apprentice mathemagician". I'm mostly into 2D gamedev with little to no frameworks, and don't really stick to a particular language (I've worked with AS3, C++, Python and more recently Scala). I like doing my own music, too.

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Lately I've been hearing a lot from gensokyo radio. I also enjoy long youtube mixes, especially of chiptunes and dnb .


I don't actually have any experience with Unity, but wouldn't Unity's WebGL option turn your code into javascript, not java? This page does seem to indicate that it is built to javascript (.js), which would make much more sense for a web-based project than java (.jar, .java) which is more used for desktop and android based projects.

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Hey there, I unfortunately don't have a functional gamepad with me, but I noticed a couple of typos in your page..

Edit: They have been addressed.

It does sound like a very good idea though : )

Thanks for the reminder against seizure inducing effects! It is very easy to forget about that.