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Good controls! The rounded shape of the ground looks nice! I liked how the ground's colour change from time to time! 



  • Add audio -- That would make the game feel alive
  • Possibly, replace the enemies that are on the HUD with colours that have a number on top of them -- That would be good because the enemies that are on the HUD aren't the ones that get spawned; that made the game confusing
  • Destroy bullets when they touch the wall -- Bullet takes a long time to get destroyed when it collides with the wall isn't so good


  • Add a tutorial -- I didn't know what to do at first 
  • Maybe, make the enemies interact with each other - for example, the red enemies destroy the blues once, but they don't interact with red enemies 
  • When I change the colour, change the colour of the bullets too 

Good visuals! I liked the mechanic of only controlling jumping; I liked the tap on-screen or press space to jump feature!


  • Add a score/high score system -- The score shows me how good am I doing; the high score makes me play more and try to beat my highest score
  • Add music and possibly SFX -- That makes the game feel a lot polished, especially when choosing good once
  • Maybe, decrease the flame size or increase the match size -- That makes the player look balanced

The game is quite engaging! The voice-over is a good combination with the text that tells you what to click! Good visuals! I think my high score is 17!


  • Increase the difficulty gradually -- That would be good because the player will get used to the controls; that wouldn't make them feel bad for not doing good from the beginning! 
  • Display high score -- That makes the players try to beat their highest score 
  • When a player presses "Restart", reload the level -- Pressing "Restart" loads the main menu isn't so good

I enjoyed the gameplay! The tutorial was quite good! The countdown timer was a nice touch! 

My high score is 11900! 


  • Something unusual I heard in the main menu "Ping" sound! Not sure if it's mean; I am sure that my Discord was not open!



  • Decrease the bloom a bit -- my eyes don't feel good when seeing/looking at too much bloom
  • Maybe, when "You Died" shows up, mute the music, and when the player presses "Again?" unmute it -- I think it is better than restarting the music whenever the player reloads the game
  • Use only one font family or something alike (e.g. two quite similar fonts) and stick with it -- Using many different types of fonts isn't so good, e.g. using both non-serif font and pixel font 

Hello there, again! 

  • Do you see a black screen in both the editor and the standalone? Or the black screen shows up only on the standalone build of the game?
  • Does the splash-screen play on the standalone version of the game (If it's enabled)? 
  • Are you using Windows 10?
  • Did you try building the game for WebGL? (If no, try so!)

I apologise for the late reply! 

The first minimalist game jam was so likeable/engaging, and many people enjoyed participating in it! So, there might be a second one next year! 

Hello there!

Are you using a game engine or framework? What game engine/framework are you using? What are you trying to build your game for (E.g. Windows x86)?

Nice "first devlog"! 

I am back, after quite a long time! ;)

Good game; it has a lot of potential! I liked it!


  • Pleasant and clean UI
  • I liked the graphics, and the colour pallet
  • Decent design
  • Admirable and relaxing music
  • Good mechanics 


  • I suggest making a typewriter effect for the story/text that shows up when the game loads.
    • Also, to make the background untransparent.
  • Maybe, show the story only once, i.e. only at the start of the game.
  • Maybe, when "Game Over" displays, hide the HUD.
  • Maybe, move the "Game Paused" text to the centre.
  • Mayhap, when I click "Restart" the game, restart the game! I.e. don't load the main menu.
  • Maybe, resize the background of the "Controls" pop-up.


  • Possibly, auto-generate the spot of the winning point.
  • Possibly, let the player that's on the game take the long way to the winning point, while the player that plays the game tries to find the shortest route to reach the end of the maze. 
  • If you implemented the previous suggestion, possibly get rid of the timer that's on the game. And instead, add a countdown timer. 
  • Maybe, instead of randomly generated levels, add/design, for example, six stages that you need to complete to win the game. (That would be a good combination with the previous two suggestions!)
    • If implemented that, maybe add a level selector. E.g. to the main menu if you made one.
    • If you did that, possibly, when I finish a level, display "Level Complete" or something, and display on it my best time and current time, i.e. how long did I spend to finish the level the last time. Same thing if you have a count down timer.
    • If you did that, you had a countdown timer, and the timer ends before the player reaches the end of the maze, possibly, display "You Lost".
      • If you displayed that, maybe, add on it "Try Again" or something, and a "Menu" button.
  • Maybe, add a main menu.
    • If you did that, possibly, display the story until the player presses "Start". 
    • Maybe, include on it a "Start", "Exit", and an "Info" button.
      • The "Info" button opens the "Info" menu you might include on that "Credits", "Controls", and a short info.


I think that the countdown timer would make the game more fun than now! 


I hope that was helpful, even if a tiny bit!

Lol, I forgot myself writing that! :D

No worries!

Thank you for your feedback!

Only the death hitboxes seem a bit weird to me. Sometimes I could stand on top of the spikes

There is a life count on the HUD, i.e. when you stood on the top of the spikes, you didn't die, but your life/hearts decreased! I know the game misses some feedback when you collide with the spikes!

Nice! Thank you for the feedback!

Glad to hear that! Thank you for your feedback and the kind words!

 There was an SFX that played when wasted comes up.

I didn't hear it!

 I guess I should've worked the volume better.


Thanks for the good feedback!

No problem!

I liked the music, SFX! Nice and clean looking UI! I enjoyed the gameplay and mechanics of the game!


  • The text that's on on "How to play" was outside/outside of its background a bit 


  • I would like to hear an SFX plays when "Wasted" shows up
  • Maybe, increase SFX's volume and decrease music's loudness a bit

Good mechanics and level design!


  • Moving left and right felt off


  • The game needs some optimisation!
  • Can not exit "Credits"


  • Maybe, play a particle effect or something when the player dies
  • Maybe, increase the speed of the player a bit 

I liked the visuals, so adorable! Good level design! I savoured the mechanics of the game!


The game needs some optimisation! 

Cool SFX and idea/concept! I enjoyed the gameplay; I liked the mechanics of the game!


  • The texts that show up when you click the "Help" button were a bit difficult to read for me - Also, the info text that's on the main menu!


  • Maybe, increase music's volume a bit?
  • Maybe, make the button that mutes and unmute the music, does that for the SFX too!
  • Possibly, make a separate menu on the main menu that contains information about the game (Credits, controls and so on)

Likeable music & SFX; unique concept! I liked the mechanics and the gameplay of the game!

The player is moving fast, i.e. even on the slow speed mode!

Maybe, change the colours of the game a bit more slower?

Glad to hear that! Nope there is no cooldown for jumping!

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yeah I noticed the life thing right after replying I felt kinda dumb, but maye you can add a little camera shake and make the square go red for a slight seecond idk

No worries! Thank you for your feedback!

im not a game dev I'm just saying stuff that can hel someone notice but yeah is a cool game with a cool concept

No worries! Nice!

Nice! Thank you! :D The player didn't die, but its life/hearts decreased! It seems like you haven't noticed/see the life's count that's on the HUD!

Also, I know the game is missing some feedback when you touch the spikes to recognise that you got hurt - Thank you for your feedback!

Hello, there! May I ask you, can you give me more details about the camera issue, so it would be more straightforward to fix? 

  • Did you got that issue only with a/one room you entered? Or you had that issue with various rooms?
  • What room(s) did you enter, and you had for that issue? 
  • Where the camera went when you had that issue? Did the camera went to the first room, "Room L1"?
  • Did the player showed up again after a while? Or did you restart/reset the game?

Nice, thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for your feedback! I might check it out

Nice! Thank you for the positive feedback!

Glad to hear that! Thank you for your positive feedback!

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It's choose your adventure type of platformer!

Made for the GeoJamthe theme was The Other Side.

Play it here:

Thank you for your feedback! :)

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This game seems intriguing! I might check it out when I have time!

This game seems cool! I might check it out when I have time!

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Good game!  

Here is my feedback:

What did I like?

  • The gameplay and the mechanics of the game.
  • The music and SFX. 
  • Good usage of the theme.

What did I dislike?

  • The camera follows you whenever you do something. That made me feel vertiginous, i.e. that's frightful.
  • There is too much text on the about menu (tutorial) and the shop. 
  • The graphics look ominous.
  • The difficulty of the levels is imbalanced.

To Fix

  • There are more than three colours on the game.
  • Collecting coins doesn't increase your wallet.  


  • Decrease the volume of the music.
  • Add level selector.
  • Display the number of the current level and the total stages of the game.
  • Add the ability to go to the main menu by pressing "Esc" or something.
  • Keep the text short of the shop and the about menu/tutorial. E.g. Instead of "Use the A and D...", write something like, "A/D -> Move left or right", and the same thing for the others. Keep them short.  

Good game! 

Here is my feedback:

What did I like?

  • The mechanics.
  • UI/UX design. (it's good, but it needs improvements.)

What did I dislike?

  • You die almost spontaneously if an enemy touches you.
  • The gameplay. It wasn't fun (at least for me).
  • The game is unpolished. 

To Fix

  • The Collectables decrease your ammo, but they add power-ups/increase other abilities. That wasn't clear at first. 
  • Collectables are imbalanced. Sometimes, they decrease a lot of ammo and increase other abilities by a tiny amount.
  • You die, "You Died" displays, you click try again, main menu loads. That's not good.
  • The in-game' texts aren't readable on a white surface. [1]  


  • Add a health system.
  • Add SFX. And possibly add music.



I didn't work on the tutorial of the game because I had no time to do so, i.e. I was hastening up with other stuff, e.g. level design and the UI. No worries! There would be one on the upcoming update! 

Thanks for the suggestion!

Glad to hear that! Thank you!

I had fun playing it! Level 6 is frustrating. I tried speed running to beat it, and I did beat it!

Here is my feedback:

What Did I Like?

  • I liked the mechanics and the gameplay of the game.
  • Nice level design.
  • UI/UX design good! (Excluding the "You Win" screen, you messed it up a bit here!)

What Did I Dislike?

  • Not a good colour combination.
  • Falling, game over displays, you click retry, and then level selector shows up. That's not good.
  • Level 5 and 6's difficulty is imbalanced.

To Fix

  • You can't jump from the corners. This issue made the game frustrating.
  • You can't switch to full screen on the web version of the game, while there is a full-screen button.
  • A bug! I was going to show you why the "You Win" screen isn't good, I opened the screenshot app, and somehow the tools' name went away! {1]


  • Add the ability to move with the arrow keys.
  • Automatically reload the game when losing.
  • Make a delay of 1 sec or so before displaying "You Died".
  • Make level selector buttons could be pushed down (like the others).
  • Add a timer that shows how long did I spend to finish the level.
  • Show the level selector only ones I press "Play" to start the game.


Thank you for the feedback!

Very challenging! I got stuck/stopped playing somewhere. xD

Here is my feedback:

What did I like? 

  • The mechanics of the game.
  • I liked the graphics.
  • Excellent usage of the theme and the restrictions.

What did I dislike?

  •  There's nothing that shows me at what level am I.


  • Add a score system.
  • Add music.
  • Increase players' speed when I press shift.
  • Display the number of the current level and the total stages of the game.
  • Change the colours of the game on every level.
  • Whenever I finish a level. Display "Level Complete" or something.