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Snake with a (literal) twist.
Submitted by LukasWho — 2 days, 1 hour before the deadline
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You took snake, and made it your own!

Well done chapapap!!


Even though, at it's core, it is still basically Snake, I still like how you put your on unique twist (unintentional pun) on it, and executed it very well. I honestly don't really have any complaints, but if I were to give a suggestion, it would be to make it easier to tell which side a pellet is on because it can sometimes be hard to tell (especially on insane mode). But, I do really like how you added the option to change the speeds, and, on insane mode, my highscore is 13. Overall, this game does what it wants to do and does it well, so great job!


Thanks for the feedback! Completely agree with the color thing (and I guess it's a little ironic I complained about the colors in your game, considering that), and fixing it is definitely on my to-do list. Also, 13 on Insane is pretty impressive, congratulations!


This is the first time I saw something like this, you made snake game a lot more creative and fun 10/10 for creativeness the sound is also 10/10 nothing complain about the game its amazing and i love it Keep it up.

And yeh my highest score is 8 on Easy level, you can say i am noob, i tried but yehh, i am noob, Love the game

I request you to check my First Game Jam game also and give you honest opinion on that.



Great concept and a great visual representation of a mobius strip, the audio fits well and the game plays out pretty smooth. Just a thought I had during the game: Is there a way to know when a point is on the other side of the mobius strip? Since they look the same and you can't know until you pass over them if they're on this side or the other side of the strip, any indicator to tell where we should pick it up. Anyway, great game, and a great introduction to the mobius strip, good job!


Thank you! For food, there's actually a color difference between the front- and backside, but I admit it's too subtle when post-processing is enabled. That's definitely a fix I want to implement after the jam. For the snake body, it's very hard to tell (technically the grid is drawn on top of a snake segment if it's on the backside, but that is really hard to see, especially when the snake is moving). Since the snake is an obstacle on either side of the strip, I'm not sure if I want to do something about that, though.


This is neat :) Must have been pretty fun to figure out how to code this.

I guess the fact that it’s on a möbius strip means that there is a lot more horizontal mobility than vertical, so it takes more time for the tail to be really a problem and the walls are the biggest challenge. Maybe the grid should be a bit taller? Or is there a way for a second möbius strip to connect on the Y axis?

Still, really cool use of both themes!


Thank you! It was indeed a pretty fun coding adventure, especially figuring out how to project stuff from the Möbius strip surface into 3D space (though I later realized that I could have just found the formulas on the wikipedia page, but what would have been the fun in that?)

I see your point about the game having a very horizontal bias. So far, I pretty much considered that to simply be a feature of this particular geometry, but I think I underestimated the game's difficulty and I agree that horizontal movement doesn't really get very intersting until you've eaten about 15-20 food. One reason I chose this particular width/height ratio (apart from the fact that my code is very unoptimized and I was scared I'd overwhelm my toaster of a computer if I made the grid much bigger) was that the center position is roughly squarish when the whole strip is on screen, but I guess it would be possible to add vertical scrolling to keep that in place.

I'm honestly not sure if I intend to make any major changes like that to the game after the jam, though. I feel like the game is mostly a one-off gimmick and not something I see people (including myself) keeping a long-term interest in.

Likeable music & SFX; unique concept! I liked the mechanics and the gameplay of the game!

The player is moving fast, i.e. even on the slow speed mode!

Maybe, change the colours of the game a bit more slower?


Nice and refreshing idea. The up/down movement are very punishing. I didn't understand it was a snake like at first because I was dying to much on top/down limit. Like the möbius ribbon effect. Great job.


Thanks for the feedback! I think I suffered a bit from the "I played this game so much during development that I underestimated its difficulty for a new player"-syndrome. I've gotten the suggestion to add some "grace frames" before crashing into something as a way to be more forgiving, which I quite like.


WOo cool


I was a bit confused at first on how this game would fit with the theme, but once i got it i was... wow!!! O.o

Good Job!! Awesome Entry!!


A really fresh take on the old game. The game meets the requirements of the jam and I liked it. If you want, please rate our game.


Thank you, Möbius buddy! I've already taken a quick look at your game when it came out, but I hadn't had a chance to comment on it yet. I do plan to come back to it, though! 


THIS IS AWESOME! I am so impressed with the gameplay and how creative of an idea this is! 5/5 on everything for you good sir!


this is really neat! my only problem is that you cannot collect the orbs half of the time.


Thank you! I think what you experience is actually intended, though somewhat poorly communicated: Food can only be picked up if it is on the right "side" of the strip, i.e. in front of the grid. There's actually a color difference between the frontside and the backside of food, but I admit it is extremely subtle when post-processing is enabled. Anyway, if you travel along the strip for a while, you'll find a version of the food that you can pick up.


Ohhh ok, that makes sense. I guess I just didn’t notice, thanks.

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This reminds me of the arcade snake game


:) A really fun time.


snake game are always fun. nice 3d effect