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It's up to you, but usually the cover represents the game.

After the voting period ends, you can do whatever you want with your game.

I think glow is the post-processing effect. 

No, it's about the whole screen, not the sprites.

No, because there will be 3 colors on the screen.

No, it would be three colors.

Yes, you can do it.

Hello! Alpha channel is more about fade effect or something like this.


I guess so. The main thing is your game should have an page so you could upload the game to the jam. 

You don't have to, but if you want to, you can do it.

The game can have a different art form.

Hello! Thank you for the feedback. Does your browser support Unity WebGL?

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Yes, if you bought a tileset for example, then you can use it in your jam game.

Well, technically it's possible. But I'm not at all sure that such a trick is appreciated by the jam community. This assumption was approved after a vote. You will not be disqualified, but your game may get low scores in the "1-BIT" category.

If you have a question, ask it on our discord server.

The alpha channel must be implemented at the engine/code level. This means that all graphics are still 1-bit.

If the music is not copyrighted or allowed for free use.

You can use any engines. The main thing is that everyone can play your game without having to download additional software.

You can use yellow and pink. It's allowed.

Yes, it would count as 3 colors.

You're right. The answer is no, but, of course, people judge this and, accordingly, if they see a lot of colors on the screen, they will put 1 point.


*Transparency should be implemented at the engine/code level.

**5 - if there are only two colors in the game(black and white or their analogues), 4-if there are three colors in the game, 3 - four colors, 2-five colors, 1-more than five colors. (The same color with different alpha channels is not considered separate colors.)


Thank you for your comment!

Minimalistic art style and sokoban genre. Really like this one.

Nice game. It has good puzzles, art style and text messages.

A very well-made game. I really like all that juice and good sound design. The movement feels nice and responsive. Maybe some background music would be nice.

Hello! Firstly, if you can place the made game on then it can take part in the jam. So yes, RPG Maker 2003 is suitable. Secondly, yes, there will be more jams in the future (approximately every 3 months). Follow the news on our discord server.

Yeah. That's right.

The whole game should be in two colors.

This will be considered the third color.

It can be any two colors.

Sorry, but the acceptance of applications is over, vote for one of the already proposed options.

An interesting game. I liked the graphics and the music. I could play for hours if there was a mobile version.

Hello everyone! I am a programmer with two years of experience in unity and have already created thirty games. 

I am looking for musicians (sound effects, music), artists (game assets and game design), game designers. I have already worked in teams with various creative people from different parts of the world (without pressure and without missing deadlines). 

If you are interested, write to me in discord. (MYline media#0297)

Specify who you want to be in our team, show your portfolio or examples of work and specify your time zone.

Всем привет! Я программист с двумя годами опыта работы в unity и уже тридцатью созданными играми. 

Я ищу музыкантов (звуковые эффекты, музыка), художников (игровые ассеты и оформление игры), геймдизайнеров. Уже работал в командах с различными творческими людьми из разных частей света (без давления и без пропуска дедлайнов). 

Если заинтересует, напишите мне в дискорд. (MYline media#0297)

Укажите кем вы хотите быть в нашей команде, покажите ваше портфолио или примеры работ и укажите вашу часовую зону.


Good, I got it. Thanks!

Hello! Can a tileset be a jam's submission? (If so, can it be paid or not?)

A very interesting game. The gameplay is fascinating and very good. The visual of the game at first seems kind of strange and a little uncomfortable, but the more I played, the more I realized that it gives the game its charm. In general, the style resembles the first three-dimensional cartoons of the second half of the nineties. As a result, everything together causes positive emotions. But even if the style turned out to be what it is by luck, I still wish you to further develop your unique visual language.