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Very cool retro game, well done! I love the art, and the gameplay is really nice!

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This is a great puzzle game, well done! I love the little squares. It must've been so fun to do a game jam in person!

Great game, Zeno! The controls are so smooth and it provides a really good message. The part with the toxic waste was really fun, and the twist at the ending was sad. Great job! Let's get team seas to their goal!!

This is very cool! Very interesting. It's completely normal ;)

This game is nifty and neat.


Cool game! I love the horror aspects! Well done!

Very cool game! It was a bit tough, but the art style is really nice, and I love the sounds! Well done!

Very good yes.

This is really cool! it is very difficult, and can be buggy at times. That being said, it is super fune, and has a great spooky atmosphere, well done!!

thanks Xander!

thanks! There are definitely things I could improve upon, and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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thanks for playing! Crashing into enemies is an intended mechanic, however you get less points for doing so. (3 for shooting, 1 for crashing) so I thought it balanced it out. I guess I should have lowered the speed. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Well done on the high score!

This game is so great! I love the amount of polish that was added, especially for just 72 hours!

This is really cool! It would be an awesome mechanic for a full game!

This is such a great game! I live the creativity of the crafting mechanics, and the art is amazing!

This is really cool! It's a small game, but I like the slow, peaceful gameplay! Well done!

Epic game Icoso! I love the screen shake! Very addicting gameplay loop!

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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this is funny. well done on the game!

Cool game! It's quite unique due to it's size!

ok, cool!

Of course you have my permission! Rotation was released on March 24th 2021. Thanks for liking my game, and speed running it!!!

Best game ever

good game. 10/10 would do again.

This game is really fun! I love the mechanic of wall leaping! Well done!

Because this game was made in a week, I rushed near the end. I plan to update a lot of the stuff soon :)

already did :)

cool game! I love the idea and the art!

Great game! I love the tiny alien pack so much!

This game looks really nice, and the movement is very smooth! Well done!

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I did change how the music works after you had played it. :)

Oh ok, great!

This is a great concept, and an amazing first game! if you keep making games, you can become an even greater developer in no time!

Quite fun! A great puzzler with some really unique solutions! I never felt like I couldn't figure out the solution, but still felt that aha moment, which is a great bonus. Well done!

Really Great game! I love the mechanic, and it is very creative! My only problem is the camera, which kind of made me feel sick, but other than that small nitpick, well done!

I rotated and got stuck beside the red rectangle when it was on the bottom left.

I'm going to be blunt:

This game is too much. I don't mean this in a mean way, but there is so much stuff crammed into the game in so little levels, you don't get to enjoy it all. Instead of utilizing ideas to their fullest, you discard them, in favor of a new thing.

That being said, I enjoyed the game. The art and music  were great, and it fit the theme perfectley!

I see a lot of people saying it should/might win the jam, and I have to say I agree. 

Everything in this game is practically perfect, except for the gameplay. Well done!

Good job! To turning animation is a bit slow for my liking, and I got stuck, but overall fun game!