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This is such a cool little game! I love the art, and the gameplay is really nice! I really like the mechanic of coins being worth less over time too, great work!

Very cool! The art is minimilistic, but very fun and cool! I love the snails, and the little story you created. Great job

I love the mechanic of being able to hit yourself, and charging the bullets is really cool! Very polished and well made game, good job!

Very cool!! I got 103 as my highscore, I don't know if that's good or not, but it's a very fun game none the less. Great are, and nice cruchy sound effects!

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This is so cool! I LOVE the 2D-3D style graphics, as it's a super awesome and unique style! The gameplay is super nice, and the music can't be competed with, because it's so good!!!

This is GREAT! I love the application of the theme, and everything is so clean and great. Great job!

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No, no totally expand on this game! Don't be discouraged by what others have done. it was your original idea, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Your game is unique and awesome, and you should keep working on it, because after all, it's amazing!

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My only question is HOW? This is the most polished, great, epic, amazing game I've played from a jam, and you submitted almost 12 HOURS BEFORE the deadline. This is just insane stuff, and I can't beleive how great you made this immediate 5/5 on everything, super well made game!

It reminds me of a nitrome mobile game I played a while back called Flat Pack, as well as a game I made a month ago lol (Except yours is way better)

Very cool! I wish the rolling was more consistent, because sometimes the sides would swap, and make strategy hard. Other than that, its very cool, and I love the sfx!

This game is so cool! I love the strategy the different speeds causes, as you must hit the walls on purpose to get faster speeds, and try your hardest to not hit the walls when at fast speeds, even though its tricky. This is a perfect use of rng, and is such an awesome game!

This game is really cool! I wish there was a bit less rng, as the cool abilities can't be utilized to their fullest potential, but it's still a fun andd cool game!

Everything is quite cool! There is a bit too much output randomness for me, and it removes some of the strategizing, but all-in-all, its very cool!

Cool concept, and very unique! I love the different contexts and things that arrive from conversations with all the people!

Very epic game, FenceFu! The explosive dice are a nice take on the theme, and it's super great seeing things explode. Awesome work! 

This game is so cool! The modeling is super well done, and the gameplay is really nice. It's a cool puzzleish game with some nice challenge, and is super cute and colourful!

Very cool game, its essence is enfused with rng, and its used well for the most part. Great work!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed Rotation 3D as much as I enjoyed Geo Kings!

Cool entry! I love the visuals, and the gameplay is quite nice, even if it feels a bit reliant on rng sometimes. Great game!

I will definitely satay tuned! Keep up the great work!

WOW THIS IS SO FUN! It's so well polished and the mechanics all work great. Hitting enemies with dice feels so juicy and rolling it over enemies takes away some of the rng, because it always works as a weapon. All the sides have so much power, and customizing the dice is great! Super well done! 

Also ha I'm the 100th comment lol

This game is super cool! I love strategizing how I can bend the luck, and it's awesome how it all works together! Great work!

I thought of this game cuz I put a crown and triangle temporary tattoo beside eachother, and came back to replay it. It's still super epic and awesome.

most definetley!

The character on this game is so fluid is unbeleivible. The movement and the anamation as well as the sfx are astounding, along with the awesome music. I love the game, I just wish things like double jump couldn't get undone, as sometimes thing unlocked would immedietly get undone which was annoying. All around great work!

Wow! I love all the power-ups and their unique interactions with enemies. For a simple arena shooter, theres alot packed into this with some great arts and awesome stuff! Well done!

WOW this is awesome! I love the way the peices sort of imitate chess peices, and this is so creative. Icoso made some epic music, and everything is so well polished! Great job!

This game is so cool! Using spacial awareness is tricky, and it creates awesome puzzles! Well done!

Very cool! I love the art, and the playful dice are so cute! I wish there were instructions in game, because I don't tend to read the itch page before playing (that's my bad but I'm sure many other people don't as well), but I figured it out anyways as its simple enough to understand. It's very fun, and awesome! I only wish it got a bit harder as time went on, because once the difficulty levels off, its quite easy to keep playing for a long time. The roll bar adds some nice strategy, and everything else is awesome! Well done!

This game is so cool, and congrats on 3rd, monninen! There is so much you could do with this concept and destroying multiple amalga-mates in the future, but everything you have now is super fun too! Great job, and great game!

Very cool! I love the level design, and the art looks cool! I often found myself getting stuck to walls, so a good tip as a fellow unity user, would be to give the player a physics material 2D without friction! Great work!

Very cool! The concept is awesome, and it's fun to have some backstory from the itch page. I wish there was music, and the movement was a bit more fine tuned, but it's still an awesome game!

I love your sense of humor, and this game is SO well polished! The clicking gameplay is a bit spammy, but the games other features make up for it! I love the management with the boss asteroids, and I love both tracks of music. My only other suggestion would be a little bit of visual feedback when clicking the smaller asteroids, such as a size change, or maybe some cracks. Great game!!

Very polished and fun! While a simple concept, its fun game, and very well executed!

Cool cencept and nice implementation of strategic thinking! Well done!


thankoo Nugget!

thanks! Yeah, the implementation of the coyote time in most of my platformers has this bug. I could remove it quite easily, but I decided to keep it in because of a mixture of laziness, and it’s a cool speedrunnung trick. I should probably remove it in future games though, as it is a fairly sequence breaking bug. I’m glad you enjoyed it otherwise though! :D

Very cool puzzle game! You established some cool mechanics which made way for some well desinged puzzles! Great work! My only gripe is I wish the spheres could jump over the water, but other than that everything is awesome.

Very fun! I love the little story you have about the squares and circles, and their unique abilities are cool! Because the screen is autoscrolling, the circle's speed doesn't help too much though, so a tracking camera would improve that. A good camera resource is cinemachine, so I'd advise looking into that for some good camera resources :) Here's a good tutorial from brackeys!

Other than that minor thing though, the game was awesome! Well done!