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Very interesting game. I love the random chaos.  And I had fun pressing the button to the music.

I had fun watching the cats go crazy over the laser pointer.

Its a clever idea how the mouse is actually a computer mouse. Its also cool how it gets harder the longer i play. I survived for about 75 seconds. Good job on your first game jam.

Wow, thats a pretty good score! Thanks for playing!

Yeah, there are a few different strategies. For me, i found staying in the middle of the screen was the best strategy.

Well, actually its supposed to be more of a “GRRRR” sound, but now that you mention it, i can definitely here burping too.

Really cool game! I got 1400 points. I like how the cat's expression changes depending on how it feels.

The concept is really clever and simple, and I had fun though its a very short game. I think having a scoring system would make it better.

I like how simple the game was. It was fun trying to see how fast i can find the cat. I find him in 6.

There are no words to describe this except maybe meow me-ow cat.  also i hope no one else was in that room listening to you record.

Do cats even eat rice? well anyway it was still fun to play, and i wonder why there are some many jaguar running on the street 🤔.

Its pretty cool that you made this in just 3 hours. Its fun and simple. There is a bug where jumping doesnt work sometimes. Also i found the little secret lol.

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Wow, what a creative idea! It was very fun and well executed. Its also cool that you used pico-8. My highscore is 140. kitties

The paper pencil aesthetic is very neat. I think you could tone down the screen shake unless that was intentional. Also rock and roll music is very fitting for brutally murdering mice.

I had fun shooting those ugly pugs in the face with the awesome cat tank. The only problem was that the controls felt kinda janky, but it was fun being able to spin around at high speed and spam the shoot button.

Seeing a bunch of cool and colorful cats everywhere, jumping on the screen was quite amusing, so Good Job. My highscore is 47.

Your game is really cute, and I really liked the art style. Its cool that Loki is a real cat, but its funny how the birds are attacking a cat instead of the other way around.  Also for some reason my brain decided it was a good idea to run to the left immediately, and it was funny seeing Loki falling through the void.

I had funny catching those funny cat images. There were some really good ones in there.

There are a lot of bad flappy bird clones, but this is definitely not one of them. Plus it has a cat so that makes it instantly better than all the other clones.

I had a lot of funny playing your game. It definitely gave me a good laugh. The cat head with legs is also hilarious. I made it to the end and became the Ultimate Cat Gamer. Great Job!

Very realistic since cats love to stay in boxes. nice.

Much fun, much cats. Such lovely animations and art. Good job, 11/10 cats. (P.S. Luigi always numbah 1)

I had fun playing, and I got all way to 515. I think it should get harder the longer you play. Also I really liked the music.

Very cool and creative idea. I had to think pretty hard on some of them. I failed the last one on my first try but then won the second time.  This game is cool, and so are cats.

Now i know why cats love playing with simple things. Very good simulation. The mouse was a little too sensitive to movement, but still cat- tastic.

The story is really cool. I can definitely see where the inspiration came from. The visuals are very cute and simple. I think there should be some music to complete it. Also the game was a little hard with the spikes killing the player in one hit, but I still was able to beat it. Good job, i had lots of fun!

Your game is really nice! I thought the ability to slow down time is really cool. The attention to detail of how the balls always go towards the middle. Though one time i lost because a ball went off screen.  I think it would be much better if it had sound effects and music. My highscore was 4!

What a really cool idea on the tower defense genre! I had a lot of fun playing. I wish there were different types of enemies and towers. I like the dynamic of having to decide whether spend the money so that less enemies appear or to save more money to have more enemies appear resulting in even more money. Great job!

Playing your game is really fun. I like how each level is exactly ten seconds, and how the music fits well with the fast paced action. A couple things that could probably be improved on is the player controller which feels really hard to control, and the fact that jumping against walls cancels all upwards momentum. The levels could also use checkpoints, but its not really a problem because there are not many levels. Short, simple, and fun, good job!

What a fun game! I love the candy theme, and the little marshmallow girl.  I haven't seen many games that use 2.5D, so that's really cool and unique. I really like the level design. The jellies, and boost mechanic gave me a lot of nostalgia for the barrels in Donkey Kong Country. Also the chaos of the items falling on the girl when I beat a level is really funny. To complete the experience, this game really needs sound and music. But either way, I love it!

I really like the idea that I am not the player, and that I have to compete against other recruits to stay in the player's choice. I really wish the gameplay would have gone more in depth instead of a simple top down shooter. Also the graphics could probably be improved. Good Job! (Btw, nice Dani reference).

Very well done game! I like how it is one big level full of little nooks and crannies and different obstacles. The art for the game is also very cute. There is one problem where it is hard to jump when standing next to a wall. Also the control scheme feels a little wonky.

I really like your interpretation of the limitation and theme.  Also the camera feels very jittery. And I like how the player is always on the edge of the screen so I can always see whats ahead. I had fun playing, and I wish there were more levels.

Really great game! The flexibility in putting levels wherever I want is really nice, but this leads to a lack of direction. The game is really well made and pretty polished except that I glitched it and escaped into the void by clipping through a door. The simple 8-bit art is also really pretty.  But the lack of sound and music takes away from the overall experience. Either way the game has a unique concept and idea that is definitely fun to play with.

Even though I played by myself, I still  understood the main gist of the game. I like the main idea and the overall space theme, and I also love the name. The controls feel a little choppy, and I think the game needs more game juice such as particle effects or animations. But overall good game.

This game is a really fun and solid platformer. At first, I thought it was weird that a ghost had to collect food, but then I realized it was for the king. The level design has a good amount of challenge without being unfair. Though, I would like to see more obstacles added instead of mostly spikes. As i was playing I was unsure how the theme came into play, but when I fell through the trap door, I realized and everything came full circle. The balloons and wings were also a nice touch to change up gameplay. Good job! I really enjoyed playing your game!

I really like the idea of controller a paper plane and send postcards from all around Europe.  The paper aesthetic really fit well with the game. Even though it is not that challenging of a game, I would still like to see a free play mode with no fuel, and just exploring. I loved reading the little messages the boy would send his grandfather. I had a good time playing, good job!

I really like the peaceful world you created! I wish there was more of a backstory like "who is the person" and "why does he need a diamond to repair his rocket." It's shame the smelting broke, but other than that it's still a fun and functional game.

Really simple and fun concept. Im not too good at multi-tasking but I still had a good time. It feels like one of those games where it's easy to learn but hard to master. I was able to complete easy 1 and medium 4. I would also like to see themed levels instead of an always grey background.