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Hey, thanks for playing! Also, that orange cat is actually named Dippy and hes from one of my other games.

Bruhhhhhhh, you got me good

This restored my faith in humanity

This is so much fun! I would love it if you made a WebGL version, so I could play it more easily!

Woah, another game with a claw in it! Great minds think a like, eh? But seriously, I think your game is very cool. The interesting concept, the clean art, the cheery music-- its all great. My only complaint is that the game becomes very tedious very quickly. It would be nice if I had some motivation to keep me playing because I didn't see any noticeable goal other than the fact I was like "Ooo that's a cool fish, I wonder how much it costs" but thats not really enough. I got to admit, though, that it is very relaxing which is what you were going for.  Also I don't see how it fits the theme, but still very good job!

Oh, ok. That's fine. Sorry for the long comment (I really don't have anything better to do with my life lol).

Ohhh, 30 million. I guess that makes sense.

Ok, I played it again, and I got to 30 million, and there definitely was a win screen. It's just that I expected a win screen to appear after buying the last upgrade, but 30 million makes much more sense. So, good job.

Its simple and fun. I like the art and SFX. A suggestion I have is to be able to move with the arrow keys. Also dying seems pointless, and so does opening and closing the globe. I really wish there was more, Great Job!

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I love the pixel art, and I absolutely enjoyed the chiptune music which was boppin'. The goal for the game is kind of unclear though. I know that I have to survive as long as possible but there is no reason to. Thats probably because there is no indicator showing the distance traveled, or score, or time survived, and also because there is no game over screen(?). Its also unclear whether or not you are supposed to hit the crabs; it seems like nothing happens either way. Also a couple suggestions I have is that the ocean should have less health or at least lose it quicker, and I should be able to move with the arrow keys. But I will say, I really liked the shell mechanic where by going into the shell you move faster, but it drains the shell bar. So it was fun trying to balance when to move around the screen quickly and when to attack the enemies. And I like how the beach and ocean get progressively more polluted. Overall, its good.

Hey, that's still pretty good. Thanks for playing!

Very cool clicker game. I like it. There is a good sense of progression. Also I wish there was a win screen.

Thank you for playing! I really struggled with the sound design, so I'm happy that you like it.

I really love the music, art, and atmosphere. However the controls are over complicated, and the map is too confusing (its like a maze). I often would get lost trying to find my way to the next door, and I think at one point I actually went outside the map boundaries. It would have been nice to have a mini map. Also having to start over from the beginning after dying is really annoying. I wanted to beat your game so badly, but I gave up after I died to the shark twice. In conclusion, your game is very well made and it looks and sounds wonderful (and you should be proud of that), but there are a couple design decision that draws back the gameplay experience. Good Job.

Woah, this is a cool game! Though, I don't think the fish should be able to die in one hit, and the music is repetitive. But other than those things, I like it.

At first, I thought the controls were weird but after a little bit, I got used to it and it was really fun. I especially like the boost. Overall I had fun, and I think this is very well made 👍

This is a very interesting game. I love the atmosphere, and I think you incorporated the theme very well. Overall, nice work!

Yeah, it can be a little annoying, but I figured that it was a good enough punishment for missing, since there is no way to "lose." Anyway, thanks for playing.

Its simple, but fun. And  the pixel art is nice plus the music is good. Here is my highscore:

This was pretty fun, and I thought the concept was great. I got a highscore of 68.

I really like the idea of a fish with a gun shooting trash, and I think the intro cutscene is really cool. Its a shame there is no music though :/

Thanks, I tried to make it relaxing, so I'm glad you liked it.

Wow, this is a very fun and well made game. And I like the devlog too. Good job!

Its good now

I'm glad you added SFX, because it sounds so good now! But, I think you forgot to make the motor sound loop because it disappears after 30 seconds.

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The game is very fun and the graphics are nice, but it really needs some music and sound effects because without them it sounds very empty. Also I got a score of 631.

Thank you :D

Thanks! but do you mean the little orange dude? because he is actually from one of my previous games.

You could add little things like a screen transition, more animations and art, and maybe some particle effects.

Oh, cool! Its much better now.

Cool game. I like the art.

 I had a lot of fun with this. The graphics are good, and I love the one button controls.  I also liked the interesting mechanics. But my one nitpick is that I have no way of knowing when the invincibility mode ends and I always ended up losing my invincibility right before I crash into a mine. Overall, good job!

Its a pretty fun game, but it could use some polish. Nice job.

Nice game!

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The concept is really creative, and the gameplay is fun especially with the shark zoomin' through the water and air, and how it gets increasingly more difficult. I thought the art was pretty funny. Also I really liked the Devlog, so good job.

Yep, its weird, but thats just classic video game logic.  Thanks for playing!

Cool game! Also nice devlog.

This is really good for your first game! But I thought it was weird that if the boat touches my mouse I lose, and I was really confused for a minute because it doesn't explain that anywhere. Also there was a bug I encountered where after I press restart, everything freezes except that I'm still able to spin the boat.

Very fun game! I got a score of 42.

Its a little repetitive, but its fun trying to go for a low time. So, good job