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impeccable game, instant cult classic

yeah my interpretation was to have ai generate the art in my game

it wasnt the best, but its all i could think of haha

thanks for playing

thabks :)

yeah i agree

this was more of an art experiment opposed to an actual game

can anyone else hear the lego yoda death sound?!?!
i may be going insane

anyways, lovely game <3

very engaging game, loved every second of it <3

awe, thank you so much ^-^

thank you so much <3

thanks for the kind words <3

thank you for playing!! i also think the reloading time is a bit too long oops

thanks for playing!! and i agree - i was going to try to shorten the reload time, but i guess i forgot

thanks for playing <3

glad to hear!! thank you so much, xanderwood <3

thank you so much bbomb <3

glad you enjoyed it :)

thank you ^-^

im glad you liked it :3

thanks for playing <3

thank you so much for playing my game! im very glad you liked it :D

this made my day :)

im so happy you like the game, thanks for playing <3

thank you for all the kind words <3

glad you liked it :)

wow, im thrilled that you had a good time!! thanks for all the kind words <3

the ball and cup game you are talking about is called "shell game", which was a big inspiration for my game :)

thank you so much!! glad you liked it ^-^

woah, thank you so much!!

i really hope it places good too :)

thank you so much <3

all of those are wonderful ideas, and if i ever come back to this i will 100% try those out :)


Gamemaker: Studio
( always check the more information at the bottom of the description <3 )

congrats on submitting :)

cool maps, cool art, cool sound effects!!

gave me a real challenge :)

awesome art :)


this was - an experience...

this was insane!!!!
the spawning/ghost mechanic was so fun!! every time i had to wait for a gap, i could just shoot the enemies on different floors

the story was mWa *chefs kiss* perfection!

and the fact that you had a configure menu + multiple skills!! aHHHH
i LOVED this entry

i loved the ladder descending/ascending animation :)

which there was sound/win state, but the upgrades were nice :)

awee, thanks so much!! 

i'm so glad you had this experience :)

hey! thanks for playing :)

i completely understand about the controls - they were a pain!

that makes me so happy to hear!! <3

me too <3

pffttttt haha

the character art/animation was fun

i wish you spent more time on this, as the rest just wasn't fun :/

the elephant goblin natives were annoyingly funny aha 

awe man, sorry to hear you had issues :/

really solid entry! i was getting a little frustrated, but after turning on cheats i had a blast :)

movement was nice, music/sound effects were awesome, art was great there was a lot of strategy in the first level, which was incredible

ya done did good aha <3