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looks cool

just my phone tn, I check it tomorrow, thanks for feedback.  

thanks , Nice video feedback, great idea. 

no I died, I tried to  re click, before  going on the skull, but no bugs , too bad for me lol 

best score is 32 . i did a game like this on the past. nice implementation  because you cannot cheat and respin before the end. 

nice game, it s  original , i kept the leaves between 2 and 3  to develop the roots and win. 

i like  this game.  yes , its very bad to borrow money.  fun game

cool ! you can  open your video game studio now :) 

pixel art are super cute

funny game, feels good to be a jerk lol 

nice card game.

i  like the level design and animation, cute. 

fun idea. looks great

thanks for feedback. i  think i should put the debris  on a different layermask for collision but i didn't think  about it at this time. 

thank you for your feedback . Yes it noticed things running still in background. It happens in lot of my games. I guess I should just put   a boolean to stop this. I always forget some details, and this one is annoying me often lol . 

thanks for feedback, it s a great idea.i am missing this idea sometimes .

thanks for feedback, it s a great idea.i am missing this idea sometimes .

nice idea . Do yo use  3d  navmesh agent to move angel ? 

thanks for feedback

is it  the most common on webgl? thanks for feedback. i took a low end tablet as standard 1900 /1200. 

lol :)

thank for feedback.

lol yes i hesitate on this  50. well...

thank you for feedback

the scene transition and story is beautiful. You really get immersed in the story.  very nice for the jam

nice graphics. Interesting idea of gameplay. this is like a node of dialogus and animation. i have  no idea how to make this king of game.  great work

cute and fun gameplay

i like the idea of super angel hero with the jam. nice work. 

nice graphics and music

super interesting

fun gameplay. 

nicely done.  the player should be  faster or use transform to move it. 

yes, the  gameplay is so simple, and super  fun. I like the minimalist  design or graphics.  well designed for recycling.

fun gameplay, like physics  games. nice idea

the game visuals looks  great , and the character animation. we had  kind of the same idea. lol 

the visual  is minimalist but super cute. I like it. the controls are a bit tough.

the idea is nice , like role playing. I had sometimes  problem to drag the cube. nice gameplay

cool idea,  but  you should explain the controls at the beginning

super cute  pixel. gameplay is fun. 

particles for water is well done.