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Where to play it?

RMB was too janky to use so I didn't rate bc I couldn't give it a fair shot

I like it, it's fun

I really like the music

It's literally in the tagline. It's a bit of a tacked on story thing, tho, tbh 

:) A really fun time.

Fun, juicy and super satisfiying.

The ratio was messed up, and I had trouble playing it with the aspect ratio :(

Fun, and artful! Nice! Can you do it with 0 deaths?

Fun, and artful! Nice!


I was too bad to accurately rate.

Cool, but the final stretch seemed impossible

Thanks for the feedback! That's a good suggestion, to play with trick levels. Yeah, the levels have a lot of open space. That was me being lazy and putting down the same frame for every level. I had to redo the first level, and by that point, I had figured that out, so that level (and level 2) was better. For some reason, I didn't fix the other levels/

Pretty neat, although the lack of checkpoints hold it back. The juice and feel is strong, and the art is stronger. Here's some tips for your next platformer:
Variable jumps are important
"Coyote Time", or being able to jump for a tiny window after you start falling, is also important
Buffered jumping is good, but not necessary.

I got glitched

If you are interested in the discord server, it's here:

It's fun, I don't like the 2.5d look, tho

it's fine, it's funny, what works is arbitrary tho


This deserves to be a full game. I would pay for a real life copy of DeckMasters, the TCG to play with my friends. I enjoyed it a ton. I also recommend joining the HTCG community discord server if you do decide to go that route. 

Nice! You might be interested in the HTCG community, at:

This game is fun, but I didn't understand how the shooting cooldown mechanic worked.

Sorry, but I can't rate, bc I'm too bad to give it a fair shot :(

Hm, a black screen for me

I will not rate windows games, sry

No rating, linux

Nice, good fun


NOTE: a lot of people ask how it is connected. I chose metaphorically, you learn from your mistakes, and thus, failure is progress

That was fun and stressful. Too much punishment tho

This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS

I keep getting softlocked :(


Cute and fun.

It's fun, although the halls are a bit monotonous

This is very smooth and juicy.  It's fun. 

Well, that's good! 

This game is just a lot of fun! The puzzles are interesting.