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Lancer Tactics

A mecha tactics game adapted from the Lancer TTRPG. 路 By Olive

Any chance of a Linux build?

A topic by nonbinarystelle created Mar 01, 2023 Views: 453 Replies: 5
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I run Linux Mint... incidentally: what version of Godot? Will you be upgrading to Godot 4.x?


If it's humanly possible to do in godot, yes! I think it's important to get software running on non-proprietary systems.

The html5 demo was make in godot 3.5, and I've been updating the downloadable along the 4.0 betas and release candidates — which is why I haven't been able to update the html5 version, the 4.0 html5 export still is very buggy.

Incidentally, I made the call last week that I'll be remaking the project from scratch in 4.0 to drop a lot of baggage from that updating process and bake in better assumptions in how content is structured. Being able to copy over the code from the demo is making it go a lot quicker than the first time around.


Godot is very good about supporting Linux. It's FOSS too, after all!


Yes, please!! 馃槏

Bless you, thanks for the reply!

I hope to see this game playable on linux.