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Good to know! Take the time you need and congrats on the kiddo!

I'll let my friend know! Hope things continue to improve for you!

A friend of mine is looking for an app like this for Android-there's really not anything quite like it! I know it would be a lot of work, so it's just a non-serious suggestion: Would you consider an Android port?

Just as a note-this game does not play nice with multi-monitor setups and will need to play windowed. Definitely worth the 5$ though!

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Sadly, shut down on February of 2024-but thankfully, the game is now being sold for 5 USD on Steam!

This looks so nice!

This is why I bought it multiple times, as well as commented, our praises are our wages!

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What an amazing game! I remember starting playing your games shortly before you announced that you'd had OnR3 started, but decided to kill the project. 

This was very much a better game for you to make at the time, you absolutely made the right call on that. You've come a long was as a creator and designer since the first OnR and I'm glad that you and I both experienced the wacky import game on Playstation Underground. 

I am sure if you told the you who played the game back then that you'd make games like it that sold well, he'd be extremely thrilled!

What an amazing journey. I have purchased this game three times, once on Steam, twice on Android. Worth it each time. I used to install the demo onto phones in Radio Shack and leave it running for people to discover lol

Bought as soon as the check hit! I'll show what I made with it in the future!

Any chance of a Linux version? Or does this run well on WINE/Proton?

It would be nice if this tool had a little more description to it. Cool idea, but maybe some more description would be useful?

Looks great! Definitely will be handy when I make more games.

Thanks anyway! That's very understandable.

I know it's not likely, but any chance of translating the shader to Godot?

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MU* refers to things like the earliest multiplayer games, "Multi-User Dungeons." The original MUDs were often based on Rogue, which is the origin of the term and genre, Roguelike. Over time, they evolved to include many more features and people came up with versions that centered around roleplay, sometimes called MUSH (multi-user shared hallucination), MUX, MOO, etc. The easiest way to refer to them became MU*. (The star symbol was used as a wildcard character, to indicate you didn't want an exact search on early computers.)

MU* usually relies on the same kind of telenet clients that power IRC, but usually have additional feature to support things like dicerolls and a room. PennMUSH, DikuMUD and Evennia are examples of clients for creating MU* servers. Evennia is the most recent one, powered by Python so you can actually understand its code if you are using GDScript!

Graphical MUDs were the precursor to MMOs and a few are even still in operation decades later!

In fact, Everquest, the first game to be called an MMO used DikuMUD under the hood and actually got sued by the college that maintained it for not giving proper credit and therefore breaking terms of service!

Very cool!

Found this via Reddit - What did you make this in?

Great work, hope to see this supported a while. Love that this exists, I remember when the OG app was around. I'm also really, really glad this is open source. If you could get the log saving to work, this would actually be really, really handy for roleplaying communities in general outside Homestuck. MU* engines are really old, with only two Telnet clients for such that are really worth mentioning. Thus: I am really excited to see this develop.

Found this today, very cute. I've not played Suika, but this is fun.

Here's to those who give back!

Bless this person, I'm so glad I bought the non-free stuff from you.

Try running it through terminal using the "--no-sandbox" argument!

computer/location:>./ --no-sandbox

Like so!

Cool, cool. Rock on, man! /positive

As a note to those trying to run this on Linux Mint:

Run it through the terminal with the --no-sandbox argument. 

Fascinating project! Would be a nice alternative to electron... Electron has a LOT of issues.

Have you considered switching to Kaspersky? They actually moved all their data centers out of Russia and reported the country's espionage. They're very transparent and are much better about false positives. Norton has a bad reputation. If for whatever reason you can't install a different AV, here you go:

Unzip the folder, rightclick "nw" and select properties. Select the option to make it executable and launch from that file.

Thank you so much for the community copies. I plan on purchasing next month, when my financials aren't so desperate.

It would be really helpful, I think if you added a download option with a ZIP of all the files for convenience.

False positive.

Beautiful, eager to see where this goes.

The site linked for Olivia Hill Rule went down. Here's an archived version:

Thank you for the reply and information!

Thank you for the reply!

Is this CC0/public domain, then?

Is this under any license or restriction? I'm looking around for placeholders for an open source project, so a clear creative commons or public domain designation would be really, really helpful.

This looks cool, but my problem is how small the reading pane is. It's so tiny! The history reading pane is much wider, why not use that for both?

My apologies-due to circumstances outside my control, I lost the original files for Phoria. I can't get it back, the whole computer was stolen and it was never found since. If I make an update to this, it'll have to be a complete do over

Honestly, I'd consider that a feature in this game. Hope it gets fixed!

The game's on Itch, too.