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Oh fantastic! I'm very glad to hear that. I'm having trouble following the discussion — is there an obvious way you see that I could re-build the game so it doesn't rely on that depreciated curl option? e.g. recompile a version of Cerberus X with different dependencies or while in an Arch environment?

The game was built in Cerberus X, which automatically transpiles to various things, so I don't usually directly touch the libraries it uses to talk to the OS.... however, CSX is open source so we can just search it; this looks like it might be promising? I just searched Crescent Loom's repo to confirm that I don't mention libcurl anywhere else. I am using that httprequest.cxs file to talk to the creature server, so that might be a good list to pursue.

Sorry you've had to spend so long googling this! >_< I appreciate you posting the problems/potential solutions here. I'm also happy to keep assisting to the best of my ability, I'd love to see the game work on more versions of linux.

Ah, thanks! I'll look into it.

Alas! Thank you, I'll investigate..

Hm, I don't recognize and am not well-versed in linux packages, so to fix it I'd probably do the same thing that you've done and google it and wildly install any package I come across. I see libcurl4-nss-dev or maybe libcurl3 or maybe libcurl4 as other possible packages.

Ha, hack so hard you break the game. Yeah, there's a bug in the web version where reactive code just always crashes the game. It should be fixed in the downloadable version — I can't make a new html5 build until the Godot 4 engine fixes some bugs.

Thanks for the kind words and bug report! I think the reactive code bug should be fixed in the downloadable versions; I only learned that Godot 4.0 isn't quite ready to build for html5 after upgrading to it. >_<'

✨✨✨ thanks, there's some very exciting developments in the works!

Excellent, thank you for the bug report! :)

I'm not surprised, the order of operations can get a little hairy. Can you be more specific about which reactions seem to be having problems under what conditions?

(also whether you're seeing those problems on the downloadable version or just the older in-browser version)

I am so so excited about the explodey robot game!! It's nice to be picking up a project that is more reasonably-scoped than "invent an entirely new tool for visualizing nervous systems that is fun to play and requires no background in science". Your kind words over the many years mean a lot to me. <3

Thank you <3

🌺 Thank you, that means a lot!

thank you! I think so too ^^

Desktop PC build is up. Let me know if you're still seeing performance problems when running it natively.

Thank you :))

The html5 version has hit a way harder performance wall than I was expecting. It'd probably load eventually on an older laptop but won't be pretty. I'll try making desktop versions soon, they should run much smoother.

Thanks for the heads-up and your patience!

Oh, that's an interesting idea. I've decided to not do remote multiplayer to keep the scope down, but local hotseat might be possible 🤔

Things that I'd need to figure out:

  • it would probably need some larger modding/mapmaking tools, which won't be coming anytime soon (but someday!)
  • how to handle hidden GM information like stats to scan for
  • I don't plan on ever porting all mechanics and items from the ttrpg because it's just A Lot so not everything would be available.

Generally, I'd need to be convinced that making it a virtual tabletop would be worth it — what would a sandbox mode do that the virtual tabletops which already exist can't do?

😍 gorgeous, excellent work as usual!

Ha, I feel for you, I also have the lancer rules brain affliction. Most of this stuff is either just not implemented yet or is waiting on me nailing down the underlying data structure & UI before I handle the edge cases.

I'm also still agnostic about how closely I'm going to cleave to the ttrpg rules (as you noted, there's already some action economy tweaks - but I'm still not happy with how overcharging can lead to weird situations with two half-actions in the tank). Eg I need to figure out how I'm going to handle the option to brace against EVERY incoming attack, which could easily be a UI and pacing nightmare — and however that pans out will probably affect things like the lockon consumption flow, so I'm waiting before tightening those screws.

Thanks for the endorsement :p I adore this system

Oh cool, thanks for catching that! I'll cap their heat to their heat cap. The lack of them getting destroyed is intentional though — by the book, overheated npcs with 1 stress don't get destroyed, just exposed.

Me tooooo, all I want to do these days is work on this.

Oh that's nice — one of my hopes has been that playing this helps people get a better handle on the tabletop game, so it's good that even this demo is doing that!

Rad! That's quite motivating to hear :)

Cool, thank you.

:D Thank you! That's great to hear.
Re: hardlock, so I understand: it shows this screen and then you're unable to click the nanocarbon sword?

Ah thank you! I try.

Thanks! I'm glad you think so!

Thank you! I thrive on this kind of external validation ^^

If the stars align, crowdfunding sometime next year(?)

I gotta flesh this demo out first though, which is a nights-and-weekends kind of situation.

<3 thanks, I appreciate how positive you always are!

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Can still confirm. MacOS 12.5.1 Intel.
Also, the steam keys are empty.


+1, I'm jamming on a little lancer tactics game and I'd love to be able to use these for the jam game if you're ok with it. Amazing work 🤩

Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for the bug report. If you still have it installed, could you look in the logs/ folder next to the executable and send any crashlog.txt files to

As for the local HTML version: it's a little tricky to get working. Browsers sensibly have a security feature for local files that restricts access to other files on your hard drive. I should probably add steps to get it working to a readme or something. Your options are to either:

  • Launch a browser with "--allow-file-access-from-files" mode enabled.


However, the local html5 version is identical to the one hosted at — I've included it in the available files because a teacher requested it to get around a firewall issue at their institution.

I would love to get the physics efficient and stable enough for that! I've had a dream of making a twitch stream of that kind of aquarium full of the creatures people upload to the server.

Aw thanks for the invite! The bundle looks really cozy. I'm not currently looking to put CL in a bundle but good luck!

I think you're spot on.

All good! Reasonable conclusion from how little I've been posting about it 😅

Glad it's working for you now!

OK, I still haven't been able to replicate this, but I've added a locally-hosted mirror of the game here, also linked to in the troubleshooting steps. The first one is still preferable as the main because of bandwidth costs, but this should work as a fine backup.

Please let me know if you continue to see problems.