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Lancer Tactics

A mecha tactics game adapted from the Lancer TTRPG. · By Olive

Glitch Report

A topic by Scampir created Feb 27, 2023 Views: 425 Replies: 11
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Let me know if there's a proper place to submit bugs. My install of the demo has really bass-y sound. You can hear the music faintly but not like the html 5 version ran on the game page.


You're in the right place! Thanks for the report, that's good to know. A few questions:
- What happens when you adjust the volume in the settings panel? Does the music stay messed up but just gets louder/quieter?
- Is it only the music that's broken, or are the sound effects funky too?
- Are you on windows or mac?


Adjusting the volume in the settings panel does effectively change the volume, but does not stop the audio from being glitchy. The audio sounds like it's blown out. I didn't catch this the first time around but I think this is affecting the UI noise too. The SFX seem fine.

And I'm on Windows :)

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When Goblin got tech attacked and I used Reactive Code, the game soft-locked. The option I chose was to use Eject Power Cores on a target I had already used it on in the combat.

This was in the HTML5 version.


Ah, this one's a bugbear. It's fixed in the downloadable version, but I can't update the browser version until Godot 4's fixes its html export. I'll add an extra note underneath the HTML version as a warning.

Another bug that's quite game breaking is that the game crashes after you finish second mission. I'm not sure if its a save issue or something


Oh snap, great, thank you. Added to the bug list.

I used puppet code on an enemy near my nelson to trigger an overwatch, then used nelsons skirmish to move to the place the enemy (a witch if it matters)  was heading.  The witch then completed its movement ending up sharing the square with the nelson.  I could no longer select the nelson (clicking the square selected the witch), and thus could not do the nelsons turn to finish the round resulting in a soft lock.


Thanks — is this the HTML version or downloadable?


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Once I click on tutorial I get a loading screen that immediately jumps to 75% and then stops while the music glitches out (stuck on 1 note).

(Browser version)


I still can't currently update the browser version, so all I can recommend is trying the download.