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Hi, your games are absolutely peak! I was wondering if I could use some of the rules of your game for my own tabletop projects as they are very simple yet have a complex mix!

You posted the wrong files, those are from the Lancer RPG tokens you drew before, also tokenless would be nice love your artstyle!

Is this an official expansion or is it a homebrew?

Dorothy is underwhelming, its Loading tag is not worth the overshield and low damage and its overhaul traits are just useless, it is so fucking cute and I'm sad i can't manage to make a worthwhile build for the lil baby.. please buff qwq

Another bug that's quite game breaking is that the game crashes after you finish second mission. I'm not sure if its a save issue or something

Yeah you're right, I apologise for this message. I've made it while I had no way to communicate with the staff due to a shadow-like ban. It has been sorted out thankfully and have just forgot I wrote this message. I'll delete it since it doesn't reflect who I am anymore along with getting a thirdparty for no reason involved.

there's a really bad bug that happens when going just a few meters below the start where the game keeps trying to zoom in on me and then immediately dezoom which seems to also slow down the game a little bit

apart this really immersion breaking bug, the game is pretty good

gotta give more on what's in the game otherwise no one will buy, especially since i can't tell if its another bad text game or anything that's less then 0$

weren't there a token set for wallflower? I swear i had seen it.

Played through the game, loved it! and can't wait for more

But one thing I hated, was the platforms you have to slowly and painfully cut down on, as well as the platforming through that got into my muscle memory after a while so i can understand the non-issue it might be.

Still, keep the good work boxman!

I can't wait for when the game is updated, i've had a lot of fun modding out the custom area and can't wait to be able to do similarly to the characters. Keep up the good work!

I accidentally pressed the cancel button when doing the verification step, so now my email is unusable for this.

When leveling up and pressing up or down, the hunter attacks, i'm sure that wasn't intented so yeah, bug in need of fix

It's been 2 years, how's the progress on the game?

I wonder if the next step would be to allow modding of the game, for custom cars or tracks, would be very interesting!

No problemo! I can understand putting this system in through by playing it I realised that it can get to the point of the game being impossible to win as you lose all weapons. And having it stay through death would make one able to create all sort of powerful cars and such!

All and all, hope you have a wonderful day! :3

Good game, enjoyed it very well, with only one problem that would otherwise make this one of the best games on itchio : Why do you make us lose weapon when we dieeee..... It's such a bad mechanic that it makes me not want to play the game and just reset the save

Otherwise it's a good game, especially for my low-quality laptop of mine. :3

Really good game, although it's a prototype by name, it doesn't feel as such, the pixel art is pretty and very well made, controls are perfect and attuned.

Futhermore the music is very well made, the menu is perfect and well themed, the only thing I could ask would be a way to customize or mod character's appearance, otherwise it's a gorgous game~

There's a bug when my mouse just... isn't read, like i swing it around left and right and nothing happens the guy just doesn't move. It's not my mouse's problem since sometime it does register it and I can use my mouse fine outside of the game

Otherwise it's a brilliantly fun game, good job mate!