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Here's the link! I'm preparing to begin my project and thought this would be important thing to post for discussion. Great Jam idea Inumo!

The sword table is all bangers.

I'm excited to try and integrate this into my ICON campaign! 

Adjusting the volume in the settings panel does effectively change the volume, but does not stop the audio from being glitchy. The audio sounds like it's blown out. I didn't catch this the first time around but I think this is affecting the UI noise too. The SFX seem fine.

And I'm on Windows :)

Let me know if there's a proper place to submit bugs. My install of the demo has really bass-y sound. You can hear the music faintly but not like the html 5 version ran on the game page.

after that twitter thread about not being a bank I did make a withdrawal. 

If you post stuff here I'll read it!

Something I've been thinking about while writing my game and reading the overview is how I can create a character sheet while adhering to the restrictions. I suppose I could pull something together with underlines and boxes but I wanted to open a topic on how other people were approaching character sheets in the jam. 

Blaster through this up until the boss, then I thought I would take a break and write this comment. WOW! What a wicked idea. The writing is great even in it's minimal appearance. Awesome game!

I'm excited for your return! I hope your recovery was comfortable.

This is a very nice 1-player RPG!

We appreciate the complement! Thank you.

Hi! I'm Scampir (He/Him) . I'm a fledgling ttrpg game designer. V excited to participate in this game jam!