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Lancer Tactics

A mecha tactics game adapted from the Lancer TTRPG. · By Olive

Smaller window size?

A topic by Ben-San created Mar 03, 2023 Views: 370 Replies: 1
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The options screen only allows two window sizes, and either of them runs off the top and bottom of my monitor. Is there a way to make the window small enough to fit?


Hm. The one thing that might work (I haven't tested it on a screen with smaller dimensions) is checking the "full screen" box — that'll either force the game to the size of your screen OR it will make it be one of those dimensions and just keep running off.

Not all the elements of the current UI are responsive enough to fit on smaller heights (which is why the options in the menu are so limited), so even if the full screen works, the tops/bottoms of the radial action menu still may be cut off. We're currently working on a UI redesign that will be more adaptable to various sizes.

If it's insurmountable, you might be stuck with the HTML version and have to scroll up and down until we get the next update out (which will likely be post-kickstarter).