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Lancer Tactics

A mecha tactics game adapted from the Lancer TTRPG. · By Olive

Hoping for Hexes!

A topic by fishdinner created Mar 01, 2023 Views: 764 Replies: 5
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Hello! Very excited for the game and love the demo!
I wanted to post a thread here (politely) requesting Hexes over Squares. 
I know that, as a TTRPG, Hex based tactical combat has been one of the things that sets Lancer apart from all the offerings out there. 
Hexes are a better representation of space, even in 2D, than squares. 

Hexagons are, after all, the bestagons. 

I'm fine with grids because the game is looking good but also all for Hexs, not enough games uses Hexs and would set it apart against games like Into the breach. I hope the kickstarter gives the devs the drive to hex it up or make it an option(might be asking too much).

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Just put this in an FAQ on the kickstarter because enough people were asking about it. 

For the demo, I've been working on a shoestring budget with asset packs from and Pita's excellent overworld tileset was the best match in scale and content for Blobertson's mech asset pack and Viridian. I also wanted to get an MVP out asap without paying the technical Hex Tax.
So: hexes are a possibility that we're going to discuss once we know what kind of budget we'll be working with, but no promises. Lancer was originally designed to be played on a square grid, anyway; you can see artifacts left from that history in systems like the Black Witch's perimeter command plate.

so tldr maybe, but it's an expendable feature and we're biting off a lot to chew already

Thanks for the reply and information

Excited for this already!

I feel very few people who enjoy grids will speak up about them, but I personally think the grid system works really well and would 100% prefer time spent trying to make hex happen instead went into polishing or adding to the game. That said, if you do spend time on hexes and they are important to you, I will not be upset.

I would love a focus on hexes, if only to keep a local multiplayer (for tabletop purposes) a possibility!