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I highly recommend looking up ways to play non-steam games on steam. For DRM-free games, such as this, it is simple and fun to customize what art I choose for the launcher. It only gets complicated for games that need another launcher.

I picked The Forensics Artist because my dad likes crime mystery novels, which I've given him a few in the past. Slightly surprised there weren't any sports comic options. I'm not into sports but I've given my dad some sports books in the past. Thanks for a very unique and cool game that makes you think!

If you would like to submit a game to the game jam, now that the deadline has past, post a link here and I can generate a URL that lets you enter it.  Also provide how you would like us to send you the URL.

See game page for full description.

This is a place were y'all can say hi, ask game creation questions, give game creation answers, share resources, and other collaboration activities. Have fun!

Ahoy there pianotm,

We are Balloon Co. [gaming division]! We heard you talkin’ smack about our game we made last year without @ing us on discord. Our research team has informed us that this behavior, on twitter, is known as “sub-tweeting.” Since this happened on discord, we shall take to calling it “sub-dissing.” Anyway, when we saw all those things you said about us in your sub-dis, IT HURT! (However, it did not hurt our bottoms, but did hurt our brains and pancreases). SO, we decided we did NOT like nursing a pain filled brain/pancreas, and that our best option was to fight back. We came up with a FANTASTIONDERFUL PLAN! We would play your tech demo, find all the things done badly with it, and then WE WOULD GO ON DISCORD AND SUB-CORD YOU!


First off, you start off with a nicely done description of the events leading up to the incident, which allowed our imaginations to fill in the details. It gave us a chance to prime our understanding of Christina before meeting her.

The tech demo deals with very relatable themes. Living in a hostile location? Check! Managing our food, water, and sanity? TRIPLE CHECK! Language issues? Well, we’re fortunate enough to have a translator, so we don’t have to worry about that. It’s GREAT. We can say whatever we want, and people can understand us thanks to them! Like, even if we just type a bunch of gibberish, they can get our point across! LIKE THIS: [translator’s note: I’m not translating gibberish.]

That said, we can imagine what it would be like without a translator, and it’s SCARRIFYING! Not only would we have trouble promoting our games, we would have trouble talking with each other. So, it was comforting to see Christina found a work around. We also like how quickly she was able to empathize with someone who looked different to her.

We enjoyed the music in the game. One of the art school drop outs who work here even commented on how interesting it was that the darkness of the setting was balanced by the whimsy of the music. We don’t know what that nerd was talking about, though, we just liked it!

So, with all those good qualities, going on discord and not @ing you became a terrible idea. We were still in pain though. But then, as we made sure Christina got the sleep she needed, we realized WE HAD BEEN STAYING UP SUPER LATE TRYING TO COME UP WITH A PLAN TO HURT YOU FOR HURTING US! So, we decided to get some sleep and NOW OUR BRAINS FEEL FINE (some of our pancreases are still a little sore but overall feeling better). Thanks for reminding us that the best way to deal with pain is to take care of ourselves via taking care of a person on our computer, and nice job on your demonstration of your tech!

You should NOT have to apologize for causing trouble. Causing trouble is GREAT! Some of the best people in history caused trouble like... ok, turns out everyone on this shift were too busy being troublemakers in their schools to pay attention during history class. (Except for Vyacheslav, he claims he was home schooled by the not-so-great outdoors). But the important point is causing trouble makes things happen, while everything is the same if no one makes trouble! After all, we made "trouble" last year when we protested this game jam not allowing non-rpgmaker engines. And this year, they are allowing non-rpgmaker engines! We hope that this feat of revolution puts us in the history books some day, AND that there will still be troublemakers who neglect to remember us!

We are Balloon Co. [gaming division] and we are here to inform you that we were PRETTY PIPING HOT MAD AT YOU! Both last year and this year, we employed the marketing strategy of "release a game with a title screen with a generic looking RPG maker text with a black background to entice curiosity about the game." And yet, we came here and saw someone STOLE OUR IDEA! Furious, we flew to our fine lawyers to figure out how to fidangle a lawsuit against our found foe. They informed us that we would need to play the game, and we would have a case if it was similar to our game from last year (ie, protesting the game contest). So, we sat down, ready to find our evidence, but instead we found something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

First, we learned via a tutorial that we could use our imagination for something OTHER THAN MAKING GAMES! Then we learned that there were LIMITS to our imagination, when we found that, no matter what we imagined, we couldn't avoid going into the cavern despite the warning of our friend Thomas (who we imaged named was Tom-Tom). Then we found Tom-Tom, fought a troll and died.

But, in our depression from our death, we rebirthed into a discovery that OUR IMAGINATION WAS LIMITLESS! We turned that sad ending the game gave us, into a happy ending by imagining that Tom-Tom was captured because the humans were EVIL and the Trolls were the good guys! The Trolls killed us valiantly defending their home from people trying to steal their natural resources through mining without a permit! Thank you for this power to turn games that give you depressing endings into happy ones! We used this imagination to turn "You stealing our amazing marketing technique" into "You being inspired by our marketing technique and flattering us through the sincerest form of imitation!"

And that's the story of how we changed our anger at you into not anger at you!


~don't believe his uppercase lies.  lowercase is coolercase.

How does this have no comments this game is amazing!?

Whew, some of our lawyers were worried that our submission would be rejected due to Corporate Buddies being misspelled, but it turns out they drunkenly stumbled upon an even more exclusive legal status they didn't realized existed: Corporate Buddiezzzz!  You must have much smarter lawyers than we do!  

By the way, Balloon Co. [marketing division] found out about our relationship, and tried to force us to advertise our website to you.  Jokes on them: our website hosting got taken down MONTH ago!  But then SOMEBODY who shall NOT BE NAMED but shall be on ice fishing duty for the next week blurted out that our Tumble website that for years is still up.  (Despite our email to tech support, they still haven't fixed the weird misspelling.  Whoever created the site must not know English as well as our translator, because they slept Tumble as "Tumblr"  Anyway, while we are currently internet homeless, [marketing division] is legally obligating us (the worst kind of obligating) to reveal our Tumblour shelter for our games:

Each of our games is very different in style and substance from each other, as well as from our current contest entry, so enjoyment of one may not transfer to the other.  We also wish to impose no obligation on your employees to play our games due to the risk of us  possibly being too busy/lazy to play your body of work beyond your contest entry.  But hey, if something looks enjoyable, enjoy it!

~Balloon Co. [gaming division]

Note: This message has been cleared by Balloon Co. [marketing division]  Replacement computer delivery has been sent.  DELETE THIS NOTE BEFORE SENDING.

Ahoy Tagurit Studios!

We at Balloon Co. [gaming division] have a confession to make.  Before the unfortunate employee we put in charge of moderating our comment section read your comment, that person kinda almost banned you as soon as the word Studio was seen, due to you being a company.  Now, we at Balloon Co. [gaming division] do not have anti-corporate bias, and thus are not companyphobes. In fact, some of our best divisions are part of a corporation, and some of our best computers come from corporations, and some of our favorite games are bootlegs of corporation made games, and some of our best friends we totally have are corporations, and some of US are technically corporation, and would an organization this defensive about being labeled companyphobes really be companyphobes?  Of course not, what a silly question.

However, before the ban could happen, a miracle happened: the computer froze, which so rare it only happens about 12-34 times a day!  And at that moment, the bored employee read your comment.  Then, that employee ran into the kitchen and got [REDACTED, comment from lawyer: remember, no doxing names in public contests.  First name privileges are reserved for Balloon Co. Uranium Plus Fan level membership emails ONLY] who was carving up the fish we caught this morning.  Then [REDACTED], and [REDACTED], and [Ok, looks like I’m going to be doing a lot of this here.  Time to use REDA as a shortened form of REDACTED] and soon the entire division was crowded around the by now unfrozen computer!

Reading your comment, we felt something deep down we never thought was possible.  Some individuals of us have had this feeling for humans before, but this was different.  We felt very hot, which we normally only feel when we have a fever or a computer catches on fire.  And while there WAS a computer on fire at the time, it was too tiny a flame to explain our hearts pumping blood at a much higher rate than it usually does!  It was then that we knew that Balloon Co. [gaming division] was IN LOVE with another COMPANY!!!

We instantly made plans to pilgrimage to the Tagurit Studio headquarters.  After undocking, we’d all run the rest of the way so that we could steal flowers from someone’s yard, bring them to your main office, get down on our knees, and ask you to accept the terms of a merger or buyout (we would have been happy with either).  We even had our game writer compose a grand poem where you doth teaches the computer monitors to glow bright and we’d all shout O Studio,Studio!  Wherefore art thou Studio! (we hoped you were not neighbors to another company with Studio in it’s title or that would have been supes awkward).

But just as we opened the door to rush out, our lawyers slammed that door on our hopes and dreams and faces.  It turns out our parent company, Balloon Co., has a stupid company rule called the CELIBACY policy.  It stands for  Corporate Expansion Liability Ban Anti-trust Commitment Yielding.  Our lawyers explained that Balloon Co. worried so much about either becoming or helping to create a monopoly that they banned any company mergers or buyouts.  Our love was forbidden love, and if us rebellious punks know one thing about forbidden love it’s that... you can’t do it, it forbidden!

So, our joy was converted into sorrow, and we tried to forget about you by drinking a whole lot of homebrewed bearberry schnapps.  But then a very buzzed lawyer who gave us this horrible buzzkill of a message re-buzzed us by reminding us that there was no company policy on being Corporate Buddiezzzz!  That cheered us up even though he was slurring that last word, and to celebrate we decided to play your contest game!

Now, in your game description, you mentioned that your game had a sense of surprise.  Normally, we at Balloon Co. [gaming division] avoid surprising games at all costs because surprises are scary and we don’t like horror games.  However, the fermented bearberries must have inhibited our fear survival instinct because we charged right into the face and elbows of danger!  And a good thing we did!  Thanks effect alcohol has on our brains!  

This game is a marvel of post-modern deconstruction!  So carefully, expectations are built, with tender loving care and with a base formed from gamer traditions as well as a roof crafted with promises of satisfaction, then EXPLODED with honey raining down because you’d expect a fire to rain down from an explosion but NOPE GET READY TO GET STICKY!  Then you use the honey to build a honey fort to defend against honey badgers but then BOOM it is useless because the honey badgers are actually anti-matter badgers that DISSOLVE THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE WHICH INCLUDES THE USELESS FORT!  It’s a game that makes one hunger for answers that can only be temporarily sated with fanfics.  It is an installation that forces the gamer to self reflect in a way few games/movies/books/songs/advertisements/instruction manuals/fortune cookies/letters in one’s alphabet soup are capable of.  The sad reality is, as you said our game carried the risk of being criminally underrated in this contest, we fear your game will be mortal sinly oceandepthsrated in this contest.  Still, just like how that ancient smart thinking person Plato inspired Play-Doh by  trying to describe the sun to those people in the shadow puppet cave, you truly are virtuous for providing free of charge this art to the people and judges of this here contest.  All of us at Balloon Co. [gaming division] salute you!  And, since you were almost banned by him, we made sure [REDA! Whew, was worried I wasn’t going to be able to use my cool shorthand for REACTED after Bogdan stopped giving away employee names] ate the fish we had forgotten to cook all those hours ago as punishment, but he turned out ok and the rest of us were hungry so we need to come up with better punishments than “hoping he’ll get a tummy ache.”

PS.  We saw in the credit menu of your game you mention that RPG maker doesn't include many dark skinned character for their default RPG maker sprites and that is absolutely true!  We had to pay for their devious little "character reaction hub" to get a darker skinned protagonist for our last contest entry.  We totally should have included this problem in our game/game description!  Good job pointing that out.

Ahoy Mighty Palm,

We at Balloon Co. [gaming division] saw in a discord chat that you believe that our game should be something called DQ.  At first, we thought it was an acronym for Dignified QWERTY and that you were complimenting us for using an English speaking styled QWERTY keyboard for making the game, rather than one of those Western European AZERTY keyboards.  Our lawyers told us that it stood for disqualified, but we KNEW that couldn’t be true because disqualified is ONE word and an acronym with two letters should have two words.  We were so confidant that we bet latrine duty on it!  Unfortunately, our lawyers had a brick sized tome on contest jargon, and now we’re stuck cleaning the stinky stalls!  Oh, and we realized that a fellow game designer wants us out of the contest!

That really hurt our feelings!  This was our first game we’ve made on behalf of and in support of other game developers who were not Balloon Co. [gaming division]!  We can understand people not understanding our games, and thus not liking them, since we ourselves have a wide variety of tastes and disagreements amongst ourselves.  That’s ok.  However, to hear that we should be disqualified felt worse than accidentally spilling boiling walrus blubber on our hands while cooking!  (And some of us have first and a half hand knowledge of that!)

So, we came up with a brilliant plan:

Step 1: Find and play the game made by the person who HURT OUR FEELINGS!  Step 2: Use our analysis of the game to savagely mock the game and take down The Mighty Palm.  Step 3: Feel super mighty fine.

There was just one impossible to predict problem with our plan: THE GAME WAS MADE TOO GOOD TO MOCK!

Your game has great music, color palette, expansive world to explore, secrets that were fun to uncover and so much more!  It had a strong focus on puzzle solving with a secondary focus on puzzle combat that reminded of a Japanese game many of us played via a Chinese bootleg copy: Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru!

One of our favorite puzzles, while not difficult, was the one where you used the IN DUNGEON WARP AS PART OF THE PUZZLE!  That was really creative and smart, and we haven’t seen many games utilize that mechanic in that sm-eative-art manner!

After helping those people in the game, we felt really good inside.  While we didn’t take down the creator of this game, this game DID still technically achieve Step 3 of our plan without needing step 1-2, so we consider that a speedrun strat!  Thanks for making something that made us feel good after we were feeling down!  The memory of this game will make latrine duty slightly more bearable!  Great job on a greatastic game!

Hey Talonos2,

We at Balloon Co. [gaming division] have a HUGE variety of people working with us.  Some employees have been here since before whoever is typing this and translating for us was even a drooling baby.  Others come and go constantly: the current record for a single employee shouting "I'll never work here again, I'm packing my bags and moving" and coming back a few weeks later is 37 times!  Finally, there's also employees who only work with us for an exclusive limited time only due to what they often say is a "morbid curiosity."  As such, the artist in charge of that particular sprite work is one of those "I can't do this for the rest of my life, my parents were right, I should go to medical school" kinda weirdos, so we don't have a record where they got the sprite from.  The disqualification DID reach the ears of the upper ups in the company, and they did they're own secret private investigation.  They sent us the results, which said that they didn't "blame" us for the mistake, but also explained that they were unable to track down the original sprite image.  They suspect that the open sourced artist may have been the one who performed the rip, not us, due to us "not being capable of anything of that magnitude."  We took great pleasure/minor 2nd degree burns incinerating that paternalistic garbage letter (don't tell our lawyers: they still think we have it locked in a safe deposit box)

But more importantly, this opened our eyes to the power imbalance in the toxic relationship between a powerful corporation running a contest and the weak artists competing in it.  Did you know that in 2014, this contest gave a gift card prize to EVERYONE just for competing and not getting disqualified?  We were confused, because we were used to corporations only doing profitable stuff (except us of course).  Even we got one, but we kept our non-profit status with a little strategy called "trying to use it after the expiration date and realizing we lucked out."  Our research indicates that this "corporate generosity" is a super secret corporation strategy called "grooming," where the corporation does really nice stuff to woo you, but when once you've decided to marry the corporation, they stop and return to monetizing their assets or whatever those biz people do.  In 2015, such a prize was no where to be found.  Well, we're breaking up with this groom!  And that's why we're leading the fight for you!  And, if someone is reading over your shoulder right now, also YOU TOO!  They're trying to pit us all against each other with their dowries of "cash prizes" and "publishing deals", but now we know who the real final boss is!  It's not the people without power, it's the powerful corporations!  

Note from Lawyers: The above statement may not apply if you live in an area that has granted person hood to corporations.

(4 edits)

We at Balloon Co. [gaming division] are here to unbaffled the baffled and turn that "huh" into a "my eyes are opened and I am no longer blind and I will support you"!  You probably found this game while browsing for the newest indie games to scratch your indie game desiring itch.  What you may not know is that is game is an entry in a contest!  Also, back when you commented, for some reason the people running this contest forbid you from rating it.  But now, they have seen the errors of their ways and are letting you vote for this game!  Here's a gamefaq we've written up just for you!

 Voting For The Protest Vote v.1.1

Table of contents: 1) Updates, 2) Legal, 3) Controls, 4)Voting, a)Navigation, b)Final boss, 5)FAQ 6)Acknowledgment

1) Updates:

v0.9 typed up guide  v1.0 pressed post. v1.1 Fixed some capitalization and spelling errors.  Apologies if you like those.

2) Legal:

Balloon Co [gaming division] is not affiliated with the creators of the game jam voting system, and thus, the game Voting For The Protest Vote.  All rights belong to them.  Also, this gamefaq should only be posted on the Protest Vote comment section.  If you see this guide anywhere else, it is STEALING, so contact us so we can SEND OUR LAWYERS AFTER THOSE GAMEFAQ STEALERS!

3) Controls:

We use mouse and keyboard, but we've heard rumors that you can use a touchpad on a phone.  We cannot afford that we we could not test it.  Sorry.

4) Voting:

a) Navigation

There are three different strategies to navigate to the voting page.  I will go over them below, I think you should use the one that best fits your play style, but we find method 3 easiest.  If you prefer a challenge, try to find a way to do all three.

Method A: Click the link to and scroll down until you find the game called The Protest Vote.  Click the Protest Vote.

Method B: Click the link to our game page here and in the top right corner, click the star that says "rate submission for Indie Game Contest 2017"

Method C: Just click this link.

b) Final Boss

To beat Voting for The Protest Vote, you must first click the check mark box next to Vote, then click the Save rating button.  BE SURE YOU DO THIS IN ORDER!  We once hit Save rating, then the check mark box, and it did NOT SAVE OUR VOTE!

5) FAQ

Q: Why should I play this game?

Voting For The Protest Vote is an important supplement to the Balloon Co. [gaming division] game, The Protest Vote.  You do not need to play The Protest Vote in order to play Voting For The Protest Vote, but it is highly recommended.  The reasons you should play Voting for the Protest Vote are explained in the game description of The Protest Vote.

Q: Can I use this guide to vote for other games?

A: This strategy, with different links should with other games, but we would advise against it.  If other games get votes, then that decreases the chance the The Protest Vote wins the People's Choice Award, and thus there is a smaller chance of us bringing a revolution to the indie game contest world.

Q: Is this game a good speed run?

A: Absolutely!  You should post your voting speed run times in the comments!

6) Acknowledgments

We would like to thank Kirsten Caramba and November North for inspiring us to write this FAQ.  We would like to thank everyone who votes for us!