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Lancer Tactics

A mecha tactics game adapted from the Lancer TTRPG. · By Olive

Goblin Tech Attack Response Bug

A topic by JoSharko created Dec 12, 2023 Views: 262 Replies: 1
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I've bumped into an issue several times where, upon the use of a tech attack by the Goblin mech in response to said mech getting tech attacked, the game stops working. The effects of the tech attack do not trigger, including animations and the application of status effects, and while I am able to navigate the map as usual, I lose the ability to interact with the mechs on it, and the turn immediately halts. It sometimes works, but this has happened like 3 times. The only remedy I've found is backing out to the main menu and restarting the whole mission.

Edit: it's happened a fourth time. It's halted several games that were, by all rights, going very well otherwise.


It's a known bug; it's fixed in the downloadable version.