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Thank you so much

What nice plans we can run for the next me if things keep up! We can see red through the singing year. I wish you a very nice snow and lots of decorated cookies.

I just did lol

The guards are so cute!

that satisfying sound effect.

The game is simple but surprisingly fun!

I am not sure how this game fits the theme though... But it is really impressive that you managed to make such a big game in such a short time alone...

You can add some grass or small plants instead of just a pure green background. Apart from that, nice game!

Idk if this is intentional, but if you press space and one of the WASD keys at the same time, the invisible counter will not go down

To those who just saw a big blue screen: try to move your mouse cursor around the edge of the game canvas.

OwO. never expected a Scratch submission!

The asset you used really fits the game. Nice game idea also!

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The jam will start whenever the timer hits 0. The start time on the main page is different for everyone in different areas. If you are in UTC time, it will show Friday at 09:30 am, if you are in IST time, it will show Friday at 03:00 pm. So you will be fine if you follow the start time of your page.

You can use premade scripts, but make sure you don't overuse them. Basically, don't use premade scripts too much until you uploaded an entire premade game. (premade movement script, premade music transition script, premade screen shake script, etc can be reused in this jam)😉

Both of it are accepted

Imagine a kid is playing your game. If the kid won't get paranoid after he played your game then it will not be considered nsfw. 

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Good morning everybody, I just sat down at my desk and opened my computer... and I checked the jam... and I was not expecting to see this... I don't even know what to say now, 39 people joined ?!?

I thought it is going to be a small 10-11 people having a little fun and helping each other out... I am really excited to see what you can come up with when the jam starts!

If that is so you don't have to credit it.

I am wondering if allows us to use third party programs to help us create content posts. I am planning to make a program that will automatically host jams weekly. I am not sure if allows us to do that. I have read through the terms of services and so far I have never encountered a rule saying "all content posts should be created manually without any interruption of third party programs". I want to double confirm here so that I won't get sued or something.

Hi, PCK WORLD, just wondering if you already got your css support, cause I've also requested for css via email. I have waited for five days and still got no response. If you already have your css, can you please tell me how long have you been waited?

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This game fits the game criteria perfectly.

"Fun, challenging, addictive... what more do you want?"

I want Cats!

I like the game especially when the owner makes that loud burp sound.

The story is like 6 simpson episodes mixed up together. like it.

Hei, I somehow managed to go outside of the level

That is what I did and nothing happens. maybe I misread the codes. Thank you for submitting btw.

OwO. Never expected a pygame submission.

Very Good! The game is just a little short.

also, you forgot to remove the friction for the player, causing it to stuck on walls.

I got stuck at the third level.

Wonderful execution to the theme! Just a little criticism, three lives are simply not enough, especially on this kind of luck-based game. I recommend you to give the player unlimited lives and add a score system.

I don't have to critique or comment on anything. The game speaks by itself.

What a creative way use the theme! The mechanic for this game is out of my expectations! Great job! 5 stars on theme!

Very fun! It is also quite challenging since you messed up our muscle memory. Great job!

The game couldn't load. I encountered a similar problem before and I solved it with this.

I checked the discord page. It seems like the page has not been updated. Then, I checked your youtube channel. There isn't any video regarding this jam. I checked the jam page again and I double-confirmed that the jam had started. So, what should we do now?

Thanks for hosting this jam!

Since this is a beginner jam, the theme will be easy. By easy, I mean the theme pretty much leads you onto creating one specific game mechanic. However, if you dive deeper down into the theme, you can create something innovative and fun.

Basically, the theme is very straightforward but also have potential to create great games! (at least that is what I think)