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Thanks for your valuable feedback. In fact, the solution is not to kill them, but to bait them with a warm body, but I was late and did not put enough hints...

sorry I mean 357 MB.

An escape game is a good candidate for the theme. 357mo is too big for a small game like this. Nice game, but miss perhaps some more interaction.

Arg, the game is missing...

Nice game. It will greatly benefits of some SFX. Well done.

Retro pixel are nice. Some sound/impact feedback would help. Keep it up.

Simple concept. The swing movement could be great, but should be rewarding, it misses some stun and push effect to fill impactful.  I like the graphics and music. Well done.

Nice simple platformer. The upgrade system help to play more, but the game is a bit too repetitive for me. Like the music. 

Well done.

Thanks for playing.  My 7 year old girl drew the characters.

Nice runner. Very minimalist but fun enough. Of course some SFX would be welcome. The fact that the character is going from left to right on the screen could add to the difficulty. For the vertical view, I prefer a scrolling to view where I go and where I land.

Overall nice entry.

Good game. The atmosphere is great.

The regular walk mode seems unnecessary to me, and it's tedious to always press the shift button. I didn't understand when the bumpers are actually make me jumping. The targeting  is unnecessary too, or you must use it to turn up the heat even at distance (witch can make interesting puzzles).

Other than that, the game was fun to play. Congratulations.

I try to play it, but when I take the elevator sometime it reset, sometime not. It breaks the game progress. The idea of a crafting/survival game was interesting.

Nice little game. It need some balancing. Event without jumping, doing the windshield wiper strategy is enough, and counter the ufo too. Like the bullets, not sure they must live after an impact. Overall that was fun.

Concept is good. The difficulty curve must be worked a bit. You can win without even moving. I think it would be more interesting if your enemy bullets live as long as you didn't stop them with your shield, with more bullets, enemies that actually force you to move. Perhaps bigger level where user can move.

Overall, It was fun to play, and I think with some work you can extend on it.

The focus was pretty simple and clever, well done. It's really a prototype, no polish, and fun anyway. I think, the collider used for falling should be smaller than the one for actual collision. The fact that we re-heat while we shoot is a good idea, but you could be more generous on this to reward the take of risk of make them quickly. I can't see the whole thermometer in web version, and a bit in full-screen version (16/10 screen).

Overall you got a strong concept you can polish and extend. Great prototype !

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The game looks fun, but I encountered several times the same bug (even in tutorial) : can't move any-more. Despite that, I manage to play and it was quite fun to play. Of course some polish will be good, but it's just a jam. I manage to put spice even with the chief just i front of the pot :) . I don't see the necessity of using mouse, just SPACE to add spice/get spice/cover/uncover should be enough. Overall well done.

Really well done game, with great visuals and particles. With the effort you put on polish, I am astonished that there is no SFX, at leats for the attack, buttons, and hurt feedback. The home UI is appealing, with plenty of movement. I must say, I don't enjoy idle clicker very much, but I can appreciate the work behind it. So great job.

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Nice shooter, with great lightings. The fact the fire repulse enemy is a detail, but add a lot. I must say what I don't like in most of top-down shooter I see in jam, is that you end up turning in circle. So some level variation would be great. I did not understand immediately that sort of shield on top of the fuel was in fact the right mouse button !

Other than that, controls are good, SFX are ok. Game is fun to play.

Great game.

Thanks for your feedback. The pause menu was sloppy, even with a 10 days jams, time was missing at the end.

Cool concept. It seems to me that it rely too much on luck. Some times you must take some risk to keep your health. The selection system is strange at first, I think if you just remove the space 'confirmation' it will be smoother (there is already the bottom to cancel). I like the atmosphere of the game. Perhaps with some hint (like a min sweeper, but perhaps with audio hints) that tell you beware there is something near it could help reduce the randomness. Overall, good game.

Interesting point&click. Got stuck with a printer ready to print, the Colin's password, but when I try to use it I've got "I should look at the computer a bit more first". So I try all combination I can, but did not find what to do next. I look the the walk-through and I've done all it is written, but I fix the printer, before unlocking the PC...

Overall, there a lot of humour, and a good atmosphere. Congratz

Nice shooter.  450mo is way to big but I saw you comment a lot of game, so... I like cinematic intro. The controls feels good, the shoot with arrows did not bother me. And it was satisfying to see my enemies shooting at each others. Some variety on enemies would have been great. SFX were ok. Good job on this.

That was fun. Reminds me some 'game and watch' gameplay. Simple but well done, with lots of humour. Congratz

Nice game. Like the ice golem, that force you to jump (a screenshake could help to understand why we are hit even at distance). Some SFX would be great. You say: "The flamethrower is used ... for ... jumping". I did not sawit, but it can be interesting to use it like a jetpack, to jump higher or thing like that.

It sounds like a good start.

Awesome game. (Have to dowload it, because browser version was too slow). Good incorporation of physic. The jump is too fast for me, but it's ok. Puzzle were not to hard so I can reach the end. Congratulation, that's a great game.

The game mechanic is simple and interesting. You should change font from the default one, to a more appropriate one. It's a story game base, seeing the eyes of your character, and animate their face could help give some emotions to them. UI should also be worked a little, with  graphics related to the epoch, and not using so saturated colours. The investigation looks interesting (but requires me too much time for a jam, so I did not discover all ).  Hope it helps.

I finished it ! The game is really good looking,and I see where you are going with your multi-use pasta. The character jump is a bit too floaty. The fall part should be quicker, and more control on the air will be enjoyable. I suppose you got no time, but SFX are really important, as much as graphics, it gives some mood and feedback. With just SFX, your game would look finished.

Overall, well done game. Keep it up.

Neat game, well done. Good use of focus and theme. The only criticism I can tell, is that sometimes when you got the solution, but let human goes, it's a can be a bit tedious to repeat all. Tutorial is just what it needs. Controls are good.

Overall, Great job !

Nice collection of mini-game, served with a music that fit perfectly. The only things I could says,  is that because the button is on the left sometimes the pointer goes outside. So a full-screen mode would be great, or at least some 16:9 ratio. Other than that, well done on this game.

That was fun to play. Like the axe animation. Some juicy, with particles on the snow... will be great. Like the graphics too. Nice game.

The take of using health as ammo is great. The shooting phase is a bit confusing because the spawn point is not us. Need some polish, but is a good start.

What I Liked :

  • Nice home page graphics
  • Good looking levels
  • Nice music
  • Controllers support

What could be improved:

  • Animate the homepage (it is beautiful so we have some expectation)
  • Some tutorial introducing commands one at a time will be great. Like axe for example.
  • The info panel on the left panel is overwhelming, there is always something written in it.
  • Did not know where to find the correct resource I need. (I know now this is in the inventory). So perhaps use the info panel to show where to find a resource when your are on a resource of a pavement/upgrade panel.
  • Add a HUD button for the inventory.
  • Add some SFX

Overall I can see there is some serious work on this game. Technically, it is great, with even a save system, UI and menus, Off load growing system. For the game play, it's confusing, at first it looks like we need some crafting skill, but in fact it's more of a platforming skill.

I don't know if it helps, but I hope so.

What I liked:

  • Nice take on the focus
  • Like the two phases collect/fire
  • Collecting trash

What can be improved:

  • Break a bit the receptivity with some boss (perhaps there is one and I did not see it)
  • Perhaps,  be able to destroy things to get ammo, but in the same time clearing the way for enemy ?

Hope it helps

Nice minimalist QTE game.

What I liked :

  • Great light and particle effects everywhere.
  • The atmosphere
  • The action to not perform.

What can be improved :

  • Browser version too laggy if you don't have a good PC.
  • A bit repetitive. As there is only an action, we expect some variations on story/background.

Hope it helps

What I liked :

  • Simple concept
  • Readability
  • The lazer that force you to move

What could be improved:

  • Without tutorial, I didn't know if I was suppose to move, what was the goal.
  • Add some SFX
  • Fancier graphics
  • Add some explanation to the 2 UI bars at the bottom.(health and phase progression)
  • Add a period of rest between two phases, otherwise it can quickly become overwhelming.
  • Add some reward at the end of a phase (at least visually), or as an upgrade, etc...

Hope it helps.

What I liked:

  • Simple and effective concept around Swiss army knife (already saw in this jam but not like this)
  • Readability. Colors are well used.
  • Particles on knife.
  • Puzzle designs are just what it need to discover the game.
  • Good SFX, Ambient sounds and spatialized.

What could be improved :

  • Not sure we need to rotate the knife as we want. Just 90° rotation will be enough.
  • Some subtle music perhaps
  • 0 key far from the other tools keys, I think that just hit again the 1 to close the knife for instance, or if you make 90° rotation, closed state could be a possible rotation.

Hope it helps.

Overall, that was fun too play, polished enough. Great game.

Simple and neat concept. We must found the right post to shoot, and can't never rest for long. The graphics surely need more work, but thanks to pre-processing that's nice to look.

Great mini-game.

Thanks for your feedback. For the "I managed to trap myself", I was going to exploit it but I lack of time.