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I like the concept, and the realisation. I'm not fond of the aesthetic, but it's readable. 

That was fun, great game.

The firsts steps  are hard because we don't know what we are here for, and we are already dead. But once I got it, it was fun to play. Well done.

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Game looks really good, I like the 3D shadows. The concept is relaxing but not as easy as it seems. There are some Z-fighting and jittering to fix. Music is peaceful. Perhaps add some sheep bleating and wolf howl  will add to the mood.

Well done.

This is looking good. The gameplay need some more mechanics to be played longer.  

Overall, well done.

Nice game. It become quickly a bit repetitive, perhaps with addition of some ennemy or nogo zone it will spice it up a bit.

Overall, well done.

(NB: If you want to avoid that cube pass through walls when the movement is really fast, use Rigidbody.MovePosition in FixedUpdate to translate your platform, not transform.position because this will just 'teleport' your board)

I like the aesthetic. I feel like some SFX are missing (like the boost for instance). Music is great. 

Well done.

Fun, fast paced  with transition screen, good art and animation, nice SFX, good music, and polish in just 48h. 

Congratz !!

Great concept. That was fun to play. Just need some effort on feedback and polish.

That was fun to fly through the air to get directly to the end !

I also made a racing game with tilting world, but not like yours. More clunky and cartoony. 

I like the 2.5D approach, it makes the controls really intuitive. The physics feel good.

Great game.

I was curious to test your game, because we have a similar concept. I must say your game is really difficult. At the first corner we have to do a 90° but it look's like the rotation direction is reversed ;) according to regular rotation. Some border would help for the first race at least.  The 3D is simple but it works. 

Great game.

NB: If your curious too, check our game. 

I was curious as we have a similar game. First we had a pretty similar concept but ended up going for a slightly different approach.  Go and check it out, if you are curious too.

I like the swarm effect at the start.  I think with an horizontal circuit you could have a closest camera.

Of course some other circuit would had been great, but I know it's complicated in such amount of time. 

Overall, that was fun to play. Well done.

Funny game with impressive graphics/lights. I like the idea of tilting to make the character move. I also made a game with tilting mechanic to make the character move.

Great game.

Real good game. I like that the snake is both our enemy and our ally!

Great job.

Nice twist. I would have liked to have had more gameplay during the escape. I feel like death is inevitable.

Overall, good surprise.

I wasn't expecting a puzzle game as a reversed  tower defence. But it works very well. 

I can't says it beautiful, the UI part is good, but the tower part has too saturated colours. 

The puzzle design are challenging but doable.

Congrat'z. Well done.

Nice game. I also took the "play the map instead of player" with physics too.

 Like IrrelevantGaymer says, you include all your sources in the build, and .git, etc...  So build your project in a 'builds' dedicate folder, then zip all the content except XXX_BurstDebugInformation_DoNotShip. And if you can, make a WEBGL build, you'll get more feedback.

Other than that game was fun to play. Some sound effect on collision would be welcomed. Nice music. 

Great job.

Really like the idea. All the story is 'off screen'. This will be even better with voice acting. (but only 48h, and must speak English fluently).

Nice twist. Really stressful. I found apple a little bit small. As I'm often stuck to a wall, the snake often don't  eat my apple. Overall great mini-game !

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Great concept. Hard to beat. I give up at level 6, has the construction were to fast for my power of destruction. Perhaps a time scale addition could be usefull. Of course some more polish would be welcomed, but for a jam it's not supposed to be so important.

Great job.

Jeu très sympa. Il faut clairement privilégier l'énergie pour envoyer un max d'ennemis.  Parfois je trouve la zone cliquable un peu petite, mais c'est parce que je ne suis pas très précis quand je spame les deux boutons a la fois. Il pourrait être intéressant de jouer avec sa taille, au fur et a mesure des upgrade.  J'aime que belmont soit comme nous de plus en plus puissant. Il pourrait être intéressant de récupérer les XP gagnés sur le trajet de belmont, pour varier un peu le gameplay.

En tout cas, beau boulot.

Nice mini-game. If I could fold my laundry as easily !

Funny story. There is plenty of dialogues. Unfortunately, I don't speak English fluently, so I can feel overwhelm very easily with lots of text. But I went through the end, and got the good ending ! I like the strangeness of some characters. The fact that characters have different emotions . Great job.

Tanks for playing and giving us some feedback. Totally agree with your suggestion, I experience it myself, but 48h !!

Original idea. Pretty well executed. It's polished and challenging. Great job.

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Thanks for playing, and your feedback ! 

Yes, there is a couple of bug, there is an issue on how the rank are computed by rolling in reverse near the start, but you can't win like this because as soon as you finish a lap the computation is good. 

Don't know why but there ranking/timer Font does not work in fullscreen.

The race ends when the first 3 arrives, so if you were first, that 's another  bug   :s
I'm interested to know how it happens, I can't reproduce it !

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It's simply put the camera a bit ahead of the character to see more of what's coming (so the character is upper in the screen). 

Cool sokoban X swapping concept. Neat art, with an intro screen. Great job.

Pretty funny game. I like the concept and the execution. I like the rain.

The game was easy.  But if you are on the wrong side of road, you can miss the taxy even without an obstacle. Perhaps you could place your character upper, we don't need to see what's behind.

Overall, Great job.

Thanks for playing, and your feedback.

I was hoping more strategy, and smarter opponent, but in this short amount of time, we are just happy we managed to publish it in time !

Simple and quite fun. The enemies bullet are not frightening but their number is their strength.

Nice game. We are 'out of control' ;)

Some feedback :

- The fact that remote work in horizontal line, is not explained.
- Good UI
- Nice art
- It would be nice to have fullscreen mode.
- Too dark
- Good control

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I think the Enemy must attack you, otherwise you do not have any reason to just wait until you got a strong army. Not interesting at all.

So perhaps have predefined building attacked by the Enemy. That you must defend/repair otherwise you loose. 

Your income could depend on time and those building using some multiplier.

Of course balance and diversify troops with melee, range, high fire rate/ low power, low fire rate/high power, etc...

Enemy must defend it-self with some diversify attacks, that it he overtime.

Lots of bullets.

Lots of polish (particles ands sound effects, screen shake, etc...)

Multiple maps leading to different strategies, with an  enemy that increase in power at each level.

Nice concept. I like the intro even if it's a bit long. The differents levels are well design. Some Reset  button would be welcomed. I found an unreported ;) malfunction in the first level with 5 malfunctions, I get off-screen by jumping above the right wall.

That was fun to play. Great game.

Good execution with a nice concept. It's not that easy to avoid obstacle using those different points of view, but the game is pretty faire with us. The point of view is really impressive, but I think controls would had been easier with a topview, and allows us to focus more on chase that controls.

Overall, great job.

I like the Intro. The game was quite difficult for me. I did not make it to the end. Controls are frustrating, but it's in the concept.  The subtext is quite clever.

Great job.

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In fact, it's a bug with WEBGL version, when going to fullscreen ranking/timing disappear.

If it's a problem you can download the windows version.

Nice game. Like others say, mouse control would be great. Some spaces behind pillars are too small to be walkable. Other that, it was fun to play. 

Great job.

Looks really good.

Cool concept. A lot of text to read in order to understand what we are doing. Some feedback like floating text on red dot, that say +15pts or -7pts when the rogue enter a place will help understand. Same thing for multiplier modifications. Game has good post-processing. Music is nice too. I found the placement of tile a bit tedious  some times.

Overall nice game.

I'm not sure I totally understand the controls, but I manage to play. It's was a fun with the music accelerating. Nice game.