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Congratulation, the game is really immersive (I finished it). One thing that I like, is that even if I understand the truth, I keep going on, knowing the tragical behind it.

Perhaps something you could add for an even more immersive, is some sort of interruption of current life: some chat sound alarm coming from your boss/mother, someone knocking at the door, things like that.

Keep up the good work.

What a nice atmospheric game. It feels relaxing, with minimalistic and great visuals and animations and audio. Now some feedbacks:

- Some of the early texts are cut on 16:10 screen.
- I think some background will be great in the bramble to give some feeling of density.
- Perhaps some light changing too, when bramble are less dense.

Hope it helps

Keep on the good work

You can play now, there is a windows version ! :)

Visuals seems to be inspired by "will you snail". Some polishing will be great, but the basics are here.

The animations of the boss are good. All attacks are prepared, letting you time to dodge. The position of the hero from profile is strange, a top view would had been better I think. Nice particle effects on spears. Well done.

Immersive atmosphere. I like the minimalistic palette. I resolved puzzles but didn't understand the logic. To avoid repetitive sounds you could apply a pitch variation each time you play it (cheap and efficient). Perhaps you could have played more with this call mechanism, with some enemy to avoid, triggers to activate at the same time, and things like that. Overall this was nice to play, but felt it miss something.

Thanks for the feedback. Indeed there are checkpoints but indubitably too far... My bad.

Really cute pixelart. I like the chill music. The take on limitation and theme is good. The polish is well dosed. Of course a working fullscreen and arrow key will be welcomed. But overall that's a great minigame.

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First of all, the intro graphics and music are gorgeous. And this brings us some expectation for the rest of the game. Then we play with tiny characters in pixelart. There are cute, but it contrasts too much with the promises(in my opinion). You have talented artists: make big sprites. Your game was meant for. You could have done something looking like "street of rage" view, for example.
I understood how to beat guards, but not immediately that I must continue to the right.
Otherwise combat system is good, and could be even better with some combo chaining that make us feel strong. Keep it up.

Sounds like a classic platformer and it is. Nice twist with the buttons.
Controls are really good, and feels responsive. The is just a problem with the camera. When we run to the right, we expect to have the character on the left to see what's going on. Secrets are welcomed to spice up the adventure. That's a great game.

Some feedback:

  • Nice graphics
  • Bullet not enough visible (some classic red bullets should be more visible)
  • Controls are interesting, and challenging
  • Space could be replace by RMB to avoid  moving our fingers on the keyboard
  • Music tempo is very high, but you do your own so congratulation.
  • Game is fun and pleasant to play

Well done, especially for a first game ! (°-°)//””

This is a neat game. Sound at first like a classic platformer. The scyther move is pleasant to see, but no time for that we have to hurry. The ability suppression is a good twist to keep playing. Graphics are good, and interlude scenes help to relax before hurrying again. There is some issue with the wall jump, and the music is a bit heady. But overall it's a great game.

Thanks for the feedbacks, that's appreciated.

Thanks for feedback. For the midboss, I ran out of time and did not replace the placeholder...

Thanks for the feedback. I was afraid no one fight the last boss :)

This is a mash-up of tetris and pipemania. I suggest you to work on UI, it's too "Unity default". Game would benefit of some obstacle or imposed pipes already there. Overall fun game.

Your cover is very catchy ! Nice retro vibes. It lacks a little bit of polish, and there is some resolution issue if you're not in 16/9 (not a big problem here). Though fun and nice game.

The story, graphics and music fits well together. The intro scene animation is gorgeous. The gameple in it-self is simple wan works well. Congratulations.

The levels are not very challenging but the boss battle was great. Great game.

Good puzzle game, with a simple and strong concept. Music is nice too. Graphics are cute. Well done.

Nice minimalistic dungeon keeper. Obviously sound/music missed a lot to get a great mood. Thought cute game. Well done.

I like the sound design. Very polished game. I'm a bit disappointed because I was thinking we were the boss. Great narration. With a good take on the theme. Well done.

It's not my first jam. I just never manage to manage my time effectively !

Nice game. The graphics are simple (a taste of little big adventure in the simplicity and colors). Some feedback:

  • The theme is in the core gameplay (so well done).
  • It lack a bit of polish. Enemy death needs a minimum of animation (at least some tweening).
  • Camera could improve to let us see more where we are going that where we come from.

Nice game. The timing is really short for a beginning. I suggest a first level with just one house with the ambulance just below. Just one button to pick up/drop will be enough. Overall nice concept, a  felling of 80' games. Well done.

Thanks for the feedback. A minimap is a good point if there is a future for this game. Noted !

Really good looking, and good audio. Very hard to mastered, unless you plaid a lot. Honestly, the physics challenge does not interest me a lot. I like the background story. But overall impressive scenes.

Nice Art work and animation. The boss pattern is a bit simple, but that was cute. Well done

Nice game. Like the concept of minions preparing the way. I think it could had been great to have the boss and all the minions at start, with the boss giving order.

Well done.

Really cool game. I like the concept. Well done.

I like the "game & watch" game play. That's refreshing. Nice game.

Really fun. I like the mood. Animation/Particles are a good feedback and self-explaining. The music is a little bit upsetting.  The game is simple but challenging. Well done.

I really like the ambiance and the aesthetic of the game The is some issue with aspect ratio, it's clearly done for 16/9 but I got a 16/10 so the edge are a little bit crop (can't see the control keys for instance). I like that you have to look back in order to shoot your enemy,  but then your late so must platform a bit, and repeat that. That's a solid core loop. Great game.

Nice platformer. Well performed with some alex kid vibes.

there is  a mid-boss and a final boss, but the game lack of checkpoints. too hard...

Nice game. Some issue with the camera (if you are using cinemachine (witch I believe) reduce dead zone, and use "look head" it will make the camera go in the direction you are taking). I had a hard time with the rope... Otherwise it felt responsive, graphics are good, and I have fun. Well done.

Neat game with a good take on the theme. Mechanic is simple, and could be extended to more complex level. 

Congratulation that's a great entry !

Nice game. It take some time to learn how things works. Some feedback to focus on what makes you loos would be great. Great job.

Really good looking game. The boss animations is great.

Well done.

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Looks great. I like the art, the concept. There is an INTRO ! The polish is good, like how the music change when you're about to pass out. I think the music does not fit the game, something calm and suspenseful  would had been more appropriate.

Overall great game.

PS: I also use some light system like you, but game is totally different.