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Liked the cute MS Paint style cutscene, and the gameplay was fun. My only real complaint is that you chose really terrible colors for the time bar for those of us with red-green colorblindness. Next time I'd recommend using (more) dramatically different luminosity (brightness) between the colors whatever color they are.

I thought this was really cute. I think I broke one of the puzzles with a glitch. While entering a portal I pressed down and was able to push a box that was just below the portal. I suspect that was unintended. Otherwise, I thought this was a really well executed idea. Good job :)

I liked it. Having the mouse control the character, with distance increasing the speed allowing you to make bigger jumps was clever. The idea of the enemies taking over your mouse cursor is also rather interesting as a mechanic. I like how it all came together. :)

I like the art style, but I feel like it worked against the game. It made it really hard to tell when I was looking at the horizon, and without a level indicator on the dash, figuring out what way your facing is nearly impossible. The idea of having to consult the manual while in the middle of a crash is fascinating, but it falls down for me in practice. Since the manual never changes, it just meant that I had to read it in 5-10 second chunks with a "crash" in between each. Maybe making the core information (like how a plane works) available on the main menu and randomly-generated information (like control layout on the dash) in the in-game manual.

Also, is it just me, or does the plane feel... wrong. I'm not a pilot, but I do somewhat understand aerodynamics. It seems kind of like the plane constantly has air brakes on. Maybe it's that the throttle seems to do very little or that the plain starts out with too little speed and elevation to comfortably recover. I'm not sure, but it does feel odd to me.

Nice little game. I felt like I never quite got the timing of the scroll wheel and moving down right. I wonder if it's in part due to the mouse I have. Also, instead of uploading the exe and pak files as separate downloads, you should really make a ZIP file with both and mark it as a Windows download so that it works with the Itch launcher.

This is so hard to wrap my head around. When I first played, I was expecting the controls to be the inverse of what they actually were. i.e. when the top button showed a left arrow, I had expected that to mean that pressing up moved left, not pressing left moved up. After that initial adjustment, it was pretty simple to get into so long as I tried to stay relatively still and not panic. I would always inevitably panic, though, and lose. My best was 30, so I didn't make it that far. Still fun, though.

I mean, this is impressive for 3 hours, but the rushed development is apparent. Having grab and throw on the same button seems to have weird effects for me when I both was holding a stick and standing on a stick. Also, trying to throw while having any sort of forwards momentum broke the throw. It's certainly interesting. A little too chaotic (quickly) for my tastes, but still impressive for what it is.

Really nice. I liked it. I found myself constantly moving my mouse closer to try and slow down, and losing because of it, so there was a real learning curve to it. I found moving while near an edge to be rather tricky, but it seems like with the upcoming patch notes that you already have a plan for it. I really liked this. Also, I really liked the music, so if you do figure out who the original creator was, let me know. :)

This is a clever idea, but I feel the implementation is lacking a lot. There is no indication of where the player will go until you play the level. This isn't so much of a bad idea, but it's important to keep in mind that leaving this in means the game requires a lot of trial-and-error with the puzzles. Whenever the player "loses", all the enemies reset orientation. This can be fine if a failed solution rarely relates to the final solution, but it does not work well with trial-and-error. Changing one of these would make it a lot less frustrating.

I got stuck on the third level. It's not obvious how the enemies line up with each other, making it much harder to figure out which is able to hit which. Maybe adding targeting lines to each enemy would make it easier to understand what options are available tot he player.

The visuals on the whole could probably do with a little more. I can certainly appreciate the minimalism, but it wasn't utilized to make it look visually appealing. Better use of color, and using something other than a solid black background would go a long way.

I think you have a really good start here. It's certainly short, so I'd love to see more added. I saw that the idea is to try to aim for the least number of steps. I think having a few more tightly designed levels with less/no RNG might help facilitate that idea. Adding in a final score screen (or even a high score counter) would also help incentivize optimization.

I like the art and the music. As for the gameplay, It always just kept growing. I'm not sure if there's just something I'm missing, or if there's some key actions I'm supposed to take. If I'm not actually missing something, then this game is awfully bleak. I'm really not sure what to make of it.

This is a nice little platformer. I'm not sure how practical the camera shake mechanic is. It seems like it could be an accessibility issue. I played it in fullscreen, and I managed to get a little motion sick from it. I also found that the timing for the higher bounce on springs was tricky. Otherwise, I though it was really nice. I did appreciate the little detail that the jump sound pans between the speakers based on the player's location.

I get the whole "the added difficulty of the current controls could be more interesting than frustrating!" My favorite game of the jam so far had a final boss that managed to really frustrate me. These sorts of comments from me are usually more of a "first impressions", and as with all player feedback, should not always be taken at face value. Maybe if I went back to the game I'd find it less frustrating. I still think having the controls even just a little bit more "stiff", especially at the slower speeds, would make the trade-off of taking damage more interesting, but I would have to mess with the game code / editor myself to know for sure.

I'm not sure how exactly the insanity thing works. Is it just a cap on the number of kills? Is there actually a way to lower it? That seems like something the game should make a tad clearer. The way people poped in and out of existence was distracting and, when following a target, annoying. I think this was really interesting, but I feel like I just didn't get it.

This was interesting. I'm not sure how well the "losing direct control" really changed the core gameplay. Since the zombies have the same goal as I do, the only real effect of it is that the swarm will occasionally split into group and attack different people, which is probably a strategic advantage at some points.

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I think the core idea of this is really interesting. The trade-off of less control and health for more speed and jump agility is really clever. However, I feel that it's undermined by design decisions. The controls feel way too slippery, especially at slower speeds. There's a ton or relatively precise platforming in this game, and the slipperiness makes it way more difficult than it needs to be. In fact, going fast almost feels like I have more control because the slipperiness doesn't scale. Also, having sections that require a certain amount of speed/agility/damage seems to work against it, as it takes the choice of the trade-off out of the players hands. This game really needs a "restart level" button. There's no reason I should have to pause and click with my mouse to restart the level. Also, having vertical levels where falling down means needing to jump onto platforms that give mandatory damage is evil. I liked the music, but pretty much every time the beat was dropping, I was either restarting or finishing the level. This is the kind of game that I feel needs a dynamic soundtrack where the instrumentation becomes more complex (and the beat more dropped) with the damage taken. It would also work well with the theme/story.

I think there's an interesting idea in here, but the end result managed to frustrate me. I get that the camera zooms out when moving faster to indicate speed and give more visibility, but I feel like it starts way too zoomed in. I feel like the enemies hurt the game, at least somewhat. Maybe remove them entirely from the first level to make it clearer that you're looking for an exit, and not trying to destroy "all" the enemies. I would also decrease the spawn rate, or maybe even remove them, as currently spending the time trying to attack them really doesn't help you all that much. I dunno, that's just my thoughts. I may be way off base with the feedback, but those were my thoughts playing it.


I really like the art style, and the puzzle mechanics were rather clever. The limit on the number of "ctrl" actions felt unnecessary, but I understand it was to fit the theme. Also the elevator on the second level seemed annoyingly slow to me, especially with the fall damage mechanic. Otherwise, I had a lot of fun with this. Good job.

I feel like this game also has a bit of a double meaning with the theme. Not only is the control mapping out of your control, but the enemies also quickly become out of control. I found this really interesting, but also found it really chaotic trying to figure out my new controls while completely surrounded by enemies. Still, it was fun. :)

Reminds me vaguely of the game from last year where you could only see 1 of 4 views at a time (inFAILtration featured in the best games from video). I do certainly like this one, and enjoyed it. Loved the aesthetic as well.

I really suck at this game. Something about how you have to switch directions I just can't wrap my head around. Seems really cool, but I can't get very far into it. The way you bounce off the large rocks seems to always cause cascading problems for me.

Very well executed. I thought it was incredibly clever. Some of the puzzles felt odd, and I'm not convinced I didn't cheese one of the levels. Otherwise, I really liked it, and would love to see more levels for it.

This game has a lot of jank. That's not an entirely bad thing. Some of the jank is appealing, such as the intro cutscene or the odd glitch I encountered where the trees freaked out, some of the jank was weird, like how restarting the game after winning caused the game to play in slow motion for some reason, and some of the jank was annoying, like how the re-targeting was sometimes (randomly) too fast to react to. There is certainly potential here, but the good jank needs to be sorted from the bad jank. There's also the fact that the random aiming makes winning largely outside of of the player's agency, but considering the game I made has the same problem, I do understand it.

I had also found myself just watching the game play itself and ignoring the controls. In fact, that's how I tested the game for most of the development (the controls were the last thing I implemented other than the main/help menus).

A lot of the feedback I've received mentioned adding more features and/or controls. I had considered adding more features (something like 6 instead of 3), but I had only really came up with a good 3 while planning, and I was already running out of time with just the three. I still think that adding more would start to clutter the design a bit too much, but I did see during development that there was an issue with giving the player enough to stay engaged.

The stress of seeing the rabbits getting near the edge was kind of intentional. The idea was to create a sense of losing control due to the situation growing out of control. However, people complaining about the lack of control over the game seems to be a common theme in the feedback, so there is certainly something there. I feel like I've learned a lot developing and getting feedback on this game.

The graphics were almost entirely made by Kenny (and what wasn't, like the fox, intentionally mimicked that style). I can't really take credit for the graphics.

Also, I believe 42 beats my personal record. 🎉


This was a really cute and well executed idea. I really liked the art style (certainly more cohesive than mine, which used preexisting art from various packs). If I had to say one issue I had with it, it's that in the later levels it's either you're keeping any sheep from panicking, or you're just running around and barking in a futile effort in the hopes the timer ends soon. It felt like I had little control of the results of the round. Maybe that's the point with the theme?

Now we just need to settle the important question: 🐑 or 🐰?

I saw this on the stream, then got assigned it on the reviewers server. This is really quite intriguing. The waiting mechanic was a little annoying (I appreciated the debug button to speed it up, but since it's called a "debug" feature I'm assuming it's not really intended). The puzzles weren't too difficult, but it was fun. :)

This was... weird. I certainly liked it, but he chaos of it made it feel awkward. Like I was less solving the levels and like I was breaking them. I did have fun with it, though, and that's generally a good sign.

Also, I managed to accidentally solve the first level without planting by accident. Kind of messed up the intended tutorial, and I had to restart to figure out what I was supposed to be doing. 

I really enjoyed the cutscene. I felt it had an interesting pseudo-horror, pseudo-parody appeal. Kind of reminded me a bit of moments from Paratopic. I found the game itself to be just too glitchy to really enjoy. It seemed I kept building speed until I would jump right over the finish and into oblivion. Walls and some steeper slopes felt like suggestions, and I clipped through the ground on multiple occasions. The way that the things you had to dodge would constantly spawn right in front of you at the start without warning was frustrating, and the fact that it took you back so far was unnecessarily punishing. I think there's potential, particularly with the aesthetic, but the gameplay just wasn't fun for me.

I'm not sure that's how hair works... Thought it was interesting. Wish there was more of it, though.

Cute little game. The click box for the arrows felt a little awkward to hit sometimes, and I felt that the email/work stuff could have been more than just spam-clicking, but I liked it.

I love the concept. I just wish there were more and trickier puzzles.

The controls seems really unintuitive. I would probably either swap the Yaw and Roll controls or put Pitch on the keyboard. The idea is clever, but the controls let it down for me.

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I finished my second playthrough for 7/7 (which I got once I knew what I was looking for). I did discover another issue. At the very start of "level 3" (just after the second required gem), if you go left, you fall off the map into the void and soft-lock. Also, the boss fight was less frustrating the second time, though I still didn't really like the RNG. Overall I really enjoyed the game, and would love to see it further developed after the jam is over. And don't worry; I suck at spelling as well. I'm sure somewhere in the help pages for my entry that I wrote completely sleep deprived is a typo, and I'm too scared to go back and look for it.

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I really liked this game. There was a part where I noticed there was a sort-of double-jump, and thought it might have been a bug (wouldn't be the first jam game I've seen with a broken double jump). However, I shortly afterwards came across a screen that required it, and I realized that this game was more clever than I was giving it credit for.

I have two complaints: One: the sides of spikes hurt. That's less a complaint specifically about your game, as I know it's pervasive, but it's still a peeve of mine. And two: The final boss fight was extremely frustrating. Between the boss' attacks being highly RNG based (mostly with the speed) and the fact that the difficulty seemed to increase with time whether or not you're getting hits in made it feel rather unfair. The second hit in particular felt like a ton of RNG to me. Honestly, I feel that the boss fight needs retooling, but with that, this would be a perfect game. (EDIT also found a typo in the intro. It's "vertical", not "verticle". Fix that as well and it's perfect)

Also, I got 4/7, and now I want to see if I can find the rest. :)

Very cute. The ball part felt rather random, but I had too much fun to really care. Great game! :)

This was very interesting, and fun to mess around with. The text says that you swap controls by holding Ctrl, but it swaped by tapping Ctrl. That took some time to get used to. The bullet collision with walls felt wonky, and it was hard to predict if shots would actually make it to the target. Also, I managed to fall off the map. Otherwise, I thought it was really cool. I think with a bit more time to iron out the technical issues this could be a really great game.

This was really interesting. I like the twist. When I first realized I couldn't use the same bindings again, I realized there was more to it that I was expecting. I ended up having to find interesting alternatives to WASD. My biggest complaint is a technical one. I tried the download version first, and found that the resolution was locked to a way-too-small size, as the text was being clipped off-screen. If you mess up and don't bind a key you need, you also get stuck with no way to quit without Alt-F4 / refreshing. I find the concept interesting, but the latter technical issue made it frustrating to play.