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Brilliant are style and a really novel idea that i haven't seen in this jam. I got a weird audio bug when I bumped into the floating blocks but i couldn't replicate it

Really fun and satisfying to play, especially when you are still going at really high speed. I found that the rocks spawn in regular horizontal intervals so if you kept in the same place you only had to dodge the grass.

Awesome game that feels fast paced and hectic and balances the level of control you have really well by making you adapt when you pick up power ups or different bullet types. A really well made game that looks great and feels better and is really impressive for a 48 hour jam. The one issue I had was on floor two I didn't take any damage no matter how hard I tried to. But I couldn't replicate this bug on other levels or restarting the game.

The first thing to say is the sound design is unrivalled. I also love the UX, the main menu is new idea which works really well with the flow of the game. The only issue I had is that some of the eggs weren't texting and instead were a glowing white.

Good pacing with the increase in difficulty with each level which made it a great game to play. I wish there was a level selector in case the player gets stuck on one level like I did, but that could just be me being bad at games.

Really enjoyed the game played both versions to make sure. I also found that sometimes I couldn't tell if I was damaging the enemies so I initially resorted to running right passed enemies instead. Love the skybox tho and the space-like theme

The idea behind it is ingenious, but once the ship was tilted I couldn't move around. Not sure why.

A beautiful sombre game that is unlike any of the others I have rated, had to change monitors because of the bug with resolutions and I can't wait to play the fixed version afterwards.

A really difficult game, I never managed to last the full 60 seconds but I got a pretty high score from hugging the edges and avoiding the centre at all costs.

As others have said love the story would. I especially like how you can go back for slow readers like me :)

Looks brilliant, no idea how you managed to make it this good. I wish I had more time to read the manual before crashing into the ground as I found myself scan reading it and not actually appreciating what you wrote.

Great game, I especially love the look of the game

A solid plat former and a brilliant first attempt but I felt that the gimmick just slowed me down without feeling satisfying or rewarding. 

Satisfying to play but could have been a lot more challenging and interactive

I found that once I had finished the game once it wouldn't run again without refreshing the page

The game is super cool and challenging. There is an issue if you move the hose outside of the screen it can get lost.

Excellent game that felt smooth and polished, couldn't decide whether it was better to have a large island or a small one so I stuck with my 1x2 island for most of the game.

The idea behind this game is good, maybe instead of having it be a random control each time it could cycle through them because sometimes you can't get the control you want for a while.

The idea of this game is super cool and makes you act out of instinct. I wish the camera was more zoomed out so you could plan your game plan more.

Great game that looks fantastic. The only minor things that bugged me were the way the cars snap-changed direction which broke the flow of gameplay and the fact that I always felt"in control".

This game was really fun. I found it hard to hit the other person so maybe they should have less health so that matches are more intense.

A really unique idea that is easy to pick up, hard to master. Just like it should be. The baby often moved in a frustrating way which I couldn't decide whether that was a good or bad thing. Nonetheless an incredible game and I don't know how you managed to get it all done so quickly!

Really enjoyed what I could play of the game but I found that it was just a bit too difficult for me

Neat game with a fun core concept, but I couldn't get passed the third blue car no matter what I tried

Looking forward to playing the updated version.

Really awesome idea that was surprisingly addictive and complex. I found that:

  • I had weird clipping issues at the walls where I would violently vibrate
  • The UI sometimes cut off in weird places (could be due to my screen size)
  • Restarting levels was a bit too slow

Good idea, was a little bit buggy but I hope you fix the issues and it will be a great game.

  • Crashes at the end of the game
  • Performance issues when you fly higher
  • Number of trees saved at the end doesn't display a number

Awesome looking comic-styled graphics. However I found that the bullet movement was quite janky to deal with and I often accidentally killed the hostage.

Really fun game, suitably challenging

Really promising first entry to a game jam. I wish there was a quick restart at the end of the game so I could skip the intro. I also think that the game is a bit too difficult as the cow doesn't get scared away too much and instead goes mental changing direction rapidly.

good concept maybe you could make it ramp up in difficulty as time goes on!

Great concept and good pacing, slowly introducing players to new mechanics. I would have loved a way to undo and edit flag placements. That combined with your flag placements saving when you die would make this a really awesome game. Can't wait to see progress.

Amazing atmosphere and aesthetic, I feel like it could have been more out of control to fit with the theme more.

Cute game that relies on imagination. I often found that collisions with the ground could get me stuck and sometimes I coulnd't jump at all so I would have to restart the level.

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Crazy how similar our games! But we chose different objectives. Not sure if this was just me but i struggled to keep items in the trolley at all no matter how hard I tried.

Great looking game with a cool concept that needs a bit more refining, often I found myself just standing around waiting until i could jump, maybe controlling where I could jump more with the mouse would make it feel more skill based.

I found that often my character would clip with the block that I had just created and some of the other rigidbodies were interacting in peculiar ways

Great game, similar to TheyestThou, but with less control. I think it could be quite fun if your own bullets would kill your robot.

Brilliant art style and aesthetic, sometimes the car would try to move off the screen, rotating in a direction it couldn't travel in.