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Not sure what is the goal of the game, but for sure I liked the music.

Yeah, but it didn't really work, as after I gave the instruction to go to the general store multiple times nothing actually happened. It would be nice to set some markers of where they are going after you give those commands, so player can see that the instruction was actually given.

The starting concept can be nice, but it should be implemented a bit more into the gameplay. You should give more control over the game as, as it is now, the game play itself and it become boring after short time. If the party manager(player) can actually manage the party, like giving them missions to achieve or some sort of guidance it would become a much more enjoyable experience.

Good game! It could become an actual nice mobile game. The online downside is that sometimes the spaces are to short for the player while you wait the right time to advance and you risk to die easily

The game is great! I would turn a bit down difficulty curve as I got stuck for a bit just after a few levels, but overall the idea is solid and gameplay is addicting.

Happy to hear that! 

Yeah my bad, I meant "R".  Your welcome! 

I really like the visual effects! The game was also fun, but I would've liked to be able to change the towers positions or to sell them. Overall was nice anyway

Was fun to play! I had some bugs thou, like where by pressing "P" all characters losed fell on the floor and because of that trish disappeared from her cage. Also I didn't really like that to fight you had to press "T".

Fun to play! I like the game, but sometimes I wasn't able to click the plate that I wanted which was kinda frustrating. Also I would implement a system that make you lose once the path to the portal is destroyed. But enjoyable none the less.

Thank you for playing our game and giving us feedback. We added with this new version also the space key to perform the attack.

Is 5000 points a good amount? I really like playing it and even if simple the visual was very satisfing. First time I noticed the invisble one I was like wtf? Is this a bug? But no, it plays really well. If you will improved it more, I hope you'll make more levels with more kinds of dragons and maybe, dunno, cannon balls as secondary weapon with cooldown(?).

Check mine aswell if you have time to do so, I would be really glad.

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Hey, I tried your game out. I would have like to compare the old and new version to see how it improved. Anyway for the current version, if you still want to improve it, I think you could make some extra levels, as now it end when it basically starts (my game is as short as yours btw xD). Also I would add some visual feedback on your current boosts and maybe when the next jump will be.

Feel free to check my entry and tell me what you think of it. You can also compare it with the previous version as I left it in the download options.

I liked the style and presentation as it looks like a complete and releasable game. The gameplay aswell is simple, but works well. The main problem is that it's too frustrating as the time that you gave to use the commands is way too short. I was trying for a bit too press the right one, but before I was able to see which button was doing what it changes again... in the end I was able to survive 15 rounds just spamming the up arrow and having the right amount of luck.

Really fun and enjoyable! I love the art as it looks really polished. I didn't really like the start as it was way too furious. Even if it doesn't really need explanation the gameplay, I main menu to start the game would have been nice. Overall good job, nice game!

Very nice idea and very challenging! Didn't survive even by mistake. It's definitely in the theme of the jam, but for the future I would reduce difficulty a bit or it will just frustrating after a while.

Really liked the puzzles even if it wasn't too challenging. Maybe to augment the diificulty you can put some extra movement that the player actually don't require. But anyway, game is fun! Good job!

Very nice game! very good puzzles and i liked the dashing animation ! good work ! -Ivory-

Very nice game ! feels complete and the music and art was very great ! good work -Ivory-

Cool game ! loved  the style and the duck :P , keep going ! -Ivory-

Nice game ! the walking sounds make me laugh a bit -Ivory-

Nice Game! like the mechanic and challenge this game have :D nice work -Ivory-

cool game ! liked the art and music :P -Ivory-

Loved it! It look liked a finished game. Just too difficult at the end to handle everything(at least for me)


Very funny and definitely unusual to see. Nice job!

I liked the concept aswell as the timed puzzle. You should do some polishing in future adding also a win screen, but overall nice game. 

Nice game ! the color and animation was good , the rumble when you "crunch" something is satisfaying , Keep going ! -Ivory-

very liked the art and movement , Keep going ! -Ivory-

very nice game ! loved the  art and mechanics , Keep going ! -Ivory-

Very cool game ! liked the theme so much ! keep going -Ivory-

Nice game ! the art was good , remind me a Game boy game XD keep it up  ! -Ivory-

Nice game ! art was so cute and the music so good ! maybe the card and turn system need a little improvement but in the end was Fun :D keep it up !-Ivory-

cute game ! maybe a little slow for me but was fun! keep it up -Ivory-

Thank you for playing our game! We really appreciate your opinion. We have been already reported that bug before and we are investigating on it. Will be fixed in a future update. 

Cool game ! was a nice idea and cool pixel art , keep going -Ivory-

I really liked all those puzzles and the humor of the game. I would make bigger the ship or at least the allways as sometimes I was getting stuck on corners. But overall good job!.

I loved the design and concept. Game was really fun and original. Also the music was a nice match.

little tiny game ! loved the tiny cube following the orange dragged box , keep it up! -Ivory-