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thanks! i'm working on a full version actually. it feels like writing a long love letter to videogames.

sorry about that, not sure why your controller doesn't work... construct 2 is set up to handle the xbox controller by default, maybe newer controllers won't work

cool concept! plays very nice too.

that was awesome! it had me giggling the whole way through. the closing credits was really snazzy

thanks! i'll check it out

thank you!

thank you :) I had the platform engine and scrolling system already made so the rest wasn't too bad

hey, did you find someone to make music for? if you're still interested i'm looking for someone to make music for my game. my discord is gustav_k#1955

best one i played so far. great job!

no idea, sorry  :( you could try chrome, firefox, or any of the standard ones if you want. they should work

o no :c! what browser are you using? the only one my games aren't working in that i've tried is brave (which is my browser of choice)

thanks! i'd love to know people's highscores

i wanted to get that in there as an option but there was a lot of stuff i wanted to get into the game but had to scrap

thanks so much!

cheers, me too ;) !

thanks! :)

lol happy you liked it! yeah that was me :)

thanks so much!


thanks for playing!

yeah sprites i generally keep at 16x16 but i never keep within any strict boundaries. 8, 16, 32, 64, whatever you fancy will work :)

the window size for this game is 480x320, not sure what you mean by sprite bit but the program i'm using to sprite and animate is aseprite. it's easy and intuitive to use. good luck with your games!

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Thank you! Finished a downloadable for y'all

awesome, happy you like it!

thanks! working on a full release right now!

glad you liked it! i'm planning on making a short game out of what's already in as a base and adding more content. it'll be up on itch when finished

thanks! i'm adding WASD and controller support for the full game

thanks for playing!

ohnoes! if i polish it up after the jam ends i'll definitely add progress save. 

thank! if i polish the game up, i'll address that for sure. thanks for your kind words and feedback!

thanks! yeah i think i may have made some of the later levels a bit too hard

thank you!


lol my screenshake messed up so i removed it before submitting. still pretty juicy though :D

try out Block Steady!

great design and music! 

cool concept but i think i broke it..! if you keep clicking on the right side of the screen as the screen scrolls you can wipe out anything without having to engage.

i was surprised how easy the controls were to get used to, like i didn't even have to think about the fact that i walk right by pressing left! nice concept and beautiful backgrounds

awesome design, cool concept. great work and good luck!
thanks! not many people playing today...