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Hi! I bought the game on Steam and I got a fatal error when entering the exit eye (I think I was in world 4 or 5 at the time, first loop). I took a screenshot of the error but I'm scared of ruining the vibe of your game's itch page with a big GM2 error :D - where could I post it?

It's silly how long it took me to finally try this demo out (it's been on my desktop for months now). Glad I finally did, since it was very fun! Special shoutout to the text system - it's got a lot of charm. I used the "press to charge press to release" bubble setup and it worked pretty well for me. All in all I'm very excited to see where this froggy will go in the future:)

Thank you so much for playing!

Hey! Just uploaded a new web version of the game which shouldn't have any input issues. Please try it out and let me know if it works:)

Hehe could say the protagonist was out of their depth

Happy to hear that! Thank you for playing

Thanks! Sadly not this time, but maybe the next

Thanks so much for playing, really appreciate it!:)

Hey! Thanks so much for playing and also for sharing your experiences. Depression is a really difficult thing to live with and to overcome. 

While I don't know your personal history with depression, I can at least tell you that - for me - after actively working on my depressive thoughts, it did get easier. 

Please, stay strong!

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Hey! Sorry, you need to hold down one of the buttons until the player jumps! I'll think up of a way to make it more clear in a patch!

Haha yeah that's what I was hoping would happen! Thank you so much for playing!

Thank youu!:)

I'm glad to hear the and was effective! Thank you for playing and sharing your thoughts!

Thank you!

Ahhh thanks so much for playing and for making a video of my game!! I really loved your commentary and hearing your thoughts about the game :)

Thank you so much for the kind words and playing the game! I appreciate it a lot :) To hear that my work struck a cord with someone is really fulfilling, it's why I do game development

Ahhh thank you for playing my game and making a video! This is so cool!

Thank you for the kind words and for playing!

Thank you! I'm so happy to hear this game resonated with you!

Hey! Thanks for playing! The game actually has an undo mechanic, check out the controls listed on the itch page - it bound to the Z key! 

A really nice game with an interesting concept to back it up! If I have one bone to pick (heh) it's I would have really liked if the bone bridge had a hitbox from the very start of it's animation - i fell through it numerous times because it looked walkable the second it appeared!

An interesting idea with great presentation! I enjoyed the puzzles where you had to move the ghost pebble via other pebbles, though it did feel finnicky at times

A fun concept with nice presentation and great music! My only issue with the game was that a lot of the puzzles felt timing based - perhaps a grid based approach would service the core idea of this game better? That way the player could clearly see how many "steps" the plant could survive for without water and how far the robot could walk without needing more power - would make planning out a route more straight forward

The music is so bangingggGGGG!!!

Godd what a wonderful lil gem..... The game is so polished and fun and not to mention the music?! Are you kittying me?!?! I've had the track on loop all through the evening, its so good!

I really really appreciate how clever this concept is when you really start thinking about it. The added consideration of which block to drop on which other block adds so much. At first I wondered if there was a hidden timer that I didn't notice that increased every time I dragged a bigger number into a smaller one. Then I realized - it's an emergent timer! The act of dragging a big number up to a smaller one physically moves the whole block upwards, giving you more time till it hits the ground. The fact that this timer mechanic is a natural consequence of the core mechanic is wonderful, I love it so much! 

A really fun concept! The core mechanics were easy to grasp and lead to many interesting puzzles. I also enjoy the presentation - the little CRT monitor effect adds quite a lot to the overall vibe of the game  

Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback! I think in the post jam version I'll add a few more simple puzzles to the beginning of the game to give players the option to get a better grasp at how the blocks slide and move together. 

Super cool! It did take me some time to get used to the players jumping after separating from each other, but once I realized that was used for some puzzles as well, I enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed the concept and the setup - incentivizing holding down space to come together through the idea of "were drifting apart" is really clever! 

A fun game! I especially enjoyed how the wizard hummed to the music, thought that was a very fun touch!

A great interpretation of the theme! The gameplay was solid and a lot of fun - I played up to level 6 with a death tally of 74. If do feel that the hit boxes of the spikes could be just a tiny bit smaller so that close calls are more in favor of the player.

A great interpretation of the theme! The gameplay was solid and a lot of fun - I played up to level 6 with a death tally of 74. If do feel that the hit boxes of the spikes could be just a tiny bit smaller so that close calls are more in favor of the player.

Woah... that was so good!! Amazing stuff - the presentation, the gameplay, and the concept - all top marks! What a wonderful gem of a game. Hope you get more ratings soon, you deserve em!

I really enjoyed the colors of the game! They looked wonderful and made the final, painted work a very pleasant sight to see

I loved the descriptions of the different potions! They were so well put together and heartwarming. I really really want to see this finished past jam! Great work so far!

Ahh thanks for playing all the levels! I'm so flattered!

Thank you so much!

What a great game! It's really interesting how we both took the concept of combining blocks in two similar yet very distinct ways. Wonderfully done!

Wow, what a fantastic game! Everything was spot on, from the cute presentation to the interesting mechanics. I especially loved the mechanic of writing and deleting text! There is loads of potential for further interactions in this game, I hope you explore it a bit more after the jam!

Wonderful work!